October 21 2022

How to choose a sofa: Kirill Yurovsky’s tips

In modern interiors of living rooms or bedrooms necessarily present sofa. It is installed as a place to rest and sleep. The range of this furniture is represented by many models of different types. Sofas may differ in assembly mechanism, upholstery material, design, purpose, etc. Each piece of furniture has its own lifespan, and sooner or later, there comes a time when it needs to be replaced. This article tells about how to choose a sofa that will suit you best in its properties.

Where to Start Choosing a Sofa

Few buyers have a lot of experience and knowledge in choosing upholstered furniture. Before buying a sofa, it is important to understand what its main purpose will be. Many people choose a sofa as a bed for every day to sleep. In other cases, the product plays the role of a place to rest. The next step is to decide on the quality of the sofa.

To assess the quality of upholstered furniture, experts check the frame, filling, and upholstery. The coloring and appearance of the sofa should be selected under the existing design of the room. Basically, this furniture is purchased based on the shade of the walls of the room. The sofa should look harmonious in the room.

Upholstered furniture of all shapes and sizes here

Before you choose a sofa for the house, is to think carefully about the concept of the interior design room. All elements of the furnishings and decor should be interrelated. Any addition must be thought out. If you lean toward classic models, you can consider sofas with wooden frames. They usually have upholstery in universal shades to match any interior. If you want to see a more modern model in your room, pay attention to the furniture in style of high-tech. But here, you need to thoroughly think about the design of the room so that the sofa looks appropriate.

Type of Sofa

The most common options are:

  • Traditional: This is the standard three-seater found in many homes.
  • Sectional: This sofa is divided into sections that can be arranged to suit your space.
  • Sleeper: A convertible sofa bed is ideal for those who lack a proper guest room or bedroom.
  • Loveseat: Designed to seat two people, a loveseat is perfect for studio dwellers.

Sofa sizes

Before buying a product, you need to determine what size sofa you need. The model can be two- and three-seater. The first option can be chosen by those who live alone and take guests quite rarely. Three-seat sofas are very spacious. They are purchased by families with children. The two-seat model can be complemented by comfortable armchairs, and as a result, you will have a full-fledged place to rest.

Take measurements of the room in advance and determine where the couch should stand. It is not uncommon to buy ill-considered and the product too large for the room.

What color sofa to choose

An important aspect of choosing upholstered furniture – is the color of the product. In the question of how to choose the color of the sofa, you will be helped by expert advice. Here are popular combinations of shades of furniture and the surrounding interior:

  • Monochrome. The upholstery fabric has the same color as the wall. But the shades don’t have to be completely repetitive. Use a darker tone for the sofa, such as green, then a light green for the walls.
  • Neutral tones sofa in combination with any interior color. Sofa upholstery in neutral shades perfectly harmonizes with any color combination in the interior. Often designers use furniture in neutral colors to smooth out the brightness and saturation of the walls.
  • A bright sofa in combination with neutral tones in the interior. The contrasting color of the upholstery will play the role of a kind of accent in the room. The picture will be complemented by decorative items in the same shade.
  • Combination. If you do not know what color fabric to choose for the sofa, you can try to apply the following design solution. The furniture is chosen in a color that is completely different from the overall composition of the interior. So the design looks bright and stylish.

It is important to remember that the shade of upholstery fabric should be an integral part of the overall design. According to the color of sofas are divided into two types:

  • Monochrome products. You can choose a sofa in gray tones, which will also suit such shades as beige, white, or milky beige. Brighter colors: lilac, purple, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and blue.
  • Patterned sofas.

Choosing solid-colored furniture that suits the interior is quite easy. It is more difficult to choose a product with a drawing. As a basis, you can take the combination of the image with some elements of the decor and other elements of the furnishings (walls, furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.). Remember that the pattern on the upholstery forms the overall perception of this furniture.

What is the best frame to choose for a sofa?

Before you choose a sofa, you need to decide on the material of the frame – the main part of the furniture, which will depend on the quality of its functioning. The main options for the basis – are made of wood, metal, or particleboard.

  1. The wooden frame is characterized by high strength and long service life. The cost of the final product will depend on the type of wood. Especially high quality are sofas with a frame of beech, oak, walnut, and ash. Any wood used in the manufacture of furniture must be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, the furniture will soon begin to creak and appear deformed.
  2. The metal frame is characterized by high strength and reliability. These sofas look stylish and modern. To choose a really high-quality model, before buying, review all connections and welds. It is better to choose products with anti-corrosion or chrome coating.
  3. Frame made of particleboard is not highly durable. These products are short-lived, and after a couple of years, you will have to go back to buy a sofa.
  4. Frameless sofas. These models do not have a rigid base, so they easily take the form of the body. Sofas are easy to care for, they are completely safe and reliable. If you are thinking about what sofa to choose to install in the nursery, this product can be a great option.

What filler to choose for the sofa

All the main elements of sofas (backrest, seat, armrests) have a filler. The most popular are foam rubber and polyurethane foam. There is also latex and spring filling.

Products in which the filling is only foam rubber are not reliable and durable. Sofas with solid foam padding are slightly better: they last longer but still sag after a few years.

The most popular choice of padding – is polyurethane foam. In terms of cost, it is similar to the previous option but is more durable.

Polyurethane foam filling can be blocked (sandwich) and cast. In the first version, the main parts of the sofa are glued together. Cast the same products are cast in factories using special forms.

