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Alex Popovic - Editor-in-Chief

Alex got his first PC when he was only 5 years old. After trying and miserably failing to play Morrowind for a couple of months, he finally got it right.

That’s the exact moment when his love for role-playing games, and epic fantasy in general, begun.

Spending most of his gaming years playing World of Warcraft and single-player RPG titles, he eventually started writing about video games, which is now his full-time job.

Alex’s favorite video game of all time is The Witcher series, with Mass Effect Trilogy being a close second.

Matthew Lyons - Director of Content

Matthew comes from Texas and if you asked anyone who knows Matthew to describe him using one single word – they would all say the same thing: passionate

What is Matthew most passionate about?


In the digital world, of course, not in the real one.

Matthew played all sorts of different video games throughout the last 30 years, which is how long he has been gaming.

All your questions regarding FPS titles will be answered by Matthew and you can rest assured that the answers have years of experience and research behind them.

Sia Mohajer - Executive Editor

Sia Mohajer is a wannabe gamer who doesn’t have enough time to actually game.

He also has a Macbook Pro (not the best choice). So he’s been relegated to playing endless games of Starcraft.

Sia helps manage and make this site run. When he has free time he likes to watch Rick and Morty and imagine he has a galaxy jumping portal gun.

He also writes occasionally but very rarely on his blog.

Favorite Game – Don’t laugh. Fallout 1/2 (Yup, I’m old school)

Dan Fries - Digital Media Specialist

Dan was once crowned the second best Super Smash Bros. player of Fall 2012 in the Berkeley Dormitory at the University of Michigan.

His title was short-lived, however, as he got sucked into the MMORPG black hole known as World of Warcraft. In an attempt to preserve his time, relationships, and physical well-being, Dan gave up WoW and now finds enjoyment in watching competitive Dota 2 replays on YouTube (Dota Watafak FTW).

To this day, he feels most at home in a basement LAN party with friends – typically Halo or other similar FPS console games – with a few pizzas and a case of Mountain Dew. 🤤

Courtenay Smith - Senior Writer

Courtenay’s love for gaming started when she was handed a Game Boy SP as a child.

From there her youthful gaming memories consist of hitting some Donkey Kong bongos and cruising around Vice City listening to ‘Take Me to the Clouds Above’ at an unsuitable age.

Since, she has gained a love for both PC and console games, sometimes even jumping on mobile.

Don’t judge!

When she’s not writing for the site she enjoys traveling, film, and diving down the rabbit hole that is YouTube.

Tim White - Senior Writer

Tim is a freelance writer and assistant editor for The Objective Standard.

He lives in Phoenix, AZ, which is a questionable decision in light of the fact that he’s paler than an Irish ghost and thinks 75°F is too hot. He has logged 5,000+ hours in Skyrim. No, that’s not a typo, and no, he’s not embarrassed by that fact, even though he definitely should be.

He still uses his PS1 and has something like a hundred board games (and one corgi).

His favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy X because of its strong advocacy of individualism and free will, both of which are widely misunderstood and undervalued in today’s culture.

Sara Vojinovic - Assistant Editor

Started from nowhere, now she doesn’t really know where she goes, but she manages just fine as an assistant editor at Game Gavel.

Gaming just because she likes it, not because she’s good at it. And she is the only one that has a right to say that.

One of the first role models: Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft. Even wanted to get a white tiger like the one she has. Or at least the biggest dog there is. Parents said no to both of those things. Thank god.

Most of the days she loses games in League of Legends, but it’s never her fault. Ever.

When not playing games, she watches TV series. Lots of it. She promises that she has a life apart from the virtual world, but no one can actually confirm that.

Akash Hoslok - Technical Writer

Akash started messing around with computers when he was 7 years old.

A few electrocuted fingers and a partially burnt room later, he started understanding how computers really work. Now, he mostly spends his time overclocking old processors and writing about new ones.

He spent his prime gaming years trying to control the helicopter in Vice City. He then bravely gave up.

Nowadays, he plays COD Black Ops quite a lot and claims that it’s the best COD game ever.

Dozie Anyaegbunam - Senior Writer

Dozie calls himself a wannabe gamer – as he usually gets bored if he seats at a place for a while. His first games were Super Mario and Donkey Kong, and Mario remains one of his favorite games.

Now you understand why he calls himself a wannabe gamer. 

He loves storytelling and wonders how he ended up writing about games, but you know what they say about wannabes…

His favorite video game is God of War, but he also enjoys watching folks play Assassin’s Creed. 

John Ross Thompson - Author

John grew up in a very technologically-friendly and (sort of) nerdy household.

Stumbling into a love for fantasy and science-fiction at a young age, he quickly fell in love with Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, Comics, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Star Wars.

Spending most of his life playing Pokemon and whatever games his father gave him, it wasn’t until he played the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, that he truly fell for gaming and its ability to tell amazing stories.

A Writing and Producing for TV MFA student at Loyola Marymount University, he writes about gaming when not writing scripts or stories. John’s favorite video games are those of the Zero’s Escape series, followed by Telltale’s Walking Dead series and Pokemon Colosseum.

Ben Leighton - Author

Ben’s love for video games began when he got his first gaming system, a Nintendo 64, when he was 6 years old.

Some of his favorite moments in his gaming past have been playing massive custom games with his friends during the golden age of Halo 3, experiencing the wide world Skyrim for the first time, and late night Super Smash Bros tournaments with his roommates in college.

While playing with friends have created some of his favorite gaming moments, Ben still has a soft spot for story driven single-player experiences.

His favorite games of all time are Red Dead Redemption 1 and the Last of Us. Ben has just recently turned his passion for gaming into a writing position at GameGavel and is excited to share his passion for gaming with others through his work.

Albert Bassili - Author

Albert’s been a gamer for about as long as he can remember. Ever since then, Albert has been hooked on games, even going as far as doing his bloody best to work on the game industry, whether it’s writing articles, or writing game stories.

In between gaming, he also really loves to check up on the latest tech news and see what awesome stuff humanity has come up with.

Favorite Games: Dune II, MGS 1, FF X, Mass Effect 2

Mduduzi Sibisi - Author

A lover of code, freelance writer, a misanthropic humanist and a comical absurdist. Mdu first fell in love with gaming after his parents bought him a Super Nintendo gaming console at the age of six.

It would later become an obsession after playing Doom and Duke Nukem on PC. Now, not only is he playing them but he’s writing about them and creating them.

He has an eclectic taste in games. His favorite games of all time include Legend of The Dragoon, Dark Cloud, GTA Vice City, Dark Souls, and Devil May Cry.

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