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Gambling Aspects in Pennsylvania

Regardless of being legal, monitored, and taken over, the online casino industry in PA may still contain some tricks like illegal platforms for gamblers.

When you pick up a website of an online casino PA, be advised not to neglect some of the legal aspects of gambling in the state. It will ensure that you deal with the legal platform and no fraud is expected to behold your way.

So, let’s briefly consider some of the most significant aspects of online gambling in PA. Read on carefully not to lose any significant details to make your gambling in the Keystone state even more remarkable and win-win.

Bills Applicable to Gambling in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) is known to monitor all gambling activities in the state. There are a bunch of laws the organization is to follow to successfully and properly assess the gaming establishments and give them permission within the state borders.

As a result, the following bills are taken into consideration when it comes to PA gambling legalization:

  • The Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act (Gaming Act) (4 Pa. Laws sections 1101 et seq)
  • State Lottery Law (72 Pa. Laws sections 3761 et seq)
  • Act 7 (H.B. 941, 2016 Pa. Gen. Assemb., Reg. Sess. (Pa. 2016))
  • The Local Option Small Games of Chance Act (10 Pa. Laws sections 311 et seq)
  • The Expanded Gaming Act (H.B. 271, 2017 Pa. Gen. Assemb., Reg. Sess. (Pa. 2017))
  • The Bingo Law (10 Pa. Laws sections 301 et seq).

These bills also outline all the terms to be applied to gambling within the state. Paradoxically, however, none of them determine what online gambling is. The same can be said about land gambling activities.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

PGCB is the only controlling body to take all gambling forms over. As prescribed by the legal framework, there are the following bureaus within the organization, so that they execute all of the functions needed to ensure a safe gambling environment:

  • Bureau of Licensing: to issue licenses to the gambling facilities and platforms
  • Bureau of Gaming Laboratories and Office of Information Technology: to control and certify the games to be permitted for playing at all casinos of the Keystone state. Herein, it is also responsible for the technical support
  • Bureau of Gaming Operations: to implement all of the audit forms when it comes to checking the gambling service providers
  • Bureau of Casino Compliance: to handle gaming-related and gambling integrity issues all over the state
  • Bureau of Investigations and Office of Enforcement Counsel: to perform the enforcement compound of functions of the PGCB.

All of the functions by these bureaus undergo the strictest provisions in compliance with the Gambling Act within the state.

On the one hand, such an approach ensures the absolute legality of the gambling activities within PA. On the other hand, fair gambling is guaranteed by the organization.

So, all PA-based gamblers can count for the best conditions of gambling and fair payouts.

Gambling Activities Allowed in PA

In accordance with the current bills mentioned above, there’s a list of game types any online and land-based casino in the Keystone is allowed to implement. All the violations—even the minimal ones—are considered illegal.

The games assortment is comprised of:

  • Poker
  • Horse Racing Betting
  • Sports Betting
  • Bingo
  • Lotteries
  • Terminal-based gaming
  • Slots.

These gambling activities are shaped by the Expanded Gaming Act and the subsequent US Supreme Court’s May 2018. Horse betting rules are based on the provisions by the State Horse Racing Commission (Racing Commission).

By the way, the state has permitted the so-called iLottery since 2017.

So, it’s pretty evident that the variety of games to play at the PA online and on land casinos is able to satisfy the tastes of the most mature gamblers. In any case, whenever you are about to play any online game, be sure to check it out if the platform is legal and has a license. Otherwise, your risk of getting trapped into fraud is quite big, and it won’t bring you any positive experiences and winnings.

Airport Gambling in PA

In the Keystone state, gambling terminals are allowed to be located at the airports. However, the very procedure of getting a license is pretty complicated and expensive. In addition, the cost of the license may vary in compliance with the airport.

For instance, depending on the airport location, the cost of the license may be as follows:

  • Philadelphia: $2.5 million
  • Pittsburgh: $1.25 million
  • Other international airports: $500,000
  • All other airports: $125,000.

Thus, along with the documentation to get a license, one should take care of the location of the gambling activities.

What’s more, for each gambler, it’s paramount to keep in mind that online gambling is prohibited in places where land-based gambling is allowed.

Land-Based Gambling in PA

All of the provisions related to land-based gambling in the Keystone state are regulated by the bills listed above, and they prohibit a number of activities. As a result, if you prefer playing in a brick and mortar establishments, you’ll have access to the following activities only:

  • Land-based sports betting
  • Pari-mutuel horse race wagering
  • Slot machines at appropriate venues
  • Lottery, and
  • Small games of chance.

Keep in mind that you’re to be at least 21 y.o. to take part in the gambling process, and at least 18 years old for a pari-mutuel.

There’s also a restriction related to the anti-money laundering legislation. In fact, that’s one of the weird parts of the gambling legislation in the state. On the one hand, it’s not allowed to provide any anti-money laundering services. However, on the other hand, there is no special obligation put on the providers and operators.

As a result, it’s pretty obvious that the gambling aspects in PA would be modified within the shortest period, as there are some gaps in legislation, and the industry needs a constant review of the bills.

Play responsibly and wisely not to get any issues and/or negative outcomes.


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