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Popular Mobile Games In Japan

A trip to Japan will quickly show you how important gaming really is to the Japanese and we’re not just talking about Nintendo and Sony. Mobile gaming is massive, and it has been since 1999 when the Japanese first began to download mobile games. Since then, the country has grown to become the “king of the mobile gaming industry”. Here is a rundown of four of the most popular games downloaded in Japan;

1. Soccer Stars

Soccer is a popular spectator sport in Japan and the free Soccer Stars mobile game will help you get ready for your Japanese adventure. It’s similar to a turn-based air hockey game with well-executed controls and a variety of mini-games that keep things moving. If you’re looking for a reality-based soccer game, you might want to check out some of the FIFA video games but if you’re looking for something simple, Soccer Stars will provide an entertaining gaming interlude for you to enjoy while you’re waiting for your flight or sitting on the plane. The challenge of Soccer Stars is to try to score with pucks and disks that you throw at the ball while you compete against other players.

You’ll need to line up your shots, aim the pucks that are on the edges of the screen and then try to hit the ball. Since the ball is lighter than everything else it moves faster and farther so you have to plan your shots accordingly. You can use one puck over and over or use multiple disks.

There’s an offline version that you can play if you are in airplane mode or if you just want to practice without putting any money on your game.

2. Pachinko

Pachinko is a national obsession in Japan, where it is the only type of gambling that is legal. Pachinko parlors can be found on nearly every street corner in Japan. Pachinko is a pinball-style game that originated in Japan as a game played only at traditional pachinko parlors but has developed into a mobile game promoted by new online casinos in Japan by global gaming operators.

Pachinko can be downloaded into your device or played online on your mobile. It’s a vertical pinball game in which the object is to launch the balls in a way that directs them to land in jackpot pockets. The jackpot pockets are located around the machine and every time a player succeeds in getting a ball into a pocket, more balls are awarded.

The virtual pachinko is a simulation of real-world machines. The online version plays like the real game, providing players with a realistic simulation of a Japanese pachinko parlor. You can play for free or sign up for a mobile upgrade that features auto launcher levers, sound effects, jackpots, and mechanical ball count displays.

3. Pokemon Duel

The loveable Pokemon, a favorite of video gamers for decades, originated in Japan. Today Pokemon can be found around the world. In Pokemon Duel Pokemon finds a connection with the classic game of checkers and the result is fun and exciting.

Pokemon Duel integrates Pokemon from throughout Pokemon history. You move statuettes as you attempt to defend your goal while you try to land on your opponent’s goal. Each statuette has its own movement speed which makes this game a bit like checkers or chess.

You need to set up your players as you pay attention to each pokemon’s attack ring to get an idea of the likelihood of when an attack might activate. You must review the various statuettes’ speed, check to see how many spaces that piece can move, take care of red bits that note vulnerability to attacks, opportunities to block, fusions that increase effectiveness, size of slices to indicate the likelihood of attacks, and bonus Plates which increase attack attempts.

This is a game for players who enjoy a bit of strategizing because it’s basically all about positioning – corners, quests, goals, board layouts, etc.

The perfect game to keep you occupied while you’re in transit.

4. Candy Crush

If you’re looking for a simple, fun, mindless interactive gaming adventure, Candy Crush is your game. The wonderfully colorful, animated characters have become everyone’s favorite friends as you combine luck and a bit of skill in the walkthrough Candy Kingdom.

You spend your time completing puzzles, crushing candy, filling hearts, rescuing stray animals, munching on goodies, and competing in match-three gameplay.

Everything is tastefully designed around lollipop hammers, candy canes, cakes, frosting, chocolate, caramel, and, of course, candies.

There are multiple versions of Candy Crush so you can take your pick as you interact with characters such as Misty, Yeti, Tiffi, and others.


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