April 8 2022

Psychological Peculiarities of Online Gaming

Sometimes, people frown and get angry. But as soon as they begin to play online games, their mood instantly improves. Why does it happen? What kinds of psychological mechanisms are involved in games that immediately brighten the world that begins to play with bright colors? Try to play Game Karma, and maybe you will reveal the secrets of the magic of online games!

Social Stereotypes of Online Gaming

  • Gaming activity is part of the generally accepted pastime of children.
  • When it comes to teenagers, specialists often talk about game addiction.
  • Society tries to keep silent about the love of adults for online games.

Why does it happen? Why do societies frequently ostracize online gaming? Does this mean that when playing computer games, adults seem to return to childhood?

Change Your Roles at Least for a While

While playing, children juggle different social and other roles all the time:

  • Today, a child can take a role of a bunny.
  • Tomorrow, he/she will be a warrior.
  • The day after tomorrow — a doctor.

Children are always moving; they easily try on different images. They are also very empathic and can get to the heart of any character.

Growing up, people become ossified in their social roles. Roles seem to stick to them. Most adults have one job, one family, and, maybe, one hobby. And so they can live their entire lives. But such self-conservation greatly impoverishes a person’s life. Online games allow a person to regain the possibility to enjoy the change of roles, become flexible and empathic:

  • Today, the player can fight with someone.
  • Tomorrow — to rule the entire country.
  • The day after tomorrow — to participate in sports tournaments.

Life again becomes bright and rich in impressions.

Dissolve Psychological Blocks with Online Games

Turning on the “game” mode, players turn off the “duty” mode, in which they function almost all the time. This has a very positive effect on their psyche. Various psychological blocks are relaxed. And if the player comes across a really exciting game, they can even disappear altogether. After all, psychological blocks are supported by a person’s fixation on some problem. The game takes one out of the clutches of concerns, carrying away an alternative carefree reality.

What Attracts Adults to Online Games?

Every person has a certain rationale for why online games are worth playing. Here are some of the reasons, which are often indicated by adult players:

  • Games develop and improve thinking. It can be both spatial thinking and logical thinking if you are solving puzzles.
  • Games teach skills that are otherwise difficult to acquire. How many people have a chance to become the ruler of an entire state? In games, you can easily become one and learn how to govern your virtual people wisely.
  • Games remove aggressiveness. If something goes wrong for a person, the opportunity to destroy opponents in online games relieves the stress. Otherwise, stress may destroy life.

Visiting the Game Karma website, you will find games to any taste and age. Funny and serious, complex and simple — they will give you a lot of joy, teach you new skills, and make you look at the world with new eyes!


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Elle Gellrich