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How to choose the right math tutor: tips for high-school graduates

Statistics show that students most often seek tutors in math for their final exams. Additional classes with qualified specialists help to “chew up” the material and qualify for a fairly high score.

Set a goal

You need to decide what the purpose of taking this exam is. Do you need high scores to compete with other applicants for places in technical universities, or to enroll in economics or the sciences?

If you have decided to associate your work with mathematics and your goal is to pass as well as possible, you should start preparing in advance, before high school, or right after you transitioned to the last grade of school. Our recommendations will help you choose the right tutor and solve many of the problems associated with the choice.

Tutor qualifications

One of the most important parameters is whether the tutor has a pedagogical education. Such tutors can properly build training, see gaps in knowledge and understand what approach is better to apply to a particular student. An equally important factor is experience. A person who has been working with schoolchildren for a long time is usually able to organize studies so that even the most complex material will be understandable to a graduate with any level of knowledge.

However, a school teacher with the appropriate education and experience cannot always be a good tutor. Most often, teachers work with a class, that is, a group of students, and give the material in a generalized way, without focusing on individual students. Someone learns it, someone does not, it all depends on the student. Tutor, on the contrary, gives all the attention to one person and focuses on his learning certain topics and tasks.

The price of knowledge. Expensive does not mean good

If a tutor assures you that he can prepare your child in a month and guarantees high grades, then most likely – it is an advertising ploy and unreasonable extortion of money. Working with a graduate student is usually a long and complicated process that takes more than one month. But too cheap tutors often conduct the lesson rather superficially, not going into the material.

Tutor for everything 

As you know, one person is difficult to be perfect in everything, so it turns out and with tutors. Knowing related subjects such as math and physics, for example, is possible, but it won’t be as in-depth as if the tutor specialized only in math. These sciences, which seem so similar, actually have different approaches to scientific learning. In physics, there are experiments, investigations, this science that can be observed in action with your own eyes (like the process of water evaporation or ice formation), while mathematics is built on the problem-solving, axiomatic description. So if you think like ‘I need someone to do my homework for me’ that doesn’t mean that you need a tutor. It’s better to find someone else.

Look for reviews

People like to share the results of their good work, so before you hire a tutor, ask if he has a “portfolio” – a website with reviews or contacts of students and parents who have completed his course.

Evaluate the work yourself

If you want to understand how the tutor teaches your child – visit the first lesson. It’s unlikely the teacher will mind if you look at his work. So you can clearly understand whether this person suits you or not and whether it’s worth spending money on him. The first lesson is not always demonstrative, as the tutor will be looking for the right approach to the child and to build a system of training for some time yet.

Talk to the tutor

It is worth being wary if the tutor assures you that he will be able to pull the student into the subject before you even know him. Everyone’s level of perception is different, and each needs to look for a different approach. If the teacher already has a clear scheme, it’s not always a good thing, because your child may not fit. The purpose of classes with a tutor is to find the gaps of the graduate and work through exactly his weaknesses, and to go by a pre-prepared program.


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