March 14 2022

Blocking Systems At The Casino: How To Avoid

Playing online casino games is a fantastic pastime. It’s an activity that people are familiar with because casino gambling is a lucrative pastime and has been in existence for a long time. Casino games and gambling with are activities that shouldn’t be engaged in without experience or appropriate knowledge. It would be best to approach them with a level head, free of emotions, and without too many expectations because the more you expect, the more complicated things can get. What can be done to make things more difficult? Things can become complex mostly from a playing and financial standpoint because it frequently occurs with beginners and expert players.

Reasons for Online Casino Account Being Locked Out

1. Too much number of failed login attempts

When someone repeatedly logs in with their account details, blocking an account is one way to preserve a player’s cash. A safety feature in online casinos detects multiple login attempts for a single charge, usually hackers attempting to brute force the password.

2. Unsuccessful verification process

When you register with an online casino, you will be required to complete a verification process. New players must verify their accounts by providing a government-issued identification card or proof of residence; anybody who does not satisfy the procedure will risk having their account banned. Every licensed casino is required to verify the identities of its players as a part of the Know Your Customers (KYC) regulation. Authentication and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are in place to prevent money laundering via a gaming website.

3. Gambling by minors

When it comes to underage gamblers, regulating agencies throughout the globe is quite strict, as is the case around the world. Children are not permitted to enter casinos and casino-related establishments according to industry standards. Upon discovery by a regulatory authority that an operator is allowing underage players to participate, the operator runs the danger of losing their license and having to pay a significant punishment. When players are banned for misbehaving as minors, it is generally after creating an account and sending an ID confirming their true age that they are prohibited.

4. Account duplication

Multiple accounts which are connected to the same casino from one IP address risk having their funds frozen, even if they use different login or account credentials than the one in question. Duplicate account situations commonly develop by happenstance. The account suspension may ensue if more than one household member attempts to access the same website simultaneously.

Can You be Banned for Winning an Excessive Amount of Money?

According to reputable online casino guidelines, management cannot kick you out for walking home with a large amount of physical or online casino winnings. If you win a jackpot, like in a casino film, it is obligated to pay you unless there was a malfunction, which they must prove. A reasonable way to answer this question is to consider what casinos stand to gain by prohibiting large winners from playing. People believe that operators aim to avoid paying a month’s worth of profit over many winnings. However, banning a player who consistently wins might be detrimental to casinos.

Players communicate, and they’re likely to spread the news about being kicked out of a casino just because they’re making bigger and bigger winnings. Losing players’ trust due to stories of them being cheated out of their reward often leads to the liquidation of the casino, which is far more catastrophic than losing a player’s jackpot winnings.

Instead of barring persistent winners, casinos prefer to congratulate them on their accomplishments. When you win more money at an online casino than other individuals, you can expect to be recognized on a wall of fame. Casinos can persuade more individuals to play at their casinos by publicizing wins.

How to Unban an Account if It has Been Banned?

Anyone can get anxious, frightened, and sad if they lose access to money. Fear of being locked out of an account might lead to poor decisions that exacerbate the problem. Keeping your cool can assist you in avoiding making any more blunders while searching for a feasible method to reclaim your account.

Consider why you were kicked out of a casino after reviewing the rules. It could be a simple oversight, such as failing to complete the verification process while sending the incorrect document necessary. Identifying the root reason for your account’s suspension can assist you in resolving the problem.

Contacting an online casino’s customer service department can assist you in figuring out why you were banned. If it was for a minor infraction, the casino might be able to reactivate your account and get you back on track. If the reason is invalid or unable to explain, your best course of action is to contact the online casino’s regulatory body.

How to Know if a Casino Account Has Been Blocked?

You already know what to expect when playing at a popular online casino. You are immediately locked out when you sign in, and a notification comes. When you try to launch a game or deposit/withdraw money on other websites, a message of your ban will appear. Players who have been blocked will also receive an email informing them that their account has been closed.

When consumers try to access their accounts, legitimate casinos usually notify them immediately if their account has been disabled. Operators also use notifications or email to justify locking an account or withholding a player’s money in their virtual vaults. Favorable situations typically allow players to reclaim their performance. However, severe cases result in the version being permanently deleted.

How to Avoid Being Blocked?

  • Round your numbers: If you bet $987.33 and follow the rules, you are arbitrage betting if you use an arbitrage calculator’s exact numbers. Who wants to bet $987.33? Increase your wager to $1000.
  • Maintain a consistent bet size: This is suspicious if you go from habitually playing $20 to betting enormous amounts (e.g., $10000) overnight. Increase the size of your bets gradually.
  • Avoid foreign markets: You run a considerable danger of being restricted if you wager thousands of dollars on Chinese Basketball point spreads from the United States. Please keep it simple with NBA money lines, totals, and point spreads.
  • Don’t get greedy: Place a single wager on the undervalued line. The profit margin will increase, And it’s a lot easier to put into practice than arbitrage. You must always place at least two bets when arbitrage betting. You need to remember one chance when betting on +EV.


Casinos restrict account access to safeguard themselves and their clients, which includes you. It is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions to prevent having your account suspended. Maintain your composure and call the official casino’s customer service department if this happens. But when your account has been banned, try to keep calm and consider possible reasons for blocking. Also, every online gambler can contact the customer service department.


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