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How Does Riot Detect Elo Boosting?

Elo is commonly referred to as the Matchmaking Rating in the gaming community. As a result, when you purchase an ELO boost, you are purchasing the service in which a high-ranked Elo booster will enhance the rating of a low-ranking player by boosting their account.  

The boostee agrees to let the booster access their online account. When the booster has met all of the boosting deal criteria, the boost is complete, and the boostee is able to log back into their account.

The technique appears to be basic, and it is, in fact, straightforward. Elo boosting has its advantages, and it can assist you in achieving your intended goal, whether it’s to raise your ranking or to unlock the Victorian skins that are available at the end of the current season. 

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Regardless of the motivation, Elo boosting buy lol accounts makes it easier for players to reach their desired positions.

What is ELO Boost, and how does it work?

The assistance of a skilled and experienced Elo Booster will allow you to swiftly and easily advance to a specific rank or tier in the game.

The service of receiving Elo boosts can be obtained by either sending your account details to a booster or by teaming up with one. This service, which makes use of a range of different Elo Boost suppliers, can be utilized for a variety of various gaming situations.

Because a player may have friends or know people who are better rated than him but is unable to achieve those levels due to a lack of time or a lack of knowledge about the game, an Elo Boost is required.

The result of this is that the Elo Boost service was developed in order to assist those who are struggling on the leaderboard in their efforts to climb out of the terrible Elo Hell with the assistance of those who are exceptionally talented and professional in the game.

Riot Games has implemented a necessary measure to combat in-game cheating

With the exception of South Korea, ELO boosting is a completely legal technique elsewhere in the world. 

However, the problem is that the Matchmaking method used by Riot Games assures that players with similar rankings are matched against each other, eliminating the chance of unfair and imbalanced matchmaking in the future.

In this aspect, ELO Boosting is a violation of LOL’s matchmaking system because the ELO booster is participating in the game with a rank that does not correspond to the ranks of the other players participating in it. 

League of Legends has an anti-cheat team that works together to identify ways of deterring, preventing, and detecting exploits such as boosting, scripting, and other issues. 

The team is made up of analysts, data scientists, and even ex-cheaters who come together to identify ways of deterring, preventing, and detecting exploits such as boosting, scripting, and other issues.

The Consequences of Receiving a Report After Boosting

In order to combat such exploits, Riot Games has also integrated anti-cheat bots directly into the game itself. Riot Games had banned more than 7 million accounts in the previous three years, with a total of over 5 million accounts in China alone. Those numbers are huge, especially when you see how many people play League of Legends!

The security is incredibly strict, and if you use ELO boosting, your account is constantly at risk of receiving a report, which could result in a 2-week suspension or a permanent suspension. 

As a result of the report, your account will no longer be eligible for ranking prizes, and your Honor will not drop below 0.

Getting a Report from ELO Boosting: What to Do to Avoid It?

The most typical cause for most players to receive a report is a dramatic increase in their K/D/A ratio, as well as a string of victories in a short period of time. 

It ultimately results in a significant increase in the game’s total statistics in a short period of time, resulting in the activation of Riot’s anti-cheat system.

Moreover, spamming a single hero throughout a number of games can raise the likelihood of obtaining a possible report on the account. 

However, it can also refer to a player who is not a booster who is performing a similar action and is simply having an exceptionally successful day in the matchmaking process. That so, it is a situation that would be impossible for anti-cheat technology to fathom.

So, the question arises as to what should be done in order to avoid receiving a report during ELO raising. As with the reasons listed above, you can take them into consideration during the boosting operation and engage in a strategic discussion with your ELO booster during the process.

You can counsel him to use more than one hero at a time and to avoid stomping the game totally. When it comes to games like LOL, the K/D/A ratio is the most important factor to consider. Although it may look difficult to underperform forcibly, it can become highly important in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

It is the most noticeable reason why players frequently end up on the receiving end of a report when they win numerous games in a short period of time. 

The largest chance of activating Riot’s anti-cheat system is associated with lengthy play sessions and winning all games on top. You can advise your booster that he or she intentionally loses a few games in between or that they refrain from playing for a period of several hours.

