January 26

Nine eSports titles that you should bet on

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Betting on eSports is really fun, as long as you choose an online bookie that will live up to your expectations. Even though some people are still afraid of betting on computer games, most punters have realized that the eSports industry has the potential to take over the gambling industry in the future, which is why they’ve already started betting on the games they like.

Speaking of games, there are many eSports titles that you can come across. Naturally, some of them are way more popular than others, so you can find them on more gambling websites.

Below, you can see a list of nine eSports titles that we think are worth betting on. Most of the games should be available on every bookie, whereas others might require you to search for an eSports-only betting website.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The first eSport that people usually bet on is CS: GO. This shooter has been around for many years now, and it still continues to be one of the most popular computer games in its genre. If you take a look at this review of Cbet, you will see that there are all sorts of markets and odds for CS: GO that you won’t find on any other eSport title.

One of the reasons people really like this game is that it isn’t that complicated to understand. Needless to say, betting on a shooter is easier than punting on a MOBA.

2. Dota 2

There are a few different MOBAs that people usually bet on, and Dota 2 is one of them. Ever since it was released back in 2013, Dota 2 instantly became a huge hit, although it was based on a customer game that people could play in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

This game is known for having the largest prize pool in eSports history, and since there are always tournaments to bet on, Dota 2 is a fantastic option for most gamblers. Unfortunately, it is pretty complicated, so you have to learn how it works before you start wagering. To do that, you should either play or watch live streams.

3. Overwatch

Up next, we have one of Blizzard’s recent games that took over the world. Overwatch is a team-based shooter where each player controls a hero that also has different abilities. Apart from the fact it is interesting to play, Overwatch is also really cool to watch. That’s why it is often the go-to option for many bettors.

If you want to punt on this eSport, you should learn more information about the Overwatch League and how it works.

4. Magic: The Gathering Arena

The next game on this list is completely different than the ones we’ve just talked about. Magic: The Gathering is one of the most popular card games globally, which is why some people decided to create the digital version of this game called Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Even though this eSport is not as big as the other ones on this list, it provides excellent markets and odds. Sadly, you won’t find it on any regular online bookie, which means that you need to look for a specialized betting website.

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Battle royal is one of the most popular game genres in the last couple of years. Several games that fall into this class managed to establish themselves as eSports, and PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of them.

Even though PUBG is nowhere near as popular as it used to be, there are still a decent amount of tournaments that people can bet on. What’s more, there is no need to look for an eSports-exclusive bookmaker because you will find PUBG on most regular gambling websites.


Every football fan in the world has probably played FIFA at least once, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the most popular sports games. Besides being fun to play, FIFA also happens to be one of the biggest eSports.

Nowadays, even professional football clubs have created eSports divisions that compete in FIFA. One of the most exciting tournaments that you can punt on is called the Fifa Interactive World Cup. However, unlike the real World Cup, this event takes place annually.

7. League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA that was created by Riot Games back in 2009. Despite being more than 12 years old, this game is still considered one of the most popular eSports titles globally.

Betting on LoL is fun because you will always have access to various tournaments. However, since this is a MOBA, it is advisable to learn how the game works before you start wagering.

Similar to Dota 2, you can either play or watch different live streamings. There are also various guides on the internet, so just choose the option you like the most.

8. Quake

This is probably one of the oldest titles on this list because Quake was first released back in 1996. Of course, the game changed a lot over the years, but people still love it because it is one of the most thrilling first-person shooters globally.

Even though it is not as popular as CS: GO, there are still several big Quake tournaments that people can bet on. The most notable one is the so-called QuakeCon, an annual event that brings together the world’s best players.

Quake should be available on almost every betting website, so make sure you check the eSports section.

9. Fortnite

Lastly, we have the game that took over the world when it was launched a few years ago. Created by Epic Games, Fortnite is a battle royal (similar to PUBG), which has millions of active players worldwide. As a result, there is always some sort of tournament going on.

What’s interesting about this game is that the Fortnite World cup had a jaw-dropping prize pool of $30,000,0000, which made it one of the biggest tournaments in eSport’s history.

Fortnite usually has cool markets and attractive odds, so don’t forget to check whether your favorite bookie allows you to punt on it.


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