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Free Spin rounds in Online Slot that pays big sums

Are you looking for types of spins you can target when you want big wins? Then this is the right place for you – enjoy Jimi Hendrix free spins today. Getting to know the free rounds to watch out for in online slots may be confusing for new players, which is largely because there are numerous types you will find online. Free spins make your game more interesting and rewarding, and that’s why we are here to bell the cat while you read.

What are free spins?

This is a game feature that comes with most online slots as a bonus. It is given to players per game progression and game type. You do not have to do anything to get them; they have been fixed into the game to appear with multipliers. Free spins help in increasing your winnings in a twinkle. The good thing is that you get these additional spins for free.

Types of Free Spins Rounds You Can Find in Online Slots

There are quite a several free spins available on online slots. Here’s a list of the most common free spins you will find on online slots.

Pick em Bonus For ‘Pick em Bonus; you need to play a skill game to be entitled. Happy birds by iSoftbet is a good example that uses this feature. The number of free spins, in this case, is not fixed, which makes it even more interesting.

  • Multiplier Variable Free Spins

In this case, the free spins are given on a variable level. This means that you get them based on the times you trigger scatters. Microgaming, NETENT, and RTG are known to use variable spins and multipliers.

  • Fixed Free Spins

This is the most common type of free spins; there is a specific number of spins you can get. Most slot machines use this so that they can regulate the game. For example, a game might give you 15 free spins and a 4x multiplier on them. Although your spins can also be retriggered by wilds, the certainty is not as sure as your given free spins.

  • Choice free spins and multipliers

Different from the fixed spins is the chosen type of spin with multipliers. For this, you have the option of choosing the spins you want. What they do is give you a set of spin options with multipliers. Game of Thrones by Microgaming is an example.

5 Online Slot Games with Free Spin Rounds

Most players sought out games with multiple free spins; it helps prolong game sessions and buy them more time plus wins. These are 5 games that come with mouth-watering free spins that could land any player big sums.

Online Slot Number of free spins
Zeus 100
Gladiator Slot 100
Cleopatra 180
Siberian storm 240
Samurai split 480


Free spins are very common in nowadays online slots, and they not only depend on game type but also depend on the casino type. Some casinos offer juicy bonus rounds when you sign up to use their sites. Although most of the time, you won’t get them until you put real money into their games. You will find at least one of the types of free spins analyzed above in every slot game.


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