June 22 2023

Finding The Right Mobile Game Development Provider

Are you an individual or a business that wants to offer amazing mobile games to your colleagues or clients? Perhaps you want to create a mobile game that can change the world, like “Call of Duty,” “Clash of Clans,” and “PUBG Mobile.”

Hold on for a second. You should know that creating a successful mobile game takes time and

process. Not everybody who wishes to create their very own mobile game has the tools and the expertise for this. It is why you may need the help of a mobile game development provider.

Mobile game development refers to the process that builds a game for mobile platforms from the best ideas. These games get made through various stages, such as the planning phase, production, testing, and launching.

Are you ready to invest in and seek the help of a mobile game development company? You must first know the tips for finding the right one.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Choosing The Best Mobile Game Development Provider

1. Be Familiar With The Requirements Of Your Game App Or Mobile Game

The first step to finding the proper mobile game development provider is to be familiar with the requirements of the mobile game you wish to create. Good knowledge of these requirements is a critical step in filtering which mobile game development company suits your needs and can provide you with your requirements.

You must know the objectives of your business when it comes to these mobile games. As you single out the mobile app developer you are to hire, it is recommended that you provide them with a list of questions that talk about your goals and the developer’s capabilities.

2. Is The Mobile Game Developer Reputable And Experienced?

By now, you may already have a shortlist of the mobile game development companies that stood out from your search. With this list, you must ascertain if these developers are reputable and experienced.

Successfully developing an innovative, engaging, and fun mobile game isn’t child’s play. It requires the developer to be knowledgeable about all kinds of mobile platforms, from Android to iOS. Thus, finding an experienced mobile game developer is crucial. The more experienced the company is, the better it can deliver high-quality solutions.

3. Check The Range Of Services They Offer

After determining whether the company is reputable, the next step is to look into its services. Mobile game development companies like Stepico have services like full-cycle mobile game development, game art production, post-production support, and QA and testing, as well as other services beyond mobile game development you might need. These include custom game development, unity game programming, and more.

Find out whether the company you intend to hire can provide your requirements, is efficient, and has a wide range of services under its wing. Such services include Android game development, iPhone game development, Windows game development, Blackberry game development, and the like.

Also, see if they are familiar with developing various games, such as strategy, adventure, family, arcade, puzzle, and educational games, among many others.

4. Does The Company Follow A Comprehensive Process?

During your search, you should also be able to determine whether the mobile game development company follows a comprehensive process when it comes to creating a mobile game that’s truly admiring. Plus, they must be familiar with the specifications of each cycle.

You can refer to the following list of the ideal flow that these companies must follow:

  • First, discussing ideas to come up with the best concept
  • Then, refining these ideas to suit your needs
  • Coming up with the best design style for the game
  • Building game objections, animations, and background
  • Coding
  • Then, creating game-level designs and UI elements
  • Integrating these elements
  • Quality assurance and tests
  • Final touches
  • Launching the game on app stores

5. See If They Are Familiar With The Latest Design Trends

Millions of people across the globe download mobile game apps, so they are pretty much in demand. With this being said, the mobile game development provider must be familiar with the latest design trends in today’s marketplace. When they are, they’ll be able to create mobile games that meet the demands of the players.

6. How Fast Is Their Turnaround Time?

This tip is helpful for clients who need the mobile game developed urgently. While things need time to shape up, it is still important for the mobile game development company to deliver high-quality mobile games in the fastest time possible. The faster you launch your games, the better the revenue will be. So, choose a company that can build the games with a fast turnaround time yet also keeps quality high.

7. Read Customer Reviews

Just like hiring other services, it is crucial that you can read reviews written about the mobile development company. These reviews are some of the best sources to further inform you about the reputation and expertise of the company.

You can search for these on Google, refer to their official Facebook page, and head over to the reviews section, or, if they have a page on Yelp, this is also a good source for reviews. You should also read them from various sites to determine what others say about them.

8. How’s Their Customer Approach?

One of the last things you may need to do when searching for an excellent mobile game development provider is to see their customer approach. At some points, you, as the client, will need to coordinate with the company’s team if you need help with certain aspects, such as issues somewhere within the development process. When you do, the company must be responsive. The best mobile game development companies value their clients and are ready to assist them at every step.

9. Is Their Pricing Reasonable?

Of course, you would want to strike a balance between the quality of the services and their pricing. Sure, you want to get the best services available, but you also need to ensure everything falls within your budget.

Among the things you can do is compare the prices offered by different mobile game development providers. Then, choose which fits your budget perfectly.

Take It To The Next Level With Stepico

If you are looking for the best mobile game development company, we recommend that you consider Stepico. Stepico is a mobile game development provider known for its vast experience building, publishing, and supporting mobile games – from casual puzzle games to AAA simulation games. They help bring your ideas to life toward creating mobile games that truly stand out.

They build games not just for iOS and Android but also for cross-platform. They work with state-of-the-art technologies that include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, and Kubernetes, to name a few.

Their process is the best around. They first research and analyze the market and set their clients’ goals. These are done before production, testing, and the game’s actual launch. But that’s not all. They also provide support and are present even after the development is done.

Aside from mobile game development, they also provide custom game development, unity game programming, live game operation, and more. Are you ready to launch the best mobile game that can change the world?


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