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Exploring the Connection Between PC Gaming and Online Casinos

For individuals who don’t enjoy playing in online casinos or on PC gaming, on the surface, these two hobbies may appear to have very little in common. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll quickly find that the two forms of screen-based entertainment have many similarities.

Online casinos are now so much more than simply a place to gamble. In fact, sites that offer a no deposit casino bonus simply for signing up, or free game options for a limited period, make it easier than ever to try online casino gaming without any expense. Online casinos now offer a comprehensive gaming experience and, just like PC gaming, players are attracted by the gameplay: the quality of the graphics, the storylines, and even the theming.  These online casino games are technologically advanced and offer the same kind of high-quality graphics that you would expect from a new PC game. Here we will more deeply explore the connection between PC gaming and online casinos:

Online Casinos Offer a Huge Leap in Innovation 

When online casinos first came to the fore more than two decades ago, they did something that was truly innovative. From its earliest inception, the casino industry borrowed heavily from the best elements of console and computer gaming. They replicated a gaming experience within their gambling experience, elevating it to something considerably more than simply card games, and raising it a whole new level through a process called “gamification”. This gamification is the main link that binds online casinos with PC gaming.

Thematic video slots and branded casino gaming are prime examples of this: they are incredibly popular and attract millions of players thanks to their ‘game-like’ style and the visual attractiveness of the offering. Whether you’re interested in games inspired by the D.C Universe, your favorite historical characters, or even your favorite TV shows and blockbuster movies, you can find these both on a PC gaming platform and on an easy-to-access online casino.

Online casino players no longer toss dice or turn over cards, as they might in a conventional land-based casino. Instead, they go on quests, take part in missions. New levels and prizes are revealed as a result of successfully completing hidden tasks? Sound familiar? All of these elements have been lifted directly from the style used by classic PC video gaming. This style of revealing and layering gaming is no longer unique to the gaming industry but is now an integral part of the online gambling industry too. And this is the strongest connection, the strongest similarity, between two industries that might not otherwise seem familiar at all.

Innovation sits at the heart of both industries, and whilst PC gaming has entered a more niche arena in recent years, the online casino industry has continued to innovate ever since its first inception. It is their commitment to technological innovation that continues to drive the online casino industry, and which attracts record numbers of new players every year.

The Effect of Mobile Gaming Technology 

One of the main innovations both in the gambling and gaming industries is the development of mobile gaming technology. This proved almost instantly popular with users, enabling them to carry a multifunctional gaming console in the palm of their hands and enjoy gaming wherever and whenever worked with their schedule. From a gambling industry point of view, it is clear that the industry (and perhaps more importantly, their consumers) feel that the future of gambling is in the hands of mobiles.  As well as the development of new games that work well in the smaller screen format offered by a mobile phone, the main driver behind the onset of mobile gambling and gaming technology is the arrival of 4G internet.

These enable phones to operate seamlessly using a new high-speed internet connection and run just as effectively as PC computers that are connected to WiFi at either the home or the office. This has never happened before.  And whilst desktop computers depend on the Internet connection, speed, and location to play, they have until now been considered the easiest and most reliable way to access online gaming. Of course, screen size will always be a factor in intricate gaming, and PCs will always outscore mobile phones in this regard, but its portable nature means that consumers are flocking to mobile gaming in their droves. Sadly, this is likely to have a negative impact on the PC gaming community, who can gain many of the same social elements from their hobby (for example the opportunity to play virtually with and interact with their peers) via mobile gaming much more easily.

According to Forbes Magazine, 60% of online gamblers have reported that they now prefer to use mobile phones to access their favorite sites rather than a PC or laptop computer. It is this that will ultimately separate the online gambling and PC gaming sectors, as online casinos turn to new technologies and new models for inspiration to attract customers to platforms with a different style and feel. It is important to note here that that doesn’t mean that computers have lost their importance: there will always be PC gamers who prefer the look and feel of playing on a solid device, and who will not be swayed by the convenience of mobile technologies. It is expected that mobile gaming will skyrocket in the online gambling market in terms of usage in the nearest future, but we don’t yet know what impact this will have on the distinctly different PC gaming markets.

In Conclusion

What we do know is that there is a vast wealth of similarities between online gambling and PC gaming and that the online gambling industry established its current popularity by borrowing heavily from the styles that have already been created and popularized by PC gaming companies. Whilst it is easy to dismiss the two as distinct and dissimilar, then, we should open our minds and acknowledge the many overlaps and similarities between the two industries.


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