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Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

I learned to touch-type one summer as a kid, going through repetitive lessons from my father’s worn-out copy of a “learn to type” manual, on an ancient typewriter that my primary school teacher lent me. Later, when I got my first computer, it was already past the age of awesome IBM Model M keyboards and all I got was a plasticky no-name membrane keyboard.

After years spent on various types of cheap keyboards, using my first real mechanical one felt like a homecoming – the satisfying click took me back to those halcyon days when I first learned to type.

There is something intoxicating in the sound of a mechanical keyboard and a lot of people who type a lot for a living learn to appreciate both its auditory and tactile feedback. These days, mechanical keyboards seem to be having quite a renaissance.

Not only are they back in a big way, but the mere choice of options and manufacturers may seem overwhelming to some. If you are looking for prime quality wired keyboards, take a look at our choice for the best mechanical keyboards. For their wireless cousins, keep reading.

The obvious advantages of wireless keyboards would be their mobility and the lack of cables. It is a cool option not only to use as your daily driver for productivity if you are doing a lot of typing, but it can double up as the input for your home theater PC setup. Now that you can get the same kind of quality and endurance as with their wired mechanical counterparts, let us take a look at some of the best options out there.

Best Choice: Logitech G613

Pros & Cons

  • Strong, high-decibel signal
  • Super-fast response rate
  • Extremely power efficient
  • Poor-quality stickers on the keycaps
  • No RGB

Key Features: 

  • LIGTHSPEED wireless technology with 1 ms response rate
  • Romer-G mechanical switches
  • 6 programmable G keys
  • Up to 18 months on 2 AA batteries

Logitech G613 Review

This model might not have the bells and whistles such as programmable RGB, but it is our best choice taking into consideration all its other features.

You can choose between the wireless and Bluetooth connection at the touch of a button and the wireless option has a very fast response rate that allows you not only to use it for typing but also to game on it without any latency, which is great. To help you macro your way through your favorite games, you also have 6 programmable G keys, just like on other Logitech keyboards.

While we’re at it, if you decide on the Bluetooth option, we also recommend going through some excellent Bluetooth mice to pair your new keyboard with them,

One thing that must be mentioned is the incredible battery life. The downside is the use of AA batteries, however, the upside is that you are very likely to forget when is the last time you have had to switch them.

With 18 months of charge for regular everyday use, that is pretty awesome. Having this in mind, you might forgive G613 the lack of RGB – or any backlight for that matter, which can still be a deal-breaker for some people out there. When it comes to the build-quality, Romer-G mechanical keys offer 70 million keystroke-life, which should be more than enough for all your needs.

The rest of the keyboard is sturdy, but the stickers on the keycaps are of poorer quality, which is really a shame with a keyboard at this price level. On the plus side, the keyboard comes with a wrist rest which is always a nice touch for prolonged use.

Premium Pick: Drevo BladeMaster Pro

Pros & Cons

  • Great customization options
  • Great choice of switches
  • ‘Genius knob’ adds additional usability
  • Some changes in customization require the cable connection
  • Lower battery life when compared to some other models

Key Features:

  • Cherry MX switches, available in all varieties
  • Customizable RGB
  • ‘Mac mode’ for Mac users
  • ‘Genius knob’ for easy control of volume, RGB brightness, animation speed, etc.

Drevo BladeMaster Pro Review

Drevo Blademaster Pro was the most backed keyboard kickstarter ever and carries the title of an “almost perfect” product. By circumventing the regular channels, it had the potential of becoming something that many people wanted – the best wireless mechanical keyboard. And they have succeeded up to a point.

As was to be expected from a crowd-funded project, customizability was at the forefront of Drevo BladeMaster Pro. Starting from switches, there is a great selection of Cherry MX mechanical switches available. The RGB lights are highly customizable using the Drevo app and it can get really complex, down to choosing what each key does and what the ‘Genius knob’ does.

Of course, nothing is perfect and Drevo BladeMaster Pro falls a bit short due to its high price compared to some other options. The battery life is not the best out there and if you are blasting the RGB in full force you will find yourself looking for the cable much sooner than you would have liked or expected at this price range.

However, if you don’t care much about the wireless feature and would like a cheaper product that is still made by Drevo, perhaps you can check out their Blademaster TE version.

Best Value: DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Pros & Cons

  • Great for traveling due to small size
  • Can connect to a variety of devices
  • Solid battery life
  • Latency is too high for gaming in Bluetooth mode

Key Features:

  • 63 key layout
  • Otomo switches, double-shot injected caps
  • Wired mode and Bluetooth mode (4 devices)
  • RGB with 7 colors and 8 effects

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Of course, if something is as cheap as this, you would not be wrong to ask yourself where the catch is. However, there is no catch, not really, it is just a well-made product with its advantages and disadvantages that brings the wireless mechanical keyboard functionality to the masses.

To start with, the Otomo is a cheaper variety of MX switches, but there had to be some cuts. Not that there’s anything wrong with them and they will do the job, but some purists out there might still want other options as well.

The size is one of the reasons that it is cheaper, which is also an advantage, as this little keyboard can be a great traveling companion, especially if you like to do work on the go and dislike the slim laptop keyboards.

One thing that this keyboard is definitely not made for is gaming. The Bluetooth mode introduces a significant amount of lag so you can forget about shooting anyone in the face online unless you want to use it in the wired mode, connected via USB. But if you wanted that, why would you have purchased a wireless keyboard in the first place, right?

