May 16 2022

Enjoy Internet Freedom On Your Xbox Console With VPN

Virtual Private Networks, otherwise known as VPNs, could expand the limits of gaming and online entertainment in this era. It could unblock regional restrictions and improve security. A VPN is like an encrypted tunnel from your device to the host server that masks your digital activities. In this detailed discussion, you will learn more about having your VPN for Xbox

What A VPN Is And What It Does For Xbox Consoles

VPN could also help optimize the entertainment you could get out of your Xbox console.

With VPN, you could bypass some geo-restrictions and access more content on platforms. Microsoft’s video game brand Xbox which recently recorded its best March sales performance in more than a decade, naturally relies significantly on online services, making it ideal for some users to consider VPN services.

Of course, even without VPN, Xbox in itself offers a variety of entertainment spanning games and other popular apps. It provides backward compatibility, enabling users to play thousands of games from the four generations of Xbox. It also provides gamers access to more than 100 high-quality games through Xbox Game Pass. Further, Xbox allows users access to favorite apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Video, and Pandora through their consoles.

It is undeniable, however, that VPN could improve the entertainment experience. How so? Some of the benefits and advantages when using a VPN with an Xbox console include bypassing regional locks on contents. It could protect gamers’ IP addresses from potential attacks resulting from intense and heated online encounters. Players might also get a higher chance of finding better deals on games if they scour Xbox digital storefronts in varied world regions. They could even play a game earlier if the game is made available at different times in different areas.

Why You Should Considering Using A VPN For Xbox

VPNs are usually used around PCs and mobiles, but with the Microsoft games console’s closed nature, limiting native support from the most popular services, there is also a need to use a VPN for your Xbox consoles. You can manually use a VPN on your Xbox consoles, unlocking several advantages you would see on the rest of the other platforms. While a VPN is not actually necessary for Xbox consoles, know that using a VPN for this can benefit you a lot, nevertheless. Here are the top reasons that detail why you should consider using a VPN for your Xbox console.

Reason # 1: Access Geo-Locked Content

Among the most renowned uses of a VPN is bypassing regional locks. It can work around limitations that hinder console owners from accessing certain content. Internet services regularly host region-locked content, especially with platforms on video streaming such as Netflix, Disney+, and more, where copyright varies depending on the territory. What does this mean? While Netflix may host a particular television show in the United Kingdom, for instance, exclusive rights may be present with another platform in the United States. This can make it difficult to access certain content, but you can do so with a VPN.

While Xbox consoles let users modify their console region via system settings, this will never fool streaming services that automatically detect the location of the user. With a VPN, you can circumvent these regional locks, tricking different services into providing international content libraries. However, while some free VPNs will not work with popular steaming websites, there are still many great VPNs that will never get caught.

Reason # 2: Circumvent Blocked Content

Somewhat related to the first reason discussed a while ago, you can circumvent blocked content when you use a VPN for your Xbox consoles, for example. Without a VPN, here is the situation. Depending on where the console is used, there are managed networks that may limit access to various Internet content. It is widespread in universities, workplaces, and other public networks, wherein content may be filtered by default. Other frequent issues include connectivity that is blocked to particular websites and game services, at times even unintentionally if automated. With a VPN, you can bypass those network limitations, even on your Xbox consoles.

Reason # 3: Obtain Enhanced Security While Gaming

While these VPNs are usually marketed as a way to protect your Internet activity on public networks, this is never a significant issue unless you are traveling with your Xbox. However, know that VPNs still grant security advantages for gaming with your Xbox, helping users keep themselves safer from other users online. Heated Internet encounters are being seen as one of the causes why others’ IP addresses are obtained for nefarious reasons. An emerging trend is distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attacks, affecting users even when offline and exposing personal data. With a VPN, you can prevent these.

Reason # 4: Get Faster Speeds

You may argue that there are VPNs that tend to reduce connection speeds. However, there are still some VPNs that are able to deliver faster connectivity. In various cases, using a VPN can speed up your access to the Internet with your console. While it is not always guaranteed, using a VPN does not always mean your downloads and gaming performance will slow down.

Using A VPN For Your Xbox Console

Now, how do we use VPN with an Xbox console? Actually, it is not easy to use a VPN with an Xbox console due to the absence of native VPN support on Xbox. However, to use a VPN with your console without affecting the whole network, one possibility is to use a VPN-enabled Windows PC. This way, you could share benefits through an Ethernet cable without affecting the entire network. This, however, would require that your PC should remain running with a VPN connection.

A Highly-Recommended VPN For Xbox 

It is essential to choose a secured VPN provider because even if the ISP cannot view your internet traffic, this could be seen by your VPN provider. Hence, it is essential that your VPN provider could be trusted to offer the highest level of security. One of the VPN services that you could use with your Xbox is WeVPN. Through its SmartDNS services, WeVPN offers Internet freedom in your console and secured access to various contents. Its proprietary Sealed Server technology (SST) ensures that users’ data are not only encrypted but also inaccessible even physically. Hence, it does not only expand your access. It also provides you safe access to well-loved content.


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