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Is it worth to get a Hotstar subscription?

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Are you missing all the Indian movies and TV shows you used to watch at home? Since you’re residing overseas now, it’s more challenging than ever to keep up with your favorite shows because there are no TV channels to stream them. But instead of scrolling through TV programs, you could get a streaming app subscription. Hotstar is a Disney Plus app created especially for Indians. It allows you to binge-watch all shows and series you like.

Let’s find more about Hotstar!

Walt Disney has created a streaming site exclusively for India. Even if many streaming apps target the Indian public, none is as popular as Hotstar that charmed the locals from the first month. It got 10 million users in just 40 days establishing a record in the digital space. Why? It has all known Indian TV shows and movies, bonus the top Disney+ content like the Pixar and Marvel series. All the Indian fans are more than happy to binge-watch the series from the comfort of their couches. If you’re residing in Canada, UK, or the USA, you can access the streaming service, but sadly it doesn’t feature the same content as the Indian version includes. So, if you want to access the Indian library, you need a VPN service.

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How to access Disney Hotstar programs overseas?

As stated before, this streaming platform is created, especially for the Indian public, and it’s geo-restricted to the country. The Hotstar and Disney Plus apps you can access overseas are different libraries. The Indian version includes content that’s not available in any other part of the world. They blocked the content because of licensing problems. If you don’t use a VPN service and try to access the Disney Plus Hotstar from another area, you receive an error. The same happens when you try to access the Indian library.

But because every issue has a fix, this also has, and here is what you need to do.

  • Research the market for the best VPN services for Hotstar and pick one that suits your needs.
  • Download and install the streaming platform.
  • Use your credentials to register and connect to an Indian server.
  • Sign up for a Hotstar subscription or create a free account.

The VPN service offers access to the Indian library, but if you want to watch the premium content, it displays you need to buy the package you find suitable.

The best Hindi TV series to watch once you get the Hotstar subscription

Hotstar includes high-quality content from all Star TV channels you can watch through cable at home. But it also integrates some TV series mainly produced for the platform. Here is a list of people’s favorite shows.

Criminal Justice

This Hindi series casts some of the most famous Bollywood names like Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi, and Jackie Shroff. The thriller show follows a similar plot to The Night Of and Criminal Justice, but with a story adapted to delight the local public. Some have described it as a local remake of the two famous shows that delighted the over the ocean fans. The Hindi version follows the story of Aditya, a cab driver who has a one-night stand with Sanaya, one of his clients. But what it was supposed to be a romantic story turns into a drama when he wakes up in the morning in a pool of her blood and the cops blame him for her death. His lawyer, Madhav Mishra, should find a way to acquit him from the charges.

Special Ops

This is another thriller you can watch on Hotstar, only that this time it’s an espionage series that tells the story of a RAW agent who thinks a single terrorist is behind multiple attacks. But he cannot engage in pursuing him officially because he is under an official inquiry for excessively using government funds. The plot is based on Menon story who tells the public how he trained more operative agents to bring down the criminal behind the terrorist attacks.

Out of Love

This is another Hotstar series based on a BBC show. Out of Love is similar to Doctor Foster, and follows the story of a husband and wife, Akarsh and Meera. The couple is happily married until she finds a woman’s hair on his scarf and starts a detective-work to try to figure out if he’s cheating on her. At some point she finds out he’s having an affair, and her life falls into chaos because she is undecided if she should forget about the subject and forgive him or if she should fight with him for why he chose to do it. Purab Kohli and Rasika Dugal have some fantastic performances and keep you engaged for all five parts of the series.

These are our top picks for Hindi series you should watch once you get the Hotstar subscription.


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