Best 10-Keyless: Corsair K63 Wireless

Pros & Cons

  • The function keys easily make up for the missing keys
  • High-quality plastic design
  • Easily fits in the Corsair Lapboard for additional functionality
  • No RGB, only blue
  • Lack of choice when it comes to switches

Key Features:

  • Cherry MX Red switches
  • Blue LED backlight
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Rubberized wrist rest

Corsair K63 Wireless Review

Corsair K63 is an elegant tenkeyless keyboard that comes with a rubberized wrist rest for easier typing. It can also be used as a part of the Corsair Lapboard, which helps you get the most out of your wireless mouse and keyboard easily at various locations in your home without the need for a desk. Just like it should be with anything that ditches cables and embraces freedom.

Lovers of RGB will have to look elsewhere – this keyboard has the only backlight and it’s blue, just like the backplate. Those who don’t mind the color will be happy to know that it has several levels of brightness to choose from, as well as various effects that you might have expected on a fully RGB-enabled keyboard. Kudos for that!

Another bonus is the 128-bit AES encryption so that no one can actually hack their way to the important things you are writing on your keyboard – better safe than sorry seems to be the politics at Corsair.

On the other side of the coin, there is a lack of choice when it comes to switches, as this keyboard only comes with Cherry MX Reds. They are quieter, but hardcore lovers of louder Blues or tactile Browns might disagree as to them being the best (and only) choice.

Best 60% Keyboard: Anne Pro 2 Wireless

Pros & Cons

  • Huge choice of switches
  • Fn1, Fn2, Shift, and Control buttons double as arrow keys
  • Solid battery life
  • Great RGB customization options
  • The small form factor might not be for everyone

Key Features:

  • Small size: 60% keyboard
  • Fully customizable RGB
  • Gateron, Kailh, Cherry switches available
  • Bluetooth connection up to 4 devices

Anne Pro 2 Wireless Review

Anne Pro 2 is a gorgeous little wireless keyboard. Again, the small size may be a turn-off for some, but apart from being great for travel it is also a lot of fun. Customization options range from several types of switches that you can use to all kinds of colorful caps to make your keyboard one of a kind, all the way to fully customizable RGB lights.

The lack of both the Numpad and the arrow keys might rub you the wrong way, however, not everything is lost: in a stroke of genius, Fn1, Fn2, Shift and Control buttons can simply be used as arrow keys as long as you are not holding them down, but tapping them.

Having in mind all of the above, plus very solid battery life, you probably can’t go much better in this class of wireless mechanical 60% keyboards. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference, which is why we have so many options on the market these days, compared to just a few years ago.

Wireless Mechanical Keyboards: Buying Guide

Response Rate

If you are considering a wireless mechanical keyboard you could use for gaming, you should be on the lookout for the response time, as some of them might prove to be too slow even to use for gaming, let alone to think about being competitive in one of the popular shooters that require high refresh rates and lightning-fast reflexes.


It won’t matter if you have one of the best graphic cards for gaming, you will still be lagging behind other players.

Full Size and Variations

For a long time, there was only one size-fits-all for keyboards. With the advent of laptops, some things had to be rethought and redesigned and this can be seen especially in the last few years of mechanical keyboards.

Today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the keyboard sizes: there are full 104 keys, there’s 10-keyless (which removes the Numpad basically) and then there’s the 60% keyboard as well. And of course, this affects the ergonomics, size, and weight of the keyboards, as well as the price, unless we are talking about premium models.

The Types of Switches to Use

When you consider for how long the mechanical keyboards basically disappeared off the face of the Earth, it is quite a wonder that today we have such a variety of options. The basic difference is the one between mechanical vs membrane keyboards, however, when it comes to just the mechanical ones, the choice is far from simple.

Comparing Cherry MX Red and Brown Gaming Keyswitches

Still, the rule of thumb says: blue switches if you like the loud click, brown if you like the tactile feeling, red if you prefer it quiet, and black if you want it silent. These are the Cherry MX colors, but most manufacturers use the same color choices, so as to be easily recognizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wireless Mechanical Keyboards Good?

They are excellent! The questions, as always, is what do you want to use them for? Some of them are better for typing or they are light and easy to carry around. Others are great for gaming as well. Check out our choice of best wireless gaming keyboards if that is your jam.

Are Bluetooth Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Bluetooth is not really your best option if you are looking to game, as it might introduce some lag. If you consider yourself a serious gamer you should check our best gaming keyboard list to see what your options are. Of course, this will vary from keyboard to keyboard and from game to game. If you are just looking for some light single-player game that does not recover twitchy reflexes, you should be fine with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Cooler Master SK621 Low-Profile Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

What Is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing?

The toughest of all questions as it entirely depends on you and where your preferences lie. I personally prefer Das Keyboard Prime 13, for example, but it does not mean that everyone else will find this brand perfect for them. If you think you might be into something a little different, why not check our best ergonomic keyboard list for further insight into this interesting discussion.

Why Do Gamers Prefer Mechanical Keyboards?

This is not really something that can be said for all gamers, as some of them will just go for best budget gaming keyboard available, however, one of the reasons why gamers might prefer mechanical ones is probably the tactile feel of holding down a button on a keyboard that allows them to be more aware of their actions in the game, due to feedback.


It is important to be aware of two things: mechanical keyboards are great (but it is ok if you don’t like them) and their wireless variety is just as good (with some caveats, of course). It is your preference and your needs that make the decision. In the end, if you just want one for the pure joy of possessing a portable, tactile, colorful bundle of clicky keys, who could blame you?


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