November 24

Rake in the Cash with eSports

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It is everyone’s dream. Who hasn’t laid in bed hoping that one day we could make a living by playing video games? While the big studios like Blizzard do have people who test out video games, and many people involved in their production must also play them, there has recently opened up a new path to collecting moolah while doing what you love.

eSports are expanding at an incredible rate. What was once a small enclave, a niche market for the most dedicated gamers has not grown into the mainstream? Along with the growing fan base, prize pools, betting rooms, and sponsorships have grown just as fast or faster. Now is the time to cash in! We’ll take a look at how to do it, and what exactly is at stake.

Make The Investment

Money begets more money. We all know this saying, and it is important to apply it here as well. But that is not the only resource that you will have to invest wisely if you want to leverage what you have on hand to the maximum. You will also have to invest time. Whether that is time in refining your gaming skills, investigating the best computing system, or finding the best sites for betting on eSports, you will have to seed before you harvest.

So, start refining your skills at one particular game. Be strategic here. It is not a good idea to play an hour or two of each game every week. It is best to pick one game, study the characters, the maps, and develop specific strategies. Pick the game that you are best at relative to the competition, which is hopefully the one you like the most. This way, you are more likely to practice more often.

Whichever one you choose, you will also need a good computer to keep up. If you lag, that can be deadly and cost you dearly. It could be good to practice first with whatever computer you have, and only when you are ready to enter competitions, or start recording your campaigns for your fans, then you can invest in professional hardware.

Getting Followers on Social Media

Building up your fan base is a great step towards making money in the world of eSports. This fanbase will be your leverage to getting invited to tournaments, tips, or sponsorships. The biggest social media platforms for eSports are Twitch and Twitter.

Twitter is more for fueding and lifestyle pics. This is an important part of their social media strategy as it adds depth to your public persona. However, the action is all on Twitch. By action, I refer to the gameplay. The key is to let your personality shine in all of these different platforms.

Take, for example, Shirley Curry. She has gained hundreds of thousands of followers by being who she is: a sweet older lady who is really good at Elder Scrolls V. Her charm and light-hearted laugh have made the gaming world fall in love with her.

She is just one example, but what we can learn from her is universal. Be yourself and let the world fall in love!

Monetizing Social Media Presence

Of course, we want social media followers so that we can leverage it to get some money. This can happen in a few ways. The two main ways are through sponsorships and tips.

If you do live to the Livestream of your campaigns, your biggest fans can tip you along the way, This is often done in cryptocurrencies. It is important to have a personal relationship with your fans for this. They should feel comfortable asking you to do certain things in the game, and they should reward you for that.

The other route is through sponsorships. Of course, you will need a few thousand followers before you can get many sponsors. Louis Vuitton, Nike, and BMW are some of the companies pumping the most money into eSports sponsorships.


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