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How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC?

Tales of Luminaria will be the upcoming RPG mobile game from the BANDAI NAMCO. The first installment of this series will follow up 21 protagonists who are different from one to another. Players will learn their perspectives and deal with them in the game. The game features some of the simple taps and flick controls with it, making it easy for the gamers to play and go forward. Although things are going this way, developers of Tales of Luminaria said that each of these characters would make it feel distinct.

Tales of Luminaria is currently on its 25th anniversary, and the game came to the global market as a result of the efforts on expanding the IP and bring up the series to the next level. The game developers decided to bring the series into the mobiles since it is more casual and makes all the gamers play easily. So with that chance, both new users and the Tales of fans will take an opportunity to enjoy the game. This happens because a longer serialized story is so difficult to achieve through other platforms.

Players are required to play each story of the characters individually, and there will be new character episodes to the game every week. At the game launch, seven characters will be launched together, and every week an episode will be released. When all the characters had with their released Episode 1, the game will release a crossroad episode, bringing out so many threads to the main event.

So the game will release episode 2 of everyone, and all the characters’ stories are connected with a larger narrative. The players can see these threads are going for so many character episodes while the story moves forward. But note that you can experience them all from different angles. There will be a profound story and most amazing characters included in the game. The game Tales of Luminaria’s japan version was released on the 3rd of November, and now the global release is on the 4th of November 2021.

How to Get a Better Gaming Experience with a PC?

Since this Tales of Luminaria is releasing a mobile version for the English servers, you will have to play it on a mobile. And all the things and the controls of the game have to be done with that tiny screen. So for a better gaming experience, you will need a bigger screen and better controls.

A touchscreen of mobile will only give you some limited features to enjoy with the game, and if you use a mouse and a keyboard instead of that tiny touch screen, you can deal more tactically with the game. That is where you need a method to play Tales of Luminaria on a PC. So you will need extra support, and you will need an emulator to play a mobile game on a PC to get a bigger experience with the game.

How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC?

As we said, to get a full gaming experience, you can use a PC device, and it will offer you real-time playing more than using a mobile. So to play Tales of Luminaria on a PC, you are will need the assistance of an emulator. What is this emulator?

An emulator is a software that can run a separate android OS within our desktop or the laptop. Through this, we can run our mobile apps and games on PC, and it gives you the real experience that you need to experience gaming. We can see so many emulators like LDPlayer, Nox Player, Bluestacks. LDPlayer is recommended here since it is free and runs smoothly on any PC.

LDPlayer is a free emulator with two options to choose from, whether you are a 64-bit operator or a 34-bit operator. And this emulator can be smoothly adjusted according to your device’s performance. While offering multiple language support and added advanced gaming features like multiple instances playing and creating our own key controls, this would be the perfect emulator to play RPG Tales of Luminaria.

You can trust it without having a doubt as it has millions of trust from people over the countries. The Android gaming experience will step into the next level with full customizations on RAM, CPU, GPS, Root Mode, the Device Model, etc. You will have the chance to share files between both android and windows, and the AP application will be really fast on LDPlayer with a dropping and dragging.

How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC with LDPlayer?

As we recommend you use LDPlayer to play Tales of Luminaria on your Laptop or the Desktop, these are the steps to playing it on a PC with some better controls and the smoothest gameplay.

First of all, to play Tales of Luminaria on a PC, you will need the emulator LDPlayer. So you can download it from its official page and install it. Then open the emulator and search your Tales of Luminaria game on its LD Store as it has a separate store to download the game as per your choice.

Then it’s time to install Tales of Luminaria on your PC through the android emulator LDPlayer, open the game, and take the best experiences by playing it on a PC using LDPlayer. Since this game is an RPG, the Multi-Instance Sync feature will be beneficial for you in playing the game with different instances, and the Keyboard Mapping feature will let you create your own controls for the game.


Tales of Luminaria is finally here, and the LDPlayer is waiting for you like the best android emulator to play this game on a PC. Each game stage will be more accessible with this emulator and lead you to the best out of best in here. Unique gaming experience, controls, and several instances playing will let you have an amazing gaming experience, and Tales of Luminaria is going to the next stages of gaming with LDPlayer. So why just wait? It’s time to enjoy your favorite game with LDPlayer.


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