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Differences Between Hybrid and Pure Pay N Play Casinos

Many casino players love fast services, whether it’s depositing money, withdrawing profits, or requesting customer service. The problem: not many casinos are willing to provide quality services, fast.

As a solution, leading e-wallet Trustly invented a way for players to play casino games without registering accounts in 2008: Pay N Play. In this guide, we’ll explain how Pay N Play casinos work and the differences between hybrid and pure Pay N Play casinos.

What are Pay N Play Casinos?

Also known as no registration casinos, Pay N Play casinos are a type of gambling site that allows people to play games without creating accounts. That’s right! You skip the entire process of providing these details:

  • Name and Email Address
  • Home Address and Phone Contacts
  • Proof of Identity and Address
  • Financial Information

By jumping into the account registration stage, you can deposit and withdraw money instantly. And you can play privately without worrying that multiple casinos have your personal information.

In case you’re wondering, Trustly plays an important role in facilitating Pay N Play casino gaming. You need an account on the e-wallet app. Importantly, you must link your bank account and verify your identity.

After that, Trustly works alongside casinos to give you an ID you can use to identify your account. It also helps you deposit and withdraw money without revealing any of your personal information to the casinos.

Hybrid versus Pure Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play casinos are a revolutionary innovation where you can play games on basically every good gaming PC there is. Still, some casinos give you the option of registering accounts on their websites and the choice to use other payment options besides Trustly. These types of Pay N Play casinos are called:

  • Hybrid 

According to “there are plenty of reasons why players prefer the Hybrid model”. A hybrid Pay N Play casino supports no registration gambling on one hand. And it provides registration-based gambling on the other end. Against that backdrop, you have two choices. You can create an account, and go through the tedious account verification process.

As an advantage, you won’t be limited to Trustly. You can deposit and withdraw money via Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin or checks. Sure, withdrawals through these payment methods take longer due to KYC verification, but they’re an option.

If you’re ready to forget account creation and KYC verification, you should probably join these types of casinos:

  • Pure 

Pure Pay N Play casinos open up as ambassadors of Trustly’s technology only. You won’t find Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or any other payment option here. Instead, the only supported banking options are those that support no account creation.

As we mentioned, Pay N Play, as a technology, has loads of benefits. It eliminates many of the problems players experience at traditional casinos. No need to spend time filling account creation forms. No need to provide proof of identity and address documents. You deposit money, play, and withdraw it stress-free.

Hybrid Vs Pure Pay N Play Casinos: Verdict

Hybrid and pure Pay N Play casinos are united by one thing: Pure N Play. As such, it doesn’t matter what your preference is as long as you can play casino games without creating accounts when you want to.


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