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Path of Exile: 12 Things You Should Know Before Playing

Path of Exile is free to play but what most people love about this game is how progressive the storyline is. And this keeps the player eager to find out what happens next.

The game begins on the shores of its dark fantasy world called Wraeclast. The player starts off as a shipwreck survivor in tattered clothes, just trying to survive. As the gamer continues to play, their character slowly upgrades to become an unbeatable fighter.

Below are twelve valuable tips you should know before playing this one-of-a-kind ARPG.

You’ll Most Likely Mess up Your First Character

This may sound discouraging, but it’s just how things are. Luckily Path of Exile allows players to create up to 24 characters. You can even create more than 24 characters by buying extra character slots. However, you can only form a new character if you delete the existing one.

So, even if you mess up your first character, you have plenty of chances to start from scratch and do better.

One way to avoid messing up your first avatar is using a build guide. There are tons of guides available online, so find one that you understand and stick to it. However, we recommend not following your preferred build guide to the letter.

While going by your guide is a way to navigate through the game, it is best to figure things out by yourself. That is actually where the fun in the game lies.

This Game’s Skill System Works a Little Bit Differently

In many ARPGs, a player’s character class determines the skills they use. Path of Exile operates things a little bit differently. In this game, an item called “the Skill Gem” provides gamer characters with skills. This is an advantage because it allows any character to utilize any skill they want to.

A Skill Gem is an item that can be socketed into armor and weapons, equipping them with a particular skill.

Keep in mind that the color of your weapon or armor’s gem socket will determine the kind of Skill Gem entering it. For instance, a green Dexterity-focused Skill Gem can only enter into equipment with a green or white gem socket.

If You Want to Use a Build Guide, Look For One That Caters to Your Needs

Creating builds in Path of Exile on your own can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. This is where build guides come in. As we mentioned earlier, there are many guides online, but not all of them can help you.

We recommend going for a guide that expounds on the skill or character class of your interest. Most importantly, choose one that is thorough and easy to comprehend.

Go Beyond the Standard League

Leagues in Path of Exile are small worlds that player characters exist within. Each league has its own rules that gamers have to abide by.

The Standard League is the most basic one in the game. It is the best league, to begin with if you are a newbie looking to get yourself acquainted with the game. However, if you want to take things a notch higher, it is recommendable to join the other upgraded leagues.

The most preferred one in this game is the Challenge League. They last for about three months, and once they end, all player characters are sent back to their original leagues (often the Standard League.)

One good thing about Challenge Leagues is that they have tasks that you can complete to earn rewards. And even when they are over, you still get to keep your rewards.

This Game Doesn’t Have the Typical Currency

Unlike most other ARPGs, Path of Exile doesn’t use regular coins or gold as its currency. Instead, it utilizes orbs as its main PoE currency. These orbs come in many forms and sizes and have different values.

Like other action role-playing games, you can use the orbs to buy items from non-player character merchants or other players in the game.

One unique thing about these orbs is that they have other uses other than serving as the game’s currency. For example, they can be used to upgrade equipment directly.

Understand Exactly What to Do With Your Orbs

Knowing how orbs work in this game is one thing, but understanding how to use them is an entirely different thing. Knowing when to utilize your orbs can prevent you from making mistakes such as using them to upgrade not-so-useful equipment.

Many of these orbs like the Portal Scroll and Scroll of Wisdom can be collected in large quantities and traded for better ones. So, it is advisable to gather as many orbs as possible, especially if you’re a newbie.

Get Yourself a Loot Filter

When killing monsters, many items dropdown. It may be pretty challenging to know what’s valuable and what’s not, especially if you’re a beginner.

A loot filter can hide all the non-valuable items and highlight the valuable ones, allowing you to pick them easily.

Be On the Look Out for Items With More Than One Gem Socket

Many weapons and armors in the game have more than one gem socket. And the more the number of gem sockets, the more skill gems you can insert in them, making your equipment more powerful.

Armors and weapons with more than one gem socket can also be traded for highly valuable orbs.

Join a Group!

Playing in groups can make things easier in Path of Exile. For example, it can help you kill more monsters, which will enable you to gain more experience and pick up more items that may be highly valuable.

The XP System in This Game Operates Differently

Unlike other ARPGs, Path of Exile only grants you experience points when you kill mobs. Completing quests can only grant you skill points that can be transferred to your character’s passive tree. So, we recommend aiming at killing as many mobs as you can, especially magic ones.

Don’t Pick Everything You Come Across

Typically, the inventories in Path of Exile as quite small. That is why you shouldn’t pick up anything you come across. Of course, it can be difficult to tell what’s valuable and what’s not. This is where a loot filter comes in. Having one will help you quickly tell which items are of high value and which ones are not.

Don’t Trade an Item if You Don’t Know Its Exact Value

Keep an item if you’re not sure of its exact value. Trading it for a low-value orb may cost you later in the game because you may need to obtain highly valuable equipment.

If you really need to get rid of that particular item, you can check with a vendor to see if you can trade it for a good orb.


Path of Exile offers a perfect mix of adventure, thrill, and excitement, making it one of the best free-to-play ARPGs available today. However, remember that this game is a learning curve. There’s always something new to learn while playing, so always have an open mind regardless of how advanced you are in the game.


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