Many people are concerned about what sofa to choose so that it is both durable and environmentally friendly. We advise paying attention to sofas filled with latex. This material is characterized by high elasticity, repeats the shape of the body, and immediately returns to its original position. The surface of the sofa does not electrify, it does not form mold, and the material is hypoallergenic. Latex is the most popular type of padding for products with an orthopedic bias.

Spring filling makes the product comfortable, reliable, and durable. However, this is only possible if the manufacturer uses quality spring units.

Today, multilayer filling of sofas is also popular. In this case, the different elements are performed with different densities of filling. Basically, the densest is the bottom level, then the density of the material decreases – and the surface of the product turns out to be soft and comfortable.

What upholstery to choose for the sofa

No less important question about what fabric to choose for sofa upholstery. Buyers are interested in the fact that the surface of the product could long maintain a presentable appearance. It can be said that the quality of the upholstery material directly depends on the durability of a particular model of sofa. The highest quality leather is considered to be.

Modern manufacturers offer us other options for upholstery, which is the same as leather and meets the needs of the buyer in durability and wear resistance. Let’s try to figure out how to choose the right sofa upholstery material.

Experts recommend paying attention to the following fact: the presence of Teflon impregnation in the upholstery. This substance endows the sofa with water-repellent properties. If you accidentally spill any liquid on the seat, it will not be absorbed into the fabric and will simply flow down on it. Teflon impregnation provides resistance to dust and dirt. These sofas have an undeniable advantage – easy care, which is practically unnecessary.

There are also models with Teflon coating, which performs the same function as the above-mentioned impregnation. But the mechanism of application of the coating is easier, so the final price of the sofa will be lower.

The next material is chenille. It is often equated with leather. Like the leather covering, chenille is a very high-quality and valuable material. It is soft, comfortable, and has high wear resistance. Many experts recommend buying such sofas for installation in the nursery. The coating is resistant to dirt. If you prefer real luxury and nobility, it is worth choosing leather sofas. Some manufacturers, to further raise the cost of the product, cover even the back elements of sofas with leather. It is worth paying attention to this fact in the store to save yourself from unnecessary overpayment.

Renowned firms have a passport for each of their products. It usually describes the main features of the model. Before you choose a sofa for the house, it is worth carefully checking the described characteristics. Furniture should be inspected from the outside. The leather covering should not contain visible scratches, damage, or stains.

Another type of upholstery is microfiber. The material belongs to the modern, as it is used in production for a short time. Microfiber is a reliable, hard-wearing fabric. The production of the products includes Teflon treatment, which makes them resistant to any kind of dirt. Microfiber is a very durable material that is difficult to deform. These sofas do not burn out in the sun, the fabric does not shed.

A popular type of furniture upholstery is a flock. Just like the previous option, it is used because of its high strength and wear resistance. This material is great if you keep animals in your house. The fabric is resistant to scratches and other deformations. The range is represented by different textures that will brighten up any interior. Sofa made of the flock will be in harmony with both classic and modern interior design. The only disadvantage of this upholstery is that it absorbs odors well. The sofa will not work in the kitchen or dining room.

If you like colorful, colorful cushions, pay attention to chenille. The range includes materials with all kinds of textures and patterns. Chenille is an ideal upholstery fabric for cushions: the material is not magnetic, does not burn out in the sun, soft and pleasant to the touch.

A beautiful, noble furniture fabric called velour. The material has a pile surface, which makes it look very elegant while at the same time creating comfort and warmth. This is a quality fabric, as it does not shrink, does not stretch, and has high durability. The disadvantage of the material is susceptibility to dirt.

Mulberry is solid, noble fabric. Upholstered furniture made of corduroy looks very voluminous. This upholstery is durable, and easy to care for. Due to the special texture of the fabric, it is practically impossible to notice small dirt. Therefore, such furniture can be safely installed in the hallway or kitchen. If you think about what sofa to choose, provided that there is a pet in the house, it is better to pay attention to other models. From scratches, corrugated leather shrinks, and these damages are almost impossible to remove.

The most popular upholstery material is a tapestry. It belongs to the hard-wearing fabrics. It is soft, comfortable, and easy to care for: it can be washed and treated with chemicals. Tapestry sofas are chosen for an installation in children’s rooms or vacation homes. Manufacturers produce a huge range of colors and textures of the material.

Slightly less popular products are made of linen. The material is practical and environmentally friendly, but the appearance of linen fabric is not so attractive – it is not transparent and tough to the touch.

Useful tips on how to choose the right sofa

  1. The first step is to understand where you want to install the sofa. It is necessary to make measurements of the room and the area where it will stand. So it will be easier for you to correctly determine the correct size of the product.
  2. The second step – is to decide whether you purchase the sofa (for recreation in the living room or as the main sleeping place). It is also important to consider the weight of the person for whom the model is purchased (child or adult). These factors will help you choose the necessary mechanism of transformation of the product.
  3. When buying, you need to check the quality of the transforming mechanism. The metal elements should be thick enough (from 3 mm). Trace the quality of all joints.
  4. Before you choose a sofa, see if its density suits you. To do this, you can sit down or even lie down on it. The sofa should not creak – this indicates errors in the assembly of the frame.
  5. All seams and staples should be smooth. Also, evaluate how well the back surface of the product is upholstered. This indicates the conscientiousness of the seller.


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