November 25 2022

Classic Games That You Can Play on the Move

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm. The industry is expected to be worth $380 billion globally by 2030 and has already surpassed both PC and console gaming in terms of revenue. How is it that our mobiles have become the go-to devices for gaming? The answer, at least in part, is that you can play on the move. 

No longer restricted to playing from home on the big screen, mobile games can be fired up in an instant and played for minutes or hours from just about anywhere. 

New titles such as Clash of Clans provide modern online gameplay, yet retro titles arguably still offer some of the best entertainment out there. Here’s a look at some classic games you can play on mobile. 

Broken Sword

This excellent point-and-click game was first released on PC in 1996. It follows the story of George Stobbart, an American tourist who witnesses a bomb explosion and becomes increasingly embroiled in a sinister plot involving the Templars. 

Both Broken Sword and Broken Sword II are available on mobile, as well as the Director’s Cut, which offers enhanced graphics and an improved interface. 

It can be quite difficult to spot clues on smaller screens, so the game plays better on a tablet or a smartphone with a larger display. Aside from that, Broken Sword converts surprisingly well and can now be enjoyed on the move. 


Historians attribute the invention of the roulette wheel to Blaise Pascal, who was actually attempting to create a perpetual motion machine. Less than 100 years later, in the 18th century, the wheel found its home in casinos in France before spreading across Europe and later to the USA. 

When it landed in the USA, casinos added an extra green ‘00’ to the wheel, which effectively doubled the house edge. 

It’s now possible to play the different variants available, including European and American roulette, using popular mobile apps like PokerStars Casino. You can play at a variety of stakes without needing to ever set foot in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Final Fantasy 7

It’s crazy what you can play on mobile these days. When it was first released on Playstation in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 featured three discs of epic story-driven content. The full original game is now available on mobile. There’s also a mobile Remake coming soon. 

Follow Cloud Strife on his journey out of the city of Midgar and into a complex global plot of corporate criminals, strange clones, and a plan to destroy the world. In terms of gameplay, this is classic turn-based battling mixed with all of the best elements of the RPG genre. 

You can also get Final Fantasy 2 through 5 on mobile, as well as FF9 – FF8 is, so far, unfortunately missing from the set, but it could happen in the future. 

Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins

There is no shortage of classic platforms and sidescrolling games for mobile. We’re picking one that takes us all the way back to the 1980s, back when games were really, really hard. Ghost ‘n’ Goblins has got a reputation as one of the toughest of all time, even by those standards. 

The gameplay mechanics are simple. You run around, jumping and killing enemies, picking up weapons along the way. 

The mobile port is technically solid and carries with it the feeling of nostalgia that anyone who was around for the original Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins will be looking for. It can, however, be quite fiddly compared to using a control pad. 

Given the game’s difficulty, any annoyances with the touchscreen controls of the mobile version will only be amplified. Thankfully, Capcom has softened the game with a difficulty select and ‘casual mode.’ 

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

You won’t find a legal version of Super Mario on mobile because Nintendo hasn’t made the IP available. By contrast, Sega has allowed many of their classic games to be converted to mobile, including the original version of Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Most people will know the script for this game. You take your incredibly fast hedgehog friend and run him across the map, collecting rings and beating up bad guys along the way. 

You can play Sonic on mobile for free with ads or pay a small fee to play ads free. The game converts really well and still has the same look and feel as the original. Again, the only annoyance is that you can’t use a Sega d-pad, but that’s to be expected with mobile versions of classics.


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Kyrie Mattos