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What Is the Permissible Limit of Boosting?

The fact that boosting is prohibited on the Korean Server, contrary to popular belief, only applies to the Korean Server. Due to the fact that it detracts from the enjoyment of the games for individuals who compete on their own accounts, boosting is prohibited per Riot Games’ terms of service.

In the views of Riot, boosts are an effective way to bypass the ranked system and the general secret MMR process that underpins it. Why?

Before we get started, it’s crucial to note that Elo Boosting is a service that assists you in moving up the ranks on the ladder. In fact, this holds true not only for ranked games but also for regular games because your MMR in regular games is somehow linked to your ranked game MMR.

There is a common misconception that even if you acquire an Elo Boost, you will end up at the same rank as when you first started playing.

It’s not entirely incorrect; you may be demoted if the skill cap on the level you requested was too high for you as a player, but your MMR may still be higher than it was before you purchased an Elo raise; but it’s not exactly correct.

Riot Doesn’t Care About Elo Boosting for These 4 Reasons

Riot Games is proud of the actions they have taken in response to Elo boosting in the League of Legends, but in reality, these actions hardly scratch the surface of the “problem” they are attempting to solve.

They don’t care about the people who resort to Elo boosting, but they do care about the problem as a whole, and they must treat it as such on a public relations impact. 

So far, the most effective solution appears to be the plethora of stories on social media about people who were banned after using ELO BOOST services, which has instilled fear in the minds of those who are considering using ELO BOOST services.

People Who Buy MMR Boosting Are Also Likely to Buy Riot Merchandise as Well

We can see that the folks who can afford to buy elo boost also have the financial means to purchase other items in their game if we look at the situation from a more objective economic standpoint. 

“Why would they pursue punishment actions against the very same people that constitute a big part of their income, risking forcing them to potentially quit the game?” we can ask ourselves in light of this information.

It Is Extremely Difficult to Detect MMR Boost 

We must not delude ourselves; Riot will take action against anyone who is found to be brazenly receiving elo boosting. While they do have some methods of deterring elo boosting, they are extremely fragile, and they must individually analyze each account, which is a significant amount of labor on their part that does not pay off. 

If the players who are active in the game in which the elo booster participates report the account that they suspect of being elo boosted through customer service, this is the only efficient technique of discovering elo boosting. 

As long as elo boosters don’t make a big deal about the fact that they are elo boosters in front of other players, they will most likely go unnoticed.

The Banning of Individuals Suspected of MMR Boosting Can Result in a Variety of Problems

Most people who are unjustly or correctly banned from elo boost will protest Riot’s decision by submitting a ticket to the site’s support team. Every ticket that is submitted requires a response from a Riot Service Customer employee who will attempt to resolve the issue.

In light of the fact that Riot Games is banning players in waves, the aftermath will result in a tremendous influx of support tickets, which will overburden the Customer Service department, causing them to reply to the tickets very late or not at all. 

In such situations, they must hire more personnel, which will prove to be an overkill after the ban wave has ended, as previously stated. For all of the above-mentioned activities to be successful, significant economic resources (resources that could be invested in other corporate structures that generate profits) are required, with minimal return on investment.

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Root Games’ MMR Boosting Is One of The Last Concerns They Have About Riot Games

League of Legends is experiencing more serious issues than just Elo boosting. One of them has recently sparked a great deal of animosity toward the game within the community; we’re talking about Bot of Legends, sometimes known as “scripts.” 

Third-party software that is aimed to assist players in completing skillshots, juking skillshots, marking times on every jungle camp, zoomhacking, and other similar activities is available for purchase. 

This software is classified as a cheat since it makes simple solo queue players appear to be LCS players, forcing their opponents to have a negative gaming experience. 

Yet another problem that Riot Games has been dealing with for a long time is in-game toxicity, which includes AFK players, leavers, and other issues that appear to influence practically every game, as opposed to elo boosting, which appears to affect just a small and a minimal number of games.


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