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Madden 22 Tournament Set To Culminate In Conjunction With Super Bowl Weekend

Esports has built up a huge presence, having bridged the gap between gaming and gainful employment. The industry is now worth billions and has provided a platform for professional gamers to earn a living doing something they love.

Gaming events now coincide with plenty of real-life sporting dates and the NFL season, as well as next year’s Super Bowl LVI, will be no different, with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Extreme Networks have formed a partnership that will see them make forays into the world of esports. The two entities have launched the Madden NFL 22 Tournament.

The competition, which spans several weeks, will see High School Esports League players go up against each other via Electronic Arts’ Madden 22 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The head-to-head matches kicked off on September 27 and an eight-week regular season term will end on December 12. The top players over the course of the regular season will move on to a three-week playoff tournament that will prepare them for a championship affair that will be in conjunction with the upcoming Super Bowl in Los Angeles next February while a separate Super Bowl LVI Exhibition Tournament will put Pro Football Hall of Famers and various other celebrities on the show.

Players are also encouraged to submit clips from their games throughout the competition as they could make it to a weekly internet show called The Scoreboard that provides match recaps.

“This new Esports program is a tremendous opportunity for the Pro Football Hall of Fame to leverage the world-class Wi-Fi technology from Extreme Networks to engage with students and further their love of football and understanding of the game,” Chief Partnership Officer & Senior Vice President of Gold Jacket Relations at the Hall of Fame, Pat Lindesmith, noted.

“Generations of fans have learned the game of football through ‘Madden,’ and this edition further strengthens their understanding of the legacy and great history of the game and what the Pro Football Hall of Fame stands for. We could not be happier to grow our partnership with Extreme into the esports world and share the Mission of the Pro Football Hall of Fame with new fans.”

Participants will have the opportunity to win tickets to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Enshrinement and the 2022 Hall of Fame Game in Canton, as well as admission tickets to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and an appearance of a Hall of Famer at the school of the winner.

Of course, football fans can also win big in other ways as the availability of NFL odds and Super Bowl Futures provides just about anyone old enough to bet to win cold, hard cash.

Meanwhile, Extreme Networks has supported Hall’s two Enshrinements as it celebrated “The Greatest Gathering in Football” back in August. The company, a cloud-based networking firm, is the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and provides advanced networking and analytics capabilities to the Hall and its museum.

The HoF depends on Extreme for videoconferencing and extending its reach via virtual events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hall’s Youth & Education Team made use of Extreme’s services to facilitate outreach to a record number of participants all over the United States through programs such as the Heart of a Hall of Famer and Before the Snap, with the entities keen on bringing innovative programming to students across the U.S.

“Nobody recognizes the impact of high-efficiency, high-capacity Wi-Fi more than a teenager playing a competitive game of ‘Madden,’ where the network is the playing field,” Norman Rice, Chief Operating Officer at Extreme Network, was quoted as saying. “Esports has quickly become a significant part of pop culture and a great opportunity for teens and young adults to develop and enrich their technology skillset in a way that is both competitive and engaging.”

“We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with the Pro Football Hall of Fame and play such an integral role in a movement that has a tremendous impact on celebrating the legacy of the game, building loyalty among the next generation of fans, and sharing leadership stories with K-12 families across the world.”

As of late September, over 50 teams had registered for the tournament. Registration remains open and can be accessed here.

Some tournament particulars could be found right below.

1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

Xbox Series X/S


2.1. Series Lengths

Matches will be played in a best of 3 series for the Regular Season and a Best of 5 of the Playoffs and Finals.

2.2. Game Lobby

Both teams will need to use the following settings in order for the game to be made.

Game Mode: The Yard

Play a Friend

Create team

Team Size: 3 (invite team members)

Battle of the Bots

Ready up

Set Match Password

2.3. Match Passwords

Each team must enter the same password in order to be matched up against each other. Match password used should use the following structure

Password: Home Team Name vs Away Team Name

Further information could be accessed out right here.


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