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How Online Games Connect Queer Couples

Online dating, online gaming, online meetings, online everything. Today almost every aspect of life in the real world has its counterpart in the online world. That’s great because people, queer singles included, can have fun, do business, or start a relationship online if they know where to look for each of those. Queer singles looking to start dating online choose niches sites. When they want to do business, they check out LinkedIn or other business platforms. When they want to relax and have fun, they play online games with other people. However, all of those 3 branches are intertwined more than you’d say at first.

Of course, it’s better to seek relationships on online dating sites than on business platforms, but you never know where your soulmate may be. Many queer couples met while playing video games although they weren’t looking for love. Love happens when two people who are soulmates meet each other. Meeting other queer singles in online gaming communities has an obvious advantage – both partners are sure they have something in common from the very start. That’s just one of the reasons why online games are so successful in connecting queer couples. Let’s check out some more.

Online Gaming Communities Are the Same As Real Communities

Online gaming communities are big if we’re talking about popular games. Even less popular games attract thousands of people from all around the world. Those are all different people with different needs, wishes, and goals. There aren’t any queer-only online game communities, but that’s all right because that promotes equality. Queer singles are the same as any other singles, so creating rooms just for them makes no point. Why would anybody break a big, healthy community into smaller pieces?

Because of the diversity in the online gaming communities, everybody can meet people with similar interests. For starters, since all of them are playing the same game, they all have something in common, for example, sexual orientation. Most of the time, players don’t talk about the game at all (if it isn’t some very dynamic game such as Call Of Duty). In games such as World Of Warcraft, players talk about random topics. The same they would at some party or in a bar. That lets them reveal things about themselves and learn about other LGBT players. Transgender lesbian dating sites are still better to meet someone looking for a relationship because they gather people with the same goals and interests. Still, sometimes queer couples hit it off after chatting in-game for a while. I mean, is there a better way to meet a soulmate than killing monsters together online?

Insisting on Finding Someone to Love Isn’t Advisable

Everything written above doesn’t mean queer singles should start gaming online only to find soulmates. Online games are there for fun. Those who join and start flirting with every other player in the room are marked as weird because most people think they are catfishers or trolls. Instead of complimenting everybody all the time and asking them out, queer singles should go with the flow. Have fun, chat with other players about random topics. When they feel connected with someone, they send a private message and ask to meet outside of the gaming community (on social media or in-person). Sometimes (future) queer couples play games online for months before making contact outside of the game.

Not Muting other Players is Great For Meeting Queer Singles

Some online gamers are introverts who don’t want to talk to anyone while playing their favorite games. As soon as they log in, they mute everybody else and enjoy their silence. That isn’t bad, but if they want to make friends and meet other queer singles, it ruins their chances. It’s the same as going to a party and standing in the corner pretending to be a lamp. Being communicative is the first step towards finding a soulmate while playing games online.

Keeping in Mind that Games are Games and Real-World Exists

Sometimes gamers get sucked in the world of online gaming and forget that the real world exists. When they aren’t playing, they’re thinking about the game. They’re planning what they will do next time they sit in front of the screen. That can have terrible consequences on mental and physical health. Instead of living in the worlds of games, queer singles should find a balance between online gaming and other activities. That keeps them healthy and gives room to grow in other aspects of life. Meeting a soulmate while playing games online doesn’t mean much if they never do anything else than play games together.

Although it’s not happening all day, every day, many queer couples meet while playing online games together. Those are usually communicative people who understand that online gaming communities are full of different people with different interests.


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