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League of Legends Patch Notes | First Quarter 2022

No year of League of Legends is complete with a steady slew of patch updates. Season 11 of League of Legends saw no shortage of new skins and stat adjustments. The patch schedule for Season 12 looks even more packed than last year. In addition to new animations, stat changes, and skin revisions, expect at least one new champion to join the fold. Riot Games have laid out plans for 23 patch updates throughout 2022. Below, we break down the details of those patches already released this year. 

Patch 12.1 (Released 05/01/2022)

The first patch release of the year brought some minor changes to League of Legends. One of the most exciting for long-standing fans was the inclusion of some brand new Elderwood skins. However, these skins were reserved for a select line-up of champions, including Rek’Sai and Gnar. Ekko also benefited from a skin upgrade in this patch, with the design inspired by the hit League of Legends Netflix show, Arcane

The first patch update of 2022 also included a couple of champion balances. Diana enjoyed a significant upgrade, with her passive AP ratio increased, while her monster damage ratio benefited from a boost. On the flipside, overperformer Sona was subject to a more punishing balance, with both her durability stats and ability casting frequency reduced. 

Patch 12.2 (Released 20/01/2022)

The second patch of the year brought a brand new champion to Summoner’s Rift. Meer Zeri, The spark of Zaun. If you’re looking to try your luck with a new marksman, Zeri is an ideal pick. With her impressive speed stats and long-ranged abilities, Zeri is bound to become a firm favorite with League fans. 

Other revisions include some stat adjustments for existing champions like Janna. Her move speeds have been slightly increased, while her base AD and AD growth stats have also been granted an upgrade. However, her basic attack range has been diminished slightly. Elsewhere, Nocturne has been granted some slight stat revisions, with both his health growth and Q damage ratios enjoying a welcome boost. 

Patch 12.3 (Released 02/02/2022)

The third patch update of 2022 brought some major updates to the fighter item system. For many players, this update won’t impact their performance too much. However, if you lean toward champions like Olaf and Lee Sin, this update may require a serious rethink when it comes to LoL strategy. 

Other patch highlights include some stat refreshments for champions like Ahri. Her health growth and regeneration stats have taken a slight knock, making her a less intimidating presence on the battlefield. 

Patch 12.4 (Released 16/02/2022)

As the professional League of Legends schedule picked up steam, so too did the LoL patch update calendar. Patch 12.4 is packed with dynamic stat adjustments, as well as a brand new champion in the form of Renata Glasc. This fierce champion is a fan favorite in the making, with an impressive repertoire of abilities. She can ramp up move and attack speeds for herself or her allies, making her an indispensable addition to any team line-up. 

This patch also grants existing champions some long-overdue stat upgrades. Xayah benefits particularly well, with damage increased on her attack abilities. 

Patch 12.5 (Released 02/03/2022)

The last patch of the year so far was rather light on updates. By and large, patch 12.5 includes minor adjustments for a slew of existing champions. Aphelios has been given a slight base armor and health boost, while Lucian’s AD growth has been given a slight increase. However, some stronger champions have had their wings clipped. Gwen’s passive damage has been decreased, while her E bonus attack range has also been reduced slightly. 

With 18 more patch updates to go, expect significant changes for the remaining denizens of Summoner’s Rift in the next few months. Furthermore, with two new champions joining the ranks already in 2022, don’t be too surprised to see the LoL cast swell even further before the year is out. 


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