November 16

Best Phone Games and VR games 2020

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During the lockdown, mobile gaming went through the roof. No wonder with all the people staying safe at home during 2020. Even the best Google doodle games are being played more, while we stay in our homes. Along with that, the best iOS and Android games help us to pass the time.

Feel like going on an adventure on your phone? How about some Runescape? What is Old School RuneScape? The MMORPG RuneScape has been expanded and renewed over time. But many players wished for the old flair back. So developer Jagex Oldschool brought RuneScape to the PC and smartphone. You can enjoy this adventure with your girlfriend or