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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Gamers often pay too much attention to gaming devices. It is often not enough only to have the best PC, as even the small detail can worsen the game process when the awkward design of the gaming mouse causes hand fatigue or the bad connection makes it impossible to react immediately. So, all gamers must have the best gaming devices to not be distracted by even a small inconvenience.

Here, we will observe Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse, which is widely recommended by gamers. The main mission of this review is to find out whether Logitech G602 deserves to be in the rank of the best wireless gaming mice.

About Logitech G602

The Logitech G602 is a wireless gaming mouse produced by the company known for making reliable gaming devices. This mouse is a well-designed mouse that performs really great and has a middle price. The majority of gamers like this device because of its body shape, which is very comfortable for a palm grip. It is necessary to consider all the features of this device to judge its effectiveness. Whether it is the best option for gamers or it is better to look for the alternatives at the humble price at the ranking of the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars — let’s have a close look at this device.

Key Specifications

Specification: wireless gaming mouse

Price: 99-130$

Response Rate: 2ms

Modes: battery-saving modes are available

Polling Rate:

DPI: 250-2500

Number of Buttons: 11


The Logitech G602 is a right-handed mouse that has a sculptured ergonomic design. It is very comfortable when it is used with a palm-grip. Also, the mouse has a jutting wing aimed to support a thumb. Due to this fact, this gaming mouse is much more preferable for comfortable gaming compared to even the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars, as the design of the majority of them lacks ergonomics and comfort.

On the left side, six buttons are available, which makes it almost ideal for keybinding and macros in MMORPGs and other games. One more important feature is that it is quite easy for the gamer to differentiate one button from the other even without a close look at the mouse.

On the front of the Logitech G602, two additional buttons, along with standard right and left ones, are available to switch DPI on the fly. There is also a row of blue LEDs that help to differentiate the DPI level. The smooth bottom of the mouse also makes it easy to glide across the surface.


If compared with standard mouses, the gaming ones should have a good DPI range, as the higher DPI — the more sensitive the mouse is. This feature is the most crucial one because the high DPI range makes the movements quick and precise. The Logitech G602 has a 250-2500 DPI range; 250 is good for everyday usage, while 2500 is good enough for the gaming process. The pro gamers often choose mouses with a DPI range starting with 4500 up to 8200. But for casual gaming, it is enough to choose the mouse with such features as the Logitech G602 provides.

This Logitech model also has a respectable 500Hz polling rate and quite an accurate sensor. Also, the mouse is designed to work with a single AA battery, which provides an opportunity to play for up to 125 hours. The Logitech G602 has a mode switcher to the G602’s central button, making it possible to activate the “endurance” mode; while using this feature, you can increase the battery life up to 1,440 hours. But, unfortunately, it will negatively affect the sensitivity and response accuracy.


If honestly, the Logitech G602 software is not rich in various features, especially if compared with its rivals. But it doesn’t mean that this wireless gaming mouse lacks useful options. For instance, this model has a USB extender cable for the receiver that will help you to decrease the distance between the mouse and the dongle. After the driver is installed automatically, you will re-adjust macro commands for different buttons depending on the game’s profile. All the settings will be saved in the mouse’s memory. This feature is very helpful, as the mouse can switch the programmed macro commands depending on the chosen game.


Generally, the Logitech G602 performs quite well in different games. Of course, the device has some advantages and disadvantages, which can reduce its effectiveness in various games requiring extra sensitivity. According to the gaming reviews, this wireless gaming mouse is the most suitable for such games as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Dota 2. Nevertheless, while playing first-person shooters, such as Call of Duty or Counter-Strike, the mouse performs not so well, as it lacks DPI range. But even the best gaming mouse under 50 dollars fails the Logitech G602, which is more effective and productive.

Pros and Cons

Here you can find the key pros and cons of the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse before the final verdict.


The mouse has a variety of advantages for the gamers:

  • it is comfortable for usage; best suits for palm grip;
  • excellent button placement;
  • good performance;
  • energy efficiency; the mouse can work several days and even weeks;
  • reliable tracking.


The same as in any device, the Logitech G602 also has some drawbacks:

  • no rechargeable option;
  • low max DPI;
  • left-handed gamers find it very uncomfortable;
  • no RGB lighting
  • fans of high sensitivity can be disappointed with its maximum 2500 CPI.


All in all, the Logitech G602 is a good choice for the majority of gamers because of its comfortable design, various useful options, good performance, and energy efficiency. The device has enough characteristics for a good quality gaming process. Also, the mouse will perform well in the majority of the games despite those that require extra sensitivity. Otherwise, if to speak about pro gaming, this wireless gaming mouse lacks a DPI range that negatively affects the sensitivity and response accuracy.


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