June 19 2022

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer: 5 Tips and Tricks

With fast, frantic, and exciting gameplay, Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer has now become the most loved game in the gaming world. Entering the Cold War and shooting up a storm to make your way through the different levels is one of the exciting game’s highlights. Although the new approach to multiplayer might take some time to get used to, there are some tips and tricks that can give you an edge when entering the multiplayer mode in Black Ops Cold War.

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1. Have a good map knowledge

If you want to do well in a Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer match, it is essential for you to have good knowledge about the map. By learning maps, you will be duking it out from top to bottom, which can help you win a number of matches or find exciting loots. Each map is different from the other. There are different hidden spots, blind corners, common routes, and camping spots on every map that you need to learn and use to your advantage. Once you learn the arenas and get hold of these spots and routes that are most likely to be used by the enemy, you will see your gameplay improving with every match.

Not only this, but if you have a good idea about the map you are landing in, you can easily find a spot to hide to stay alive for a longer time than simply running around blindly and getting killed.

2. Keep your guns upgraded

Your gaming skills and choice of weapon will take you ahead in the game, so it is essential to keep your guns upgraded. The more you use your weapon, the easier it gets to upgrade and win matches. Your weapons level up and gain new skins and attachments after using them for a certain time. Whilst skins are good for bragging and a bit of bling, an essential item that comes with every upgrade is the attachments. These attachments will help you tailor your gun according to your playstyle and improve its efficiency to a whole new level.

If you are someone who loves camping and taking aim from long range, some attachments can help you land a perfect shot. But if you often engage in close combat, there are attachments that can help reduce recoil and take precise aim. All you got to do is find the right gun that suits your gaming style and focus on improving it.

3. Use game audio to your advantage

When you are playing a Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer game, it is essential to keep your ears open if you want to improve your gameplay. The audio can give you a huge clue related to your opponents and their positions. Focus on the footsteps and firing sounds to track down your enemies, but make sure you keep your sound low. If you listen properly, you can even track down the number of enemies and how far they are from you.

4. Use enemy UAVs to your advantage

Once you master how to use enemy UAVs to your advantage, there is no looking back. UAVs can help you unveil your enemy’s location on the map, making it a lot easier for you to track them down and eliminate your opponents. With every new player starting with the default settings, there will be a seemingly endless wave of UAVs that you can use to improve your ranks and number of kills.

5. Sprint only when needed

In Black Ops Cold War, you never know when you will come across your enemy, so you need to have control over your movements. Sprint only when you have a clear view in front of you. Do not sprint around the corner as your opponent might be waiting to take you down with ease. Before sprinting, check the area and see if there is an opponent or not.

With these top tips and tricks, you will find yourself slicing through the competition with a bit of practice.


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Elle Gellrich