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Parimatch Foundation charity programs for children

To achieve the goals of supporting and developing the young generation, the Parmatch Foundation has developed many different programs.

Main programs of Parimatch charity in Cyprus

The development of the younger generation is an important part of society. To achieve this goal, using the charity for children Parimatch Tech has created its own foundation, whose specialists are engaged in the creation of important programs that are necessary to fulfill this mission. These programs include:

  • Boost4Best;
  • New physical education;
  • Sports mentor;
  • Yes, I can!

Parimatch charity in Cyprus uses its own Boost4Best program to support young talented athletes. Its essence lies in the provision of the necessary material resources, training places, and equipment, as well as psychological support. Thus, young talents with the support of charity will be able to achieve high results and prove themselves.

Another program used by this charitable foundation for children is called “Yes, I can!” and is of great importance for children with disabilities. Since most countries do not have adequate support for children with physical and mental disabilities, using this program, Parimatch charity in Cyprus helps to integrate children with disabilities into society and provide them with the necessary training tools.

The “New physical education” program focuses on improving the level of physical education among teachers. With the help of recommendations and training on building relationships between a teacher and a student and motivating teachers, increase physical activity among students. Thus, students’ leisure time will have a beneficial effect on both the leisure time of students and the maintenance of good health among them.

Orphans and children living in difficult circumstances, as a rule, do not receive the attention they deserve, which leads to dire consequences such as a lack of social skills, a destructive lifestyle, and, as a result, a deterioration in life in all areas. In order to help such children, the “Sports mentor” program was created, which allows you to create a connection with a coach who, as a friend and main support, will help instill a love for sports and develop in children the necessary skills for further successful life.

The overall benefit and importance of Cypriot charitable foundation Parimatch

Cypriot charitable foundation Parimatch has already achieved some success using its own programs. Thousands of children who came under the wing of the foundation managed to achieve success in sports, improve their skills, including communication skills, and become full-fledged participants in society.

Since each of these programs created by this charitable foundation for children has its own internal goals, their overall achievement helps achieve the desired result in achieving global goals. Highlighting the global goals of the foundation, such as supporting children and developing physical culture among them, it is already possible to note the high progress and effectiveness of each of them separately and together.


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