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How Bingo Sites Are Bringing Bingo Into The 21st Century

If there is one game that has a long and interesting history, it is bingo. The earliest record of the game can be found in Italy in the 1500s. It was originally called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” which was the Italian lottery.

It was only in the late 1700s when it started traveling around the world and found its way to France, again as a lottery, called “Le Lotto“.

Then in the 18th century, it became very popular in Britain after several changes were made, and eventually, in 1929, the name changed to Bingo after the game was again changed slightly, branded, and then sold by Edwin S Lowe.

There was a period in time when bingo lost a lot of popularity and was almost forgotten, but since moving online, it has again found its popularity. The game has undergone a few more changes to bring it into the 21st century but is essentially still the same. A lot of this is thanks to big brands like Cassava Bingo who own many of the household names of bingo such as 888 ladies, costa bingo, wink bingo and many more. We are going to look into how brands like this are helping to bring bingo into the modern-day game it is.

Easier play

When a person wanted to play bingo at bingo halls, they would need to buy one ticket for each game they played. Once the ticket was bought, they would need to sit throughout the entire game, having allocated uninterrupted time to play, while constantly looking up and down as numbers are called out.

Since moving online, it is now possible to buy up to 100 tickets, which is great since now a person can just jump straight into the game after game. In addition to this, players no longer need to be present for any upcoming game they have signed up to play. Should a player not be able to make it, or need to leave halfway through, they will be able to and still receive their winnings when logging into the site again.

This is quite the benefit for those who have busy schedules, or not a lot of time to dedicate to uninterrupted play. Furthermore, players no longer need to mark any numbers that are ‘called out’, as the system is automatic, which adds even more convenience and allows players to focus on having fun.

Themed tickets

In the past, traditional bingo was limited to numbers being called out and then marked off. Using only numbers was effective for many years, but in today’s day and age of variety, it can be quite boring to a newer audience.

Now players can enjoy an almost unlimited number of themes when playing bingo. These themes can range from anything such as genres of music and movies to celebrities, sports, video games, books, and many more.

Not only does this make the game more fun, it makes it easier for a newer, younger audience to relate, and will definitely aid in attracting more players.

Being online offers benefits

Traditionally if a player wanted to play bingo, they would need to visit a bingo hall. This could be an inconvenience to many players as bingo halls open a specific time, they might be some distance away, a player may not have time to attend the full game.

Since moving online, these problems are non-existent. Being online offers the benefit of being able to play at any time, day or night. In addition to this, players can enjoy bingo on the go, while at a restaurant or just simply laying in bed.

The number of online casinos and bingo sites available also means that players are not limited with choice, as was the case if the city where a player lived only had one or two bingo halls.

A VR experience

The online casino industry is moving towards adopting virtual reality technology, and the main reason for this is easy to understand; what better way is there to bring a casino to a player’s home than with virtual reality?

This is already happening, as the worlds, first online virtual reality casino, Casino Billions, was launched in 2016. Online bingo is heading in a similar direction, with a few games having already been released.

In the very near future, players will be able to experience the thrill of a bingo hall from their sofa, as the technology becomes even more sophisticated. This will provide a much more immersive and social experience, and then there will really be no need to visit a bingo hall if one can be created in the living room with the touch of a button.


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