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How to Recover Deleted Game Files on a PC

It’s no secret that most computer games are so addictive that you can spend whole evenings in front of the computer. But there are situations when files of the game are deleted for various reasons. What to do in such a situation? How to recover deleted game saves?


Can I Recover Deleted Games Files?

You can recover deleted backup files at any time, as well as deleted games. Still, many people don’t regularly back up files to their PC. But many reasons can cause data loss on the hard drive and it can happen at any time. For example, your hard drive is damaged due to system errors, a virus attack, and many other “surprises”. In any case, your game files have been deleted. But, in most cases, you can restore permanently deleted games files on a PC. Although your game files are erased, these files still exist in the original storage. If you don’t save new files to the hard drive, you can successfully recover deleted or lost files.

If you lose game files, you may think that they are deleted forever. Nevertheless, it is too early to despair in such a situation. Recovering deleted files with important information is possible in most cases. When files were deleted from the hard drive, in fact, physically they are still stored there. These files were simply marked as deleted by the system. The most important thing is that the deleted files are not replaced by the newly created files.

How does this happen? Files that were previously deleted from the hard drive remain in their places on the same disk sectors when they were created. During the deletion process, such files are marked “zero” in the file table. And the disk sectors occupied by them are considered free from that moment. As long as the information on the previously filled disk sectors has not been replaced with new files, deleted files can be easily restored.

Thus, you should stop using the computer until you restore the deleted game. And actually, you have at least 4 more ways to recover files from a PC.

The Most Possible Way to Recover Deleted Game Files

If you accidentally delete game files on your computer, you definitely look for ways to restore them. This can be accomplished using a few simple techniques. They require certain actions to be taken:

  • Download the hard drive data recovery software. Indeed, hard drive recovery software is your reliable solution in this case. Before proceeding with the recovery of deleted files, close all open files and programs (except for the web browser). When the program is installed, restart your computer.

What software to download? Disk Drill software is the best option in this case. The functionality of the simple and convenient Disk Drill hard drive recovery software is focused specifically on recovering deleted files. With its help, you can scan the necessary partitions of the hard drive and return all the data to your computer. This is done as follows:

  • Go to the developer’s official website, download, and install the latest version of Disk Drill.
  • Run it and click on the “Search” button opposite the hard drive partition where the game was installed. If you don’t remember the exact location of the game on the hard drive, then search for files to recover on all partitions at once.
  • Found files will be displayed in a separate folder. Expand it to find the data you want. The search is usually slow, so you have to wait a bit for Disk Drill to find all the deleted information.
  • Select the required files for recovery and click on the “Recovery” button. After the end of the process, the folder with the returned data will be automatically opened.

  • Check the Recycle Bin. For example, you can click on the Trash icon and look for the file in it. You may have sent a file to the Trash, but you haven’t completely deleted it. If you find the file, drag and drop it to your desktop to restore it.
  • Don’t create or download new files. A deleted file can be recovered if the hard drive space, where the file was stored, has not been replaced by new information. Downloading or creating files increases the likelihood that space will be replaced with new information. So, download files only if it is really needed (for example, if you need to download a program to recover files).
  • Look for a backup copy of the file in the appropriate programs. Different programs create backups of your files in case a computer shuts down or a game closes while you are playing. If you run such a program, a message that the file can be restored appears on the screen. Keep in mind that not all programs on your computer back up files, and sometimes you can’t restore a full version of a file.

So, if you used File History (Windows) or Time Machine (Mac OS X) to back up data on your computer, restore the backup to recover deleted files (if they are in the backup).

In conclusion

When you delete a file from the Recycle Bin, the operating system actually only removes part of the file and makes it invisible. In fact, immediately after deletion, the file is still on the hard drive, and it is quite easy to recover it.

Computer games are a part of daily life for someone. Therefore, here, as in any area of our life, incredible accidents occur. If you have deleted the information you need due to inattention or other random interference, the success of the recovery depends on several factors. First, it depends on how long ago the required file was deleted. The sooner you figure it out, the better. Secondly, you should know where the deleted data was located. Thirdly, recovery depends on the program that you use for the very process of recovering information. Anyway, you can recover deleted game files and continue to enjoy your favorite games.


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