March 16 2023

Best Video Game Genres to Play with Friends

Some gamers prefer playing alone, while others love company. If you’re part of the latter, you should look at this list we’ve prepared for you. Grab your headset, and prepare for an epic gaming session!

1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games

Defeat minions, level up, clash with the enemy team, and destroy their towers and base! What sets MOBAs apart from other genres is that you and your team can decide how to approach each match, which adds an exciting element of cooperative planning. Use the right tactics, choose your heroes carefully, and work with your teammates to emerge victorious.

2. Platformers

Platformers come in many different forms. Whether they require a bit of light puzzling or a lot of reflexive agility, they always provide a fun challenge for everyone involved. Some popular titles are Ultimate Chicken Horse, where you take turns in building crafty platforms for one another, and Cuphead, where strategic cooperative fighting gets your heart racing. The unique mix of strategy and humor creates a gaming session unlike any other.

3. First-Person Shooters (FPS)

With such diversity available in today’s FPS market, you and your friends can explore all the possibilities together—from sci-fi worlds to tactical military engagements and everything in between—there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From hectic gunfights in tight hallways to large-scale showdowns on far-off continents, FPS video games offer many opportunities to skillfully outplay your foes while clinging tightly to friends all along the way.

4. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

Unlike other genres, MMOs provide real connections with your friends. You can create characters and join others in the same virtual world to explore new lands, defeat powerful enemies, or simply bond over shared interests. With your party of friends at your side, embark on epic quests in mesmerizing worlds where anything is possible.

5. Racing Games

With sleek and fast cars, power motorbikes, or speedy boats at your and your friends’ disposal, the race is on to see who can reach the finish line first. Nothing can replicate the thrill of whizzing around virtual racetracks with your buddies. With so many levels and tracks available, you’ll never get bored. Racing with multiple people simultaneously further enhances the excitement you can experience.

6. Fighting Games

If you want some intense, fast-paced action with some post-match trash talk on the side, fighting games are the way to go. Nothing rallies friends like battling it out in a manic exchange of special moves, combos, and match-ending finishers. Fighting games are fun to watch and play, making them perfect for a night of gaming that’ll have everyone roaring their approval when one player finally comes out on top.

7. Puzzle Games

These games will engage you and your friends for countless hours with fun challenges. It includes cryptic mysteries you must solve along the way, jigsaw puzzles you can piece together, mazes you must escape, or tiles that need to be matched up. With endless possibilities and a wide variety of themes and levels, there is always plenty of fun and competition available in puzzle games.

8. Sports Games

With realistic graphics, physics, and authentic rosters and lineups, you can take control of your favorite teams and go head-to-head in life-like simulations of real sports. You can even organize your own tournament with some friendly bragging rights on the line.

9. Strategy Games

There are two types of strategy games: turn-based, where players take turns making their move, and real-time, where players play simultaneously. With their large maps and deep mechanics, these games require players to make well-thought-out decisions to achieve victory over the enemy. Choose to go against your friend or work together as a team. Enjoy hours of dynamic fun as you and your friends lead armies into battle, developing and executing unique strategies to outwit your opponents or each other.

10. Card Games

Gather around the virtual table with friends and enjoy some online card games. Whether it’s UNO, online poker, or any other classic game you know and love, it’s easy to host a virtual game night with friends to share an unforgettable competitive experience without having to deal with the hassle of shuffling physical cards.

11. Survival Games

Combining the thrill of exploration with resource-gathering and base-building, these games force players to work together to survive the relentless dangers that come their way. As you dig through ancient ruins or defend against waves of undead, you and your friends must rely on each other to make it out alive. After the adventure, enjoy some well-deserved celebration at the fortress you built together.


From racing on virtual tracks to battling it out in fighting games, from solving puzzles together to leading armies into battle, you can find something for everyone’s tastes. If that’s not enough, being able to play online means,s you don’t need to gather around a physical table or console—just launch your favorite game and start having fun with your buddies right away! What’s not to love? So gather up some friends and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!


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Kyrie Mattos