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Pokemon Go Walking Hack

With the current tech world, gamers have moved to phones and computers as a way of using their leisure. Pokemon Go is a popular and addictive mobile game. This game is designed to improve the experiences of gamers. The game motivates you to move to different parts of the world to enjoy playing it.

However, you can play it without moving but this requires some tricks. To save the players from the agony of moving from place to place, Wondershare developed the Dr.Fone mobile spoofing App.

This game is solely dependent on the gadget’s location service. With the help of the Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS hack, game lovers can approach various locations on the Pokemon Go game without traveling.


Why people need Pokemon Go walking hack?

There are different reasons why people need Pokemon Go walking hack. Below are some of them:

  1. Adds more convenience for the players.
  2. Economical to play without moving.

If you want to play the Pokemon Go game, there are different ways you can do it without moving. You can use fake GPS apps, use VPN, and other external devices. Below, we have discussed these ways to achieve Pokemon Go fake walking details:

Using Pokemon Go fake GPS apps.

The most common way to play this game without moving is the use of spoofing apps. These apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

iOS Devices.

For iPhone users, the Dr.Fone location changer app is the most convenient to use. It’s free to download and install on your phone. Here is how to go about it:

– Download, install and launch Dr.Fone – Virtual Location for iOS on your PC.

– Click on “Virtue Location” from the different options and connect the iPhone to your computer. Choose the “Get Started” option.

– If the map doesn’t show your accurate location, click the “Center On” button to get the real location of your device.

– Activate the teleport mode and search for a location of preference. Once you get it, click on “Move Here” in the popup box.

– The location is already changed and you will play the game without moving.


Android Gadgets

On Android devices, you can use an app like Surfshark to hide your real location. You can use it to be able to access sites that are IP sensitive and play games like Pokemon Go. However, you should only opt for an effective application that will help you out.

2. Use of VPN

VPNs are used to hide the real locations of devices. You can use a device in the US but indicate to be in Russia or the United Kingdom. It means you can conveniently play various games that are location sensitive.

3. External Devices

Other than spoofing apps and the VPN, you can also use external devices such as the iteleporter and GFaker. With these devices, you can easily fake your location on your iPhone. However, these devices are expensive and one can easily lose them. Despite their effectiveness, they are not as economical and convenient as the Dr.Fone – Pokemon Go walking cheat.


That’s all how you can travel without walking in the Pokemon Go game on iPhone. Use the above listed Pokemon Go walking hacks and enjoy the game. Enjoy the game.


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