January 24 2023

How to Play Crypto Games Safely and Securely Through Your Phone

Even though they are considered to be a relatively new entry in the world of mobile gaming, crypto games are quickly becoming all the rage! But while you might be excited to create an account and dive into the world of Axie Infinity, CryptoKittens, or The Sandbox, there are some safety and security issues that you need to address. 

In this guide, you’ll find all you need to know to keep your assets, personal data, and financial information safe when enjoying the latest crypto games. 

Let’s get started! 

Choose a Reliable Phone for Gaming

The device you choose to use while gaming will impact multiple aspects of your gaming experience. For example, the operating system of your phone might dictate what games are available to you, while the screen quality and processor power will influence the game’s resolution and UX. 

But, even more importantly, your choice of a smartphone can impact how safe you will be while playing your favorite games. Because of all of this, you should consider swapping your old smartphone for one of the best phones for gaming on the market today. This might feel like an unnecessary investment, but if you are a passionate gamer, you can’t put a price on safety!

Make Sure That the Game Site You Have Chosen Is Legitimate

The popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to increase, and so are the volume and intensity of the scams involving crypto. Fraudulent activity involving digital currencies involves cyberattacks such as malware and phishing episodes but also requests for payments, fake identities, and romance scams. 

One of the types of crypto scams that is becoming more prevalent is the one involving NFT collectibles and crypto games. Indeed, compared to established crypto exchanges, crypto games tend to have inferior security and fraud-protection measures. 

Nonetheless, there is a lot that you can do to avoid being involved in the next “Squid Game” scam! Start by reviewing the safety measures introduced by your chosen gaming site and the reliability of the software used.

Use Reputable Crypto Gaming Apps

Most crypto games today are available in app form, which makes them easy to download and start on your mobile phone. However, not all crypto gaming apps are created equal! 

Aside from the most popular games, you should only download an app if:

  • It is listed on an official app store
  • It offers protection features
  • You can find details about its developers and software used
  • It is well-rated and has many official reviews

Before making a financial commitment, look for promos, referral codes, and bonuses on directories such as Cryptocurrency Codes to get started. 

Check Your Internet Connection and Only Use a Network You Can Trust

If your crypto game requires you to be connected to the Internet, make sure that the network you are using is reliable and trustworthy. For example, you should feel confident using your home’s WiFi connection or, if you have enough, your phone’s data package. 

However, you should refrain from inputting personal and financial data while using a public network. 

Look After Your Account and Secure It

Once you are certain that a crypto gaming app is safe and reliable and that you are using a trustworthy internet connection, you should move on to securing your account. Choosing secure credentials is certainly the first step to keeping your data safe.

Other strategies you can use to add extra layers of protection include:

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication features
  • Choose a password that is easy to remember but hard to hack
  • Consider using a suggested strong password if your Google account is secured
  • Change your password and credentials regularly
  • Store your data safely
  • Adjust your privacy settings

While you might not have felt the need to introduce so many safety features in the past, don’t forget that crypto games can be far more risky, given the financial aspect involved!

Keep Your Crypto and NFTs Safe

If you are playing a crypto game that involves collecting NFTs and gathering collectibles, consider the benefits of setting up a crypto wallet

This option allows you to safeguard your financial information and bank accounts while giving you the peace of mind of keeping your assets safe. After all, it is hard to predict which new cryptocurrency will take off and deliver substantial capital gains!

Consider Using a VPN

Lastly, consider installing a VPN. Virtual Private Networks can help you keep your phone and data safe even while you are traveling or using public WiFi networks. Even better, VPNs can improve your gaming experience, give you access to games and content available in other regions of the world, and offer you cost-saving benefits!


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Kyrie Mattos

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