November 8 2023

Learn to Calculate Dota 2 Odds and Apply Them to 2 Big Upcoming Events

There is one thing you can’t be a successful Dota 2 bettor without – the odds. Everyone must know them. Not only do they determine the probability of a wager, but also its multiplier. You’ll learn that. Keep reading to see what the odds are, their types, and how they differ based on betting markets.

What are the Dota 2 Odds?

Dota 2 odds are numeric values used by bookmakers. They complete 2 tasks. First, they represent the chance of the outcome (betting market). And secondly, they show you the exact reward you’ll get for the successful bet.

Odds can be of different types. But this only changes their representation, not the outcome. The most popular eSports odds are Decimals.

Decimal odds simply show a coefficient your stake is multiplied on when betting on an outcome. For example, let’s take The International 2023 finals. In the Team Spirit vs. Gaimin Gladiators clash, the average odds were 1.59 to 2.30. What does that mean?

Immediately, we see that Team Spirit’s odds are lower, thus, less rewarding. That signalizes they’re more likely to win. On the other hand, Gaimin Gladiators’ odds are 2.30, which indicates the opposite.

However, the odds gap in this match wasn’t too big. Bookmakers have expected a close-to-equal battle. But they were wrong. If you’ve watched The International 2023, you’ve seen how much stronger Team Spirit was.

You can learn from that. Bookies don’t always predict the match flawlessly. Thus, check and examine the Dota 2 match with the least plausible odds. Then, you’ll find a few bookies down the link. Pick the one with the most profitable odds and bet on it for easy profit.

Dota 2 Betting Types and Their Odds

If you are familiar with Dota 2 bets, you should know that it has different markets (bet types). They have different odds, too. But how do you know which ones to trust?

It depends on the difficulty of their prediction. For instance, the easiest Dota 2 market to predict is the match winner. Thus, betting sites often have it correct.

On the other hand, there are Dota-specific markets. You need to predict game events like the number of killed Roshans, a first-blood drawer, the game’s MVP, etc. These require lots of analysis.

For instance, to know who’s about to take the first blood, you must analyze teams’ playstyles, drafts, and skill levels. Bookies aren’t the best at it. If you know the Dota 2 pro teams, you can outclass them and steal profitable odds.

Which Markets Should You Pick?

If you’re just learning Dota odds and bets, there are a few guidelines. The first is to stick with easy markets. To grasp Dota 2 odds, bet on match winners, handicaps, totals, etc.

Once you are good at these, proceed to game-specific markets. But make them live. It allows you to gather more information about the match and bet more accurately. Bet, at least after seeing a full draft.

Apply Your New Knowledge at Kuala Lumpur Major 2023

At this point, you know everything you need about the odds. Now, you must apply your knowledge. You can do it at the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Major 2023.

It’s a massive annual event conducted by the ESL (Electronic Sports League). The event will feature 12 world’s best teams, 8 from regional qualifiers, and 4 invited directly. It will be a furious battle. Teams will not only fight for the reputation but also a prize pool of $1,000,000.

It’s hard to predict the event’s odds without knowing all the invited teams. However, there are a few obvious things. Team Spirit will definitely attend Kuala Lumpur Major, and drawing on their skill level and results, their odds tend to be correct.

Waldner Legends Cup

A month before the ESL Major, there’ll be a Waldner Legends Cup. Yeah, the event is not that big. It’s just a $100,000 Tier 2 tournament that will take place in Stockholm. However, it promises to be big.

Block Molly Entertainment (event organizers) have already invited LGD Gaming, Alliance, and OG. And there is 1 place to go. Whoever takes it matches will be equal, and the odds will be hard to predict. That’s a challenge for you.


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