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How Does the FIFA Team of the Year Work?

The FIFA Team of the Year is one of the biggest events of the year for this video game. Even if you do not play FIFA that often, many people still load up the game when this promotional event runs in the new year. If you are at all interested in FIFA, you do not want to miss out!

What is the FIFA Team of the Year?

The FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY) is a big event that the game puts on every year to celebrate the best real-life football players of the past twelve years. There are so many amazing athletes currently in the sport, and this is one of the ways that football fans can best celebrate them after a year of sport and before the next season kicks off.

The best of the best are collected together for players to vote on, with the view of making the perfect 11-man team. Out of the remaining players, a 12th man is also voted on who just misses out on the squad, while FIFA also usually puts together some honorable mentions of players who just missed out. These really can be considered to be one of the ultimate teams in football. If you were going to go up against them in real life, it would be quite the match.

These players are then released as packs for the gamers to grab, and they become some of the most coveted players in the game of FIFA. They have higher stats compared to others, and they will help you to create an amazing team for your own matches within the game.

How Do They Monitor the Players?

The shortlist for TOTY is voted on by the public, but how do they get this shortlist? It all comes down to player performance over the past year. There are so many different leagues and contests that can take place – right now we even have the qualifying rounds for the 2022 FIFA World Cup gearing up – and it means that there are plenty of chances for the best footballers on the planet to show us what they are able to do as players.

If you want to keep an eye on player performance, it can be worth following their teams as a whole – especially if there are multiple top-level players within one team. By taking a look at football betting sites and other sources, you might be able to spot which team could come out on top in a certain contest.

This will quickly highlight some players that come out on top compared to others. Throw in prestigious awards like the Ballon D’Or, and it is fairly easy to draw up a list of players that might make it into TOTY. Then, it is all up to the FIFA fans themselves!

Which Players are in TOTY 2021?

The players that have been selected for the TOTY 2021 come from a variety of clubs and nationalities – which just goes to show how universal football can be when played at the upper levels. Upfront is Ronaldo, Lewandowski, and Mbappé, three phenomenal footballers who have scored countless goals in their careers.

Across the middle is Fernandes, De Bruyne, and Kimmich, with Davies, Ramos, Van Dijk, and Alexander-Arnold defending. In goal is Bayern Munich and German national captain Neuer. This brings together several national captains and some of the best footballers we have seen in the sport so far. It is an incredible team that we wish we could see play in real life!

The 12th man this year was Messi, who has made the line-up in previous years. Honorable mentions included players like Fekir, Immobile, Robertson, and Mané to name a few.

This is an excellent addition to the game of FIFA that really allows gamers to choose some of their favorite players for a boost that they can use in their own matches. Keep an eye out for the shortlist for the 2022 TOTY in the first few months of that year – it is likely to be as hot a contest as any from previous years!


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