January 22 2023

Dedicated Software Development Team: Everything You Need to Know

Global business digitalization and growing customer demands drive companies to create digital solutions. However, many of them face several problems in software development. Developing software using their resources can be too expensive for small businesses and startups. According to  Capital Counselor statistics, cost reduction is the main reason for outsourcing (70%). Meanwhile, companies of all sizes, including large enterprises, are scrambling to quickly find much-needed software development talent for their projects—more than 87% of organizations are experiencing a talent shortage, according to McKinsey.

So, how do companies quickly expand their internal IT teams and develop their unique digital solutions at a lower cost while maintaining quality? The answer is simple – they turn to dedicated development teams.

What is a dedicated software development team?

Before we go any further, let’s define a dedicated team model. It is a business model presented by numerous software outsourcing firms. When a customer organization employs a dedicated development team, it assumes command of a full-fledged, well-equipped, and highly skilled software development team. The hired team is “dedicated” to only one software development project, meaning they will not be involved in any other projects of their company and will not be distracted from your work. Typically, a dedicated team works remotely, full-time, reporting directly to the client.

If you need to hire a dedicated software development team, it typically includes a variety of IT professionals, depending on the requirements of a particular software development project. They can be:

  • Front-end developers who create the client side of the product;
  • Back-end developers who keep the code running smoothly behind the scenes;
  • Full-stack developers who combine the roles of both external and internal developers;
  • UX / UI designers who provide the usability of the product;
  • Project and product managers who ensure the smooth running of the development process:
  • The outcome manager is answerable for the growth and release of the product;
  • The project manager focuses on coordinating, managing, and overseeing projects;
  • Business analysts who research business situations and market conditions, research issues, and determine progress;
  • QA engineers who concentrate on enhancing software development approaches, as well as identifying and eliminating defects in the product;

Thus, those companies that choose dedicated developers to get a remote software development team, similar to an in-house one, willing to unravel even the most typical IT-related assignments.

When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

It takes work to determine what kind of software development team you require to obtain your project off to a great start and make significant progress. To do this, you must first consider your project goals, timelines, and possible features you want to include in your software. As your project requirements become clearer, it will be easier for you to decide which collaboration model to choose.

Here are the most common cases where dedicated hiring developers will bring the most value to your software development project.

1. Projects with changing requirements

There are many reasons why requirements change during development. These may include changes in user requirements, adjustments to the needs of stakeholders, business processes, restructuring within the company, the introduction of new technologies, and more.

Changing requirements is a frequently occurring process. Therefore, it is useful to have a capable team of specialists around you who clearly understand all the processes in the project and the organization. A dedicated development team can fast reorganize the development approach and adapt to new requirements without spending too much time learning the ins and outs of the process. Drawing on technical expertise, the team can dip into the elements of the customer’s task. Operating business intelligence means understanding the problems and intent of the project and ensuring that the development team completes the task with the right solution.

2. Long-term projects

If you’re considering starting a long-term project, it’s important to make sure you have a stable team of professionals ready and willing to get the job done. A dedicated software development team is committed to providing long-term customer support.

Work closely with your software development partners and their specific needs, and get to the project’s smallest details. Also, if a specific skill set is required, dedicated teams can often use their talent base to get that person on the project faster than the normal hiring process.

3. When a project requires specialists of a certain profile

The software development market needs to gain more skills. A  Statista uncovers that 46%  of companies outsource IT projects due to a need for more skills on their team. For example, it could be anything from a specific feature like a new control panel to a fully customized app. Therefore, many companies need help finding the necessary technical expertise for their projects at a time when they need it. The dedicated software development team model allows companies to find outstanding IT professionals worldwide in a matter of days and get the process up and running much faster.

IT outsourcing companies provide IT professionals with various technology stacks and a wealth of experience gained from the various software development projects they have achieved. When employing a dedicated development team, you can select as hands-on or non-intrusive as you like. This can mean anything from recruiting people on the team and assigning tests to work together and immersing yourself in working with the team to allowing the team to work wonders and create everything from roadmaps to schedules and get results.

4. Projects with tight deadlines

When a project has tight deadlines, it can be challenging to quickly assemble the right team and bring them into line with the requirements of the role and project. Statistics show that hiring a new technician takes more than two months. Now imagine this being multiplied by the whole team. That is why working with an already created dedicated team can yield results faster than searching for an internal team.

Why hire a dedicated software development team?

The dedicated development team model allows enterprises to reduce development costs significantly. In a Deloitte survey, over 70% of businesses said cost was a major factor in their decision to outsource. Clients can spend their budget on something other than office space and equipment or for worker concessions. Meanwhile, they maintain full control over the team and the task while staying liable for the development approach.

However, the dedicated software development team model offers companies much more than cost savings. Whether you’re considering increasing your IT staff or hiring a dedicated software development team, your business has many benefits:

  1. Cost transparency – with a dedicated development team, you will only pay for the services provided by the team, excluding any additional costs associated with hiring and managing an internal team, unless otherwise expressly stated in the contract.
  2. Quickly connect to the best IT professionals and an extensive talent pool – dedicated development teams, as a rule, have extensive experience in various international software development projects; you can quickly find the right talents and assemble a whole team by selecting various specialists provided by the outsourcing vendor.
  3. Top-notch technical expertise – IT outsourcing providers will help you select software development professionals with the right tech stacks or in-depth knowledge of the latest tech innovations such as IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, and more.
  4. Availability of the team and direct communication – when hiring a dedicated development team, you get an independent team of professionals aimed at developing your project alone and resolving any matters connected to it; dedicated development teams let you control the management of the team fully; you can reach out to your team with any issues or concerns that come up during the development process and acquire the solutions you demand when you require them.
  5. Focusing the internal team on core business challenges – With the help of a dedicated software development team, you can effectively accelerate the growth of your business. Outsource all technical tasks to your outsourcing team and allow your in-house workers to concentrate more on core business duties.
  6. Rapid adaptability – A highly competitive marketplace and the increasing pace of digital transformation mean that speed is critical for your business goals. Hiring the development team means you get access to the experts you need when you need them, for as long as you require their mastery, and not a moment longer. For instance, if you desire to remove a new element in your app, which initially has one set of requirements, then your closest rival terminates an update, and you must change the specifications. Your dedicated team can quickly adapt by finding the right person for you to help you get your project up and running as quickly as possible.


To summarize, a dedicated team is the best option for projects with many vague requirements: startups and emerging technology companies. For enterprises seeking long-term cooperation, a specialized partnership is the best option in terms of optimal cost and selection of professionals in the team. With this in mind, you can decide whether you need a dedicated team. But if you are still trying to decide which collaboration model is best for you, feel free to hire a dedicated software development team Northell that will select an approach that meets your requirements.


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