December 22 2023

Let’s Journey to The Different Types Of Slot Games

Slot games, such as those you can find from online casinos like 777, have gone through a significant evolution since they started.

In the beginning, online slots were very straightforward and simple games with paylines and symbols that were a bit limited. However, as years have passed, developers of these games have come up with more unique ideas that make slot games better and more exciting.

Today, online slot games are more than just the classic slots, which take it from the traditional versions of these games. There are now several types of Internet slot games, providing their players with a wide range of choices. Let’s go ahead and explore what these types are, as well as why each of them differs.

1. Classic Slots

Though technology has paved the way for the emergence of many other types of slot games, there are still players who prefer the straightforward, classic slots.

Playable on several online casino players, classic slots, as the name implies, are based on original slot machines, which only have three reels and a limited number of paylines. The bonuses are also limited compared to other online slot games. You must line up three similar symbols on a payline to win here. What makes classic slots different? It’s simplicity.

Now, let’s check out the rest of the other kinds of slot games that have emerged through the years.

2. Multi Payline Slots

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Slots game operators realized that the classic slots are too limiting and need to give players more opportunities to win big. So, they started introducing more paylines to the reels, adding more excitement and giving players so much more chances to win the jackpot.

What makes these multi-payline slots different? Well, aside from the fact that these slot games could have paylines from 10 to as many as 100 lines, they have provided much more flexibility, giving players much more control over the way they want to play and spend their money.

3. Bonus Slots

While slot games like multi payline slots are based on the number of paylines, another variant of these games emerged and focuses on bonuses: bonus slots.

Bonus slots differ from the others as they feature free spins for which players can be eligible by landing scatters or special bonus symbols.

These bonus slots, also called video slots, come with features popular with the players since they give them something to aim for. Often, they allow them to unlock bonuses as these slot games can produce the most significant wins.

4. Ways-To-Win Slots

Developers devised ways-to-win slots for players who find multi payline slots still limiting. They serve those who wish there could be more to the 100-payline game on a three-by-five grid.

In ways-to-win slots, instead of lining symbols in a specific way, they only require the symbols to be on adjacent reels in any position from left to right. These mechanics have allowed for more opportunities to win. Plus, the winnings could even be greater when combined with various multipliers and boosts. The ways to win can be hundreds of thousands and even millions.

5. Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are another popular kind of slot game. You may have heard about this at one point before. While most modern slots have the potential to produce pretty big wins compared to the stake per spin, only progressive jackpot slot games can pay out and give away truly life-changing money, and this is one of the things that make them different. Here, it is not uncommon to see the jackpot reach a whopping seven or even eight-figure amount. The player, of course, must battle with the odds, but if the jackpots are this high, they are willing to do everything to win.

There are also various rules here to win the main progressive prizes. Sometimes, a player must play the maximum stake to get a shot at the prize. But what’s lovely here is that even if you just deposit a meager amount, you can win the millions.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that players demand and flock to this slot game. And the best part is, the longer the time players play, the bigger the chances they get the jackpot. So, it is really a try and try until you succeed and reach the gold moment.

6. VR Slots

On the other hand, if you are playing slots not just for the jackpot but also for the immersive experience, you will surely love VR slots. Yes, slots that utilize the magic of virtual reality.

Used in gaming, entertainment, education, and business, virtual reality is a simulated experience which employs pose tracking and three-dimensional near-eye displays to give users an immersive feel of a virtual environment, such as a game’s visuals.

While these slot games are still new and young, and there are not so many of them around, they break the boundaries and revolutionize how slot games are played.

Like video games in virtual reality, VR slots take players from being just passive observers to being inside the game. So, imagine yourself getting inside and experiencing the visuals you previously just saw on screen.

Many believe that virtual reality cannot tie up with the world of slots, but who are we to limit our imagination, right? Developers of slot games have come up with brand-new ways to enjoy playing slots even more. If there is one thing that online casino game creators have aced, it is coming up with new ideas to get players more involved.

The evolution of online slot games is very evident. With technology by their side, they have surpassed what land-based and traditional slots have offered.

Slot games, by far, are the most popular option for most online casino players. From the moment they first appeared, these games have captured the thrills of land-based slot gaming, adopted them, and taken them to greater heights. Their popularity only grew with the rise in the demand for online gambling. The result: the emergence of many different types of slot games. Each of them has its own appeal, attracting players of all kinds across the globe.


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Kyrie Mattos