February 28

Online Slots Promotions VS Land Based Casinos Promotions

For a long time, we have seen online slots and land-based casinos run in a parallel line in the gambling industry. The land-based casinos belong from the traditional gambling background and the online slots with daily free spins are the invention of modern technology.

Even after being the same in the betting business, there are still a lot of dissimilarities in both them and in promotions too. We have brought up some highlighting differences between the online slots and land-based casino promotions.

Deposit Bonus Offers

Both of the online slots and land-based casinos offer deposit bonus offers to the players as a promotional act. The online slots provide a player free cash when he is depositing his money on their slot account. However, the land-based casinos are not that generous to give this amount of free cash to the players, and sometimes you wonโ€™t even get to see the deposit bonuses. The only free cash offer that can be commonly seen in the land-based casinos is the time when you are signing up in their casino lobby.

Progressive Slot Offers

As we all know, in online slots the player who hits the combination of the jackpot gets a huge amount of money they can ever imagine. The size of the jackpot depends on the time from when the last time a random player hit the progressive jackpot slot prize. On the other hand, land-based casinos do not always reward a jackpot winner player with money. They offer them a tour to a luxurious resort or offer them a brand new car. The land-based casinos follow many clever tactics to reduce the winning amount of money because they have a big casino to run and a lot of other things to take care of.

Accessibility and Affordable

Online slot promotions are not that hard to get and they are very easy to win too. The bonus offers or any kind of slot gaming events are easily accessible to you by the internet connection and smart device. But attaining the land-based casino promotions is a bit of a hassle even they look so alluring. The player has to go to the casino sites, exchange his cash for coins then bet the coins on his preferable game. After all of this, the winning percentages of land-based casinos are lower than the online casino sites.

Types and Amount of Prizes

There is a big difference between the types of prizes and the number of prizes between the online casino sites and land-based casinos. The online slots offer the player free spins, reward boxes, and special features along with the prize money. However, the land-based casinos offer different kinds of merchandizers to amuse the player and reduce the budget. Added to that, the casinos offer tickets for vacations, keys to brand new cars, and large flats also.

More Bonuses Offers

The online slots offer more varieties of bonus offers than the land-based casino can ever provide. Starting with welcome bonuses, the online slot presents no deposit bonus, high roller bonus, monthly bonus, occasional bonus, and so on. Compared to that, land-based casinos are not very generous and kind to players; even though they arrange free drinks and foods on casinos when you are sitting there to play and some other services.


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