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Redragon 2021 Must-Haves: VISHNU K596, DEVARAJAS K556

Redragon has always been the leading company for computer peripherals due to the exquisite and stunning designs of its keyboards and mice. Now, it makes another mark in the industry by releasing another two magnum opuses: the VISHNU K596 and DEVARAJAS K556.

Both keyboards possess the famous trademark detail of Redragon peripherals: the beautiful colors of the brand’s RBG LED adjustable lighting. Nonetheless, beyond this, these keyboards also come with the durability, comfort, and essential functions keyboard enthusiasts have always been looking for.

To get a better insight into each model, we decided to try them ourselves to give you an in-depth review. While both come from a respected and leading company in the peripheral industry, each one brags of different details that will suit your specific needs. That said, whether you are a professional whose job relies on keyboards or a gamer who devotes hours playing games, you’ll find the best fit for you in VISHNU K596 and DEVARAJAS K556.


The VISHNU K596 is a keyboard that will certainly address the needs of any digital nomad and gamer at a 50 million keystroke lifespan. It is both a wired and 2.4G wireless keyboard that comes with a dongle allowing a low latency connection without any interference up to 10 meters.

Despite its flamboyant 18 RGB main key modes and five RGB side edge lighting modes, K596 can still provide 10 hours of non-stop high-quality performance, thanks to its upgraded 2400 mAh battery. And for infinite reliability, you can easily switch to its wired mode with a type-C cable that will further enhance its five-star peripheral features.

Also, with its 10 key-less design with added macro keys and dedicated media keys, it is a true gem for those looking for a minimalist, ultra-compact desk setup. It is also worth mentioning that the macro keys of K596 are easily programmable which will allow you to activate complex and handy combos in just a single click. And to assure extra comfort, the macros are ergonomically placed close to WASD and five more are found on the top of the keyboard.

Moreover, it boasts of OUTEMU Red Linear switches. Each key will provide you a solid feel, yet light stroke in each push through its brilliant 40 cN force. This makes it perfect for FPS and MOBAs as its 2 mm actuation point enables it to respond instantly.

Generally, this is a great steal especially that it is one of the cheapest keyboards Redragon has ever offered. Nonetheless, despite this fact, it is certain that it is designed and built with great dedication. From media control keys to hot-swappable switches to wrist rest and the strong magnets that hold it, you’ll certainly get more than what you will pay for VISHNU K596.


Redragon outperformed itself again by releasing K556 that is a mixture of modern and luxurious classy keyboards. Compared to the cheap ones in the market, Redragon has proudly presented the sleek K556 that is fully anodized aluminum frame brushed. Yet, beyond the beauty it gives, the material assures extreme durability, making K556 the tough guy in the field.

Also, besides its impressive solid build, the key surface is extremely magnificent. If you are someone who has already tried numerous keyboards in the market that always go sticky and old-looking after weeks of use, K556 will definitely surprise you. It is oil and fingerprint-free which makes it possible to retain its brand-new look even after months of use. Also, we really love the fact that this model comes at a reasonable weight that adds to its solid feel.

Furthermore, it offers a wider range of options for RBG LED settings at 18 lighting models and six theme backlights. Through Redragon’s very own software, you can go creative and be the architect of your own keyboard’s appearance.

K556 also features brown switches that are perfect for both professional typing tasks and gaming. It is made of 104 standard keys that promise anti-ghosting capability, including the functional 12 multimedia keys. Each one is non-conflict with their input speeds that can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. Most of all, it is very satisfying that the keys perform in the most responsive manner while being decently quiet. However, if you are more of a red-switch person, Redragon also offers this same model in red switches.

Overall, the DEVARAJAS K556 allows a great deal of customization that makes it a flexible keyboard for any type of user. Besides the interchangeable arrow keys and WASD keys, you can also disable WIN keys for gaming purposes. It also supports a wide variety of computer systems such as Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, and more.

The Verdict

Redragon always has something to put us, computer enthusiasts, in absolute awe. VISHNU K596 and DEVARAJAS K556 are definitely on that list. Given the fact that they come with generous and brilliant features, it is very shocking that they also come as a steal. This makes it quite hard for us to weigh in which one to recommend to you.

However, if you are going to consider the purpose of the keyboard you are looking for, one of these two bad boys is a good choice. While DEVARAJAS K556 comes as a wired model with a solid and sturdy build, the VISHNU K596 offers greater convenience, thanks to its wired and wireless options.

As for the noise of each one, both performs exquisitely better compared to the cheap brands in the market. The keys are tactile but not clicky which gives you absolute ease and pleasure in each push of the button. Even so, both (without a single doubt) will work great both for professional and gaming purposes. Hence, whatever your decision might be, we are certain that you’ll enjoy each minute of your time in front of your computer with these excellent 2021 offers from Redragon.


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