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How To Promote Your YouTube Game Stream In 2022

The number of gamers taking full advantage of the Internet is continuously growing. According to recent statistics published on FinancesOnline, a popular platform for software as a Service or SaaS and business-to-business or B2B software and financial products review, there were 2.69 billion gamers worldwide at the end of 2020.

Growth has also been steady, with an average of 5.6 percent yearly. They also forecasted that in 2021, this number had reached 2.81 billion with the backdrop of the global games market at an estimated $189.3 billion.

The interest in online gaming is also peaking because of the many innovative ways today that enable gamers to share what they are playing with other gamers in the community and, of course, beginners.

One of these ways to share their games with others is by promoting their game stream using platforms like YouTube. There are several benefits of doing this, including the monetization of live videos, YouTube being a cost-effective medium, establishing your brand, maximizing your reach, the capability of mobile live webcasting, the opportunity to collaborate with others, and being able to connect with your audience. When you promote your game stream on YouTube, you can attract a larger audience. Alternatively, you may plan to buy YouTube views too. Therefore, more people will know more about the way you play these games.

But what are the ways to promote your YouTube game stream? In this article, we will take a detailed look at the various strategies on how you can promote your YouTube game stream, benefitting beginners and advanced gamers alike, from preparing and sticking to a fixed schedule for streaming to using eye-catching game posters. Let us get started.

5 Proven Ways To Promote Your YouTube Game Stream

Take heed of the strategies you will learn about in the following sections of this article so you can promote your YouTube game stream successfully. Gamers, get ready to take down notes.

1. Prepare And Stick To A Fixed Schedule For Streaming

Perhaps those gamers sharing their content online have baffled you – how do they do that? The first tip to successfully promoting your game stream on YouTube is to prepare a schedule for streaming and stick to it. Also, you will need to stream high-quality content regularly.

Prepare a schedule based on when you can stream, and note how long it takes for you to prepare for streaming. Once you have this schedule, communicate with your viewers to know when they can expect your content.

You can also have daily streams, weekly streams, or set a frequency of your choice. You are good to go as long as you have a fixed schedule and your viewers are informed.

2. Create A Series Of Videos To Increase Engagement

Posting great content is only part of the whole process. You will also need to post content that keeps your viewers on their toes. An effective way to do this is to create an episodic video series of the games you are currently playing. You can even leave them on a cliffhanger at the end of an episode. This way, you will have viewers who are hungry for more of your content.

Moreover, it is also recommended that if you are covering a game with a campaign mode or a start and end, such as a role-playing game, you must number the videos in your stream. In this way, viewers who have missed an episode can still replay those videos and continue following the gameplay in the proper order.

3. Keep Updated On The Latest Trends

Here are more tips to follow when promoting your game stream on YouTube. First, select a niche you are interested in with a high viewership. There are plenty of choices around. However, be sure to pick a niche that you are good at and consider yourself a professional player.

Second, play and stream the newest release for games as they are launched so you can rank on top of search results when viewers are looking for content related to the game. Stay updated about the latest gaming industry news, and ensure you know the launch dates of trending games on your list. There are listings online that you can refer to ensure you are updated on these launch dates.

Third and lastly, look at what is popular in your chosen niche and upload content based on this. In this way, you will be able to attract massive audiences because of the game’s popularity.

4. Interact With Your Audience

It is not enough that you upload content regularly. You also need to interact with your audience and be accessible. This is what many successful gamer influencers do.

Make sure you read out a subscription and re-subscription messages within your streams so viewers can stay updated when new content is about to launch on your channel. You can do this either at the start or end of your stream.

You will also need to read comments and chats during your live stream and answer questions coming from the community in real time. The viewers highly appreciate these.

Also, you will need to take in viewer requests and adjust your content based on these comments. Viewers may request that you do something during the gameplay, adapt a particular strategy, and more.

Starting a group using popular platforms like Discord will keep you connected to your viewers. This is also where you can listen to their ideas and requests as you build a community around your stream.

5. Produce Eye-Catching And Visual Content

Last but certainly never least, among the best tips when you stream your game on YouTube, and equally important, is generating eye-catching and visual content. The visuals around your YouTube channel are the first things your viewers will see before they click the links to your videos.

Thus, it is vital that streamers like you can take the time to design your banners, your art, and many of your other marketing content with your videos. An attractive banner or eye-catching graphics can make a world of difference not only for your live streams but also for old and upcoming

viewers who will be watching your streams on YouTube,

Introducing PosterMyWall

One of the most effective ways to promote your YouTube game stream is to create eye-catching game posters and visual content. You must have a platform where you can make these types of content. Meet PosterMyWall.

Launched in 2010, PosterMyWall is your one-stop online solution when you need graphic designs for various purposes, including those for your YouTube game streams. The platform allows anybody to create beautiful graphics and videos without requiring the technicalities of artistic skills.

PosterMyWall specializes in high-quality downloads and offers social media post templates, including video, for your social media marketing needs. These templates will kickstart the creation of your visual content well.

Plus, PosterMyWall works with the cloud. Whether using this platform individually or with a team, all your work is saved on this cloud. Keep everything organized with folders and photo and video collections. It also lets you collaborate with your team members who may want to edit and comment on your designs. Finally, PosterMyWall works on various devices, whether computers, tablets, or smartphones, perfect even while you are away from your desk and traveling.

The mission of PosterMyWall is to “empower individuals and businesses to create their professional graphics and videos.”

PosterMyWall is also driven by these values: Innovative, Passionate, Customer-Centric, and Commitment.

Conclusion: Reap The Benefits Of Promoting Game Stream On YouTube

How influencers over the Internet promote, their content may have piqued your interest, especially on how they can accumulate that number of followers. Well, it requires dedication and commitment. Remember, growing a YouTube audience does not happen overnight, and it also does not happen by accident. It would be best if you worked hard for it. And with the tough competition today, this even adds to the challenge.

However, with the right strategies by your side, you can promote your YouTube game stream in the right way. Although some of the tips you have learned about earlier require more effort than the rest, each can help you attract more viewers and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

If you are ready to ramp up your presence on YouTube, and start seeing results, follow the tips you have learned above and utilize a well-recommended platform for your visual content, and you will be able to succeed.


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