October 27 2023

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes and Promo Link Generator

Raid is the game where extra resources won’t ever be superfluous and starting with already not bad champions can significantly help to level up quickly.

The game provides diverse bonus programs that cater to both seasoned and rookie players alike.

The most popular are promo codes and promo links. Raid Shadow Legends codes are usually up for grabs for all players, while Raid Shadow Legends links tend to roll out the red carpet for the newcomers only.

It’s good to happen upon a promo code by sheer serendipity, redeem it, and reap the rewards. But what is better is the ability to choose the bonuses you’d like to get from the very start in the game. Thanks to a special Raid Shadow Legends promo link and codes generator, this prospect becomes a reality.

Bonus Programs in Raid Shadow Legends

It’s super handy, and newcomers can snag not just a Raid Shadow Legends promo code but also a Raid Shadow Legends promo link using this generator. And that’s not all: in addition to the link, they’ll also score an extra bundle of bonuses. The generator is the ultimate choice for those who are gonna start the game not empty-handedly.

What’s this generator about?

This generator works only for new players. That means you have no account in the game yet. You choose 3 champions you wanna get for free. The generator offers champions from various categories. You can gather a trio of Raid Shadow Legends free epic champions to start your game! Most of the champs come with some extra resources with them.

How to Use the Generator?

The generator is easy to use. There’re 3 blocks. You choose one bonus in each of the blocks.

STEP 1. Pick the first champion you want to get at the start of the game:


I’d recommend Lightsworn Raid here.

STEP 2. Then you choose the second champion:

Here, I’d recommend Lady Quilen Raid. You’ll get your second champion at the 15th level.

STEP 3. And finally, you click the 3d champion or other bonus you want to get using the Raid promo code:

I’ve taken Giscard as my 3d champion.

STEP 4. Click “Generate Link,” and the program generates a bonus package for you: the Raid Shadow Legends starter pack link, the champion you get at the 15th level, and the promo code for Raid Shadow Legends champion you’ve chosen in the last block.

STEP 5. Click the button to copy the link, and open it in the web browser (any will work, except for Opera) on your PC. You register – make up a username, and password and enter your email.

After that, you download and install the game.

Launch the game, choose Kael for your starter, complete the training

and take the champions and bonuses you chose in the promo link generator in the Inbox.

STEP 6. Enter the Raid Shadow Legend generated promo code. You have only 24 hours to enter the Raid promo code. Copy it right away and enter.

To enter the promo code you open a menu on the left, then click the “Promo Codes” option and paste the code there. You will get your bonus package either right away or with a delay (up to 24 hours). That’s your bonus package from the third block of the generator.

And the last bonus you will get when you reach the 15th level. All the bonuses drop in your Inbox. Take them in time, as they vanish in 7 days if not grabbed for this period of time.

Anyway, if you get confused, there are instructions on how to use the generator on its web page.


That’s just pretty good to start playing Raid with 3 free Raid Shadow Legends best starting champions right away. You spend less time for initial leveling up, and in time, you can feed them to the stronger champions you’ll get later, getting more experienced in the game. The generator is a good tool that streamlines your bonus-hunting process. Speaking as a seasoned player, I gotta say this thing is seriously handy for rookies, and it’s absolutely worth giving it a try!


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