September 21 2022

How to Play Online Games Safely?

The ability to play online has taken video games to another level. Millions of users connect to the Internet to compete in multiplayer games against their friends or players from all over the world. But any connection to the network involves potential risk, so you should follow some basic safety rules to enjoy your games safely. Pay attention!

Tips for playing online safely

Update programs

It is essential that your PC is up to date when playing online. Make sure you always have the latest version of the operating system and browser you use to play online, as updates contain improvements in terms of security and data protection. In fact, this is the same for all your technological devices, be it your phone, tablet, TV, etc. if you see a software update, download and install it without waiting. 

Buy from official platforms

Very important! Always buy your games on official platforms. Surely there are many times that you find websites with offers that seem unreasonable, but be careful when buying through these channels. An official store guarantees the security of the payment, the protection of your bank details, and, above all, the possibility of claiming with guarantees if problems arise during the purchase process or with the installation of the game.

Although you may see better prices on unofficial platforms, it is never safe to buy from unofficial platforms. You might be exposed to a wide range of security risks, ranging from your card details being stolen to your personal information falling into the hands of malicious people. While there are various precautions you can take against these security threats, it is always wiser to shop on official platforms.

Install antivirus

Having a good antivirus will offer you protection against known threats on the net. Don’t forget to always keep it updated; it is key to warn you that you are accessing unsafe sites and to block threats. 

Additionally, encrypting your traffic and using a VPN will greatly improve your security against cyberattacks. Working with a provider that runs VPN Australia server is essential if you want to drastically boost your online security with hardly any impact on your internet performance.

Payment methods

However, if you finally decide to buy content on unofficial platforms or those for which you do not have many references, we advise you to opt for a means of payment that you use only to buy over the Internet. In this sense, a prepaid card is a good option to ensure that losses are minimal in case you suffer any incident in your purchase.

You should be especially careful when shopping from sites whose sources you do not know. Hackers can get hold of your card details and even sensitive personal data. Try to make your payments through platforms that people often use.

Username, password, and personal data

When creating an online profile, it is recommended that you do not use your real name and, of course, never reveal your address and telephone number. Likewise, we recommend that you do not reveal your age and sex and that you use an avatar instead of a personal photo. Regarding the password, it is advisable to combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and all available character types to make your password secure and complicated, as many online gaming platform profiles include personal and banking data.

It is also very important to use a different password for each platform. Of course, this can lead to confusion. There are “password managers” that have been released to help you in such times. Password managers not only help you to set a complex and secure password when you sign up but also help you to keep track of which password you use on which platform. The use of password managers has become quite common recently because it maximizes your security.

Using a secure server

A secure server is a server that has been configured to resist external attacks, which uses an SSL/TLS certificate to encrypt information using specialized algorithms that ensure the correct transit of data. To protect yourself from cyber-attacks on the database of the online platform on which you are playing, it is essential that you use a secure server. In fact, it must have a security system with encryption and authentication so that your password, e-mail address, and banking information are properly protected.

Chat usage

Most online games add a chat so that you can talk and comment on the strategy to follow. Never reveal personal data through this channel. Also, especially in the case of minors, we recommend that you activate the mute button to reduce the likelihood of hearing inappropriate comments.

Also, in some games where chat use is allowed, “toxic” players can make you extremely uncomfortable. In all the games we play, there is a group of people who never shut up and constantly insult us. That’s why almost all games that allow chat have a “mute” button, and this is a button to instantly mute the user you are uncomfortable with. It’s a life-saving button most of the time.

Screen time

The use of screens has created new opportunities for family activities, such as watching movies or playing video games together. To share those moments safely, there are parental control tools, which are designed to give parents more visibility into how their children play, and can be used to have honest conversations with them about how and why they play, why they like them so much, who they play with, what skills they are developing.

Everyone is different, so the video game industry recommends that we go over the console screen time settings with our children and, at the same time, have an open and honest conversation. For example, asking them what time they feel is appropriate and why. We don’t want to cut them off in the middle every time, do we? This way, we can make decisions together and avoid mutual misunderstandings.


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