October 11

Give Your PC Monitoring a Boost With MechDIY Dynamic AIDA64 LCD Screen – 2021 Review

A computer monitor is enough to display countless pieces of information right after your eyes. Yet, a designated screen that can provide a specific set of data reports can take you to another level of computer monitoring. If you want to experience it, we got the best recommendation for you: the MechDIY dynamic AIDA64 LCD screen.

The 12.6 inches display screen from MechDIY works as an extension of your PC monitor. It has an excessively thin laminated body that is no more than an inch. Nonetheless, its components are supported by aluminum alloy and ABS materials which give it the required rigid property and durability. Its size, on the other hand, allows it to fit inside a wide variety of PC casing in the market or serve as a completely separate external screen that you can place anywhere.

Putting up the MechDIY dynamic LCD screen is incredibly simple as all the accessories and hardware you need are in the package. This includes a USB cable, a ROG stand, and a manual. The cable management depends on the casing of your unit but in most cases, this is effortless as the provided cable is long enough to cater to most needs.

On the other side of the coin, despite its size, its resolution is unbeatable and delivers up to a 177-degree viewing angle. Also, the 1920 x 515 FHD display offers 16.7 million colors and 120% sRGB gamut which means bright and vibrant performance each time you turn it on. With all of this, you can give your unit CPU its own decent screen which offers both great aesthetics and purpose.

Further, it can display anything that a regular-size monitor can give you: games, live broadcasts, videos, and more. Indeed, the MechDIY dynamic LCD screen can perform all the other functions of your main monitor in a smaller space. Nonetheless, it can project crisp images with unbeatable saturation and precise details.

And while it is a handy screen that can project videos and images, the true purpose of the MechDIY dynamic LCD screen can be witnessed with the aid of the AIDA64. With the said tool, it can work as a CPU temperature monitor and present other information about your units such as utilization rate of CPU, graphics card, RAM, and even its temperature and humidity.

The monitoring tool that will complement the MechDIY dynamic LCD screen can be easily downloaded on the website of AIDA64. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you’ll have access to a handful of settings where you can customize the screen according to your personal preferences.


AIDA64’s Sensor Panel Manager will allow you to choose the information you want to display on the MechDIY dynamic LCD screen. You can also customize the panel’s layout, design, and overall theme. While it isn’t an easy task for novices, there are already thousands of theme templates available online and lots of customization tutorials, making its setup instant and easy for everyone.


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