February 26

Boxing Industry Gearing Up for the Return of the Sport

With light finally appearing at the end of the tunnel so to speak, and with great strides being made in the vaccination roll-out, everybody is hoping things will soon start to return to normal, and fans of the sporting of Boxing are hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

The sporting industry has, of course, suffered like most business sectors with income levels becoming non-existent and with sporting events across the world having been canceled or postponed things certainly do have to change and quick, if anyone involved in that industry is to survive financially.

There will of course be some major changes to Boxing moving forward, even when the new normal as it is being called arrives, and that is what I will be looking at in this article, giving you an insight and overview into just what those changes may be.

One industry that has been hit hard is gambling, and having checked out the status of sportsbooks and betting in general by asking Betting.ca expert Doug Hirdle, he confirms that many boxing betting sites available online have seen huge drops in their turnover over the last year, but they are all hoping to claw back that income moving forward once the sport is permitted to return.

More Emphasis on Televised Sporting Events

Looking into the future, it is true to say that even when Boxing matches are permitted to start once again and for that matter when any type of sporting events across the globe get back to their normal schedules, such spectator sports and those attending the venues in which they are held will notice some major changes.

Social distancing is something that is likely to be with us for quite some time, and so will be the requirements for face coverings and the much higher level of sanitation of such venues, with everyone attending a sporting event being required to use hand sanitizer and the like.

Those involved in the sporting industry are gearing up for a much greater emphasis to be on televised sports as their main income streams in the short term, for even when sporting arenas and stadiums are allowed to reopen to the general public there will be many people put off visiting such venues, preferring to watch any sporting events from the comfort of their own homes.

Therefore, expect an explosion in pay to view sporting events, for, with ticket sales for any sporting events expected to be low, the organizers of such events will be eager to generate as much income as possible via fans watching each event from home on television.

Boxing and Sports Sponsorship Will Remain Low

Another aspect of the sport that is going to suffer is sports sponsorship, for whilst there have always been plenty of businesses across the globe prepared to splash the cash so to speak, and sponsor and/or advertise most sporting events, those businesses like everybody else will have suffered during the pandemic.

That in turn is going to see the income generated by both sponsorship and advertising of any sporting event drop, and drop quite dramatically, which will force the sporting industry to have to adjust and rather quickly to the reduced income they will be generating.

Whilst it does look like a nightmare scenario for all fans of the sport, we should all keep the faith the if we can ride out the next few months things will certainly start to get better.

Thankfully, great strides are being made controlling the spread of the virus, and with many countries now finally getting a grip on it.

I doubt it is going to be awfully long now until every country of the world gets back to some form of normality, we have endured the worst part of the pandemic and should true our best to now remain positive for the next few months, as there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, so do keep that faith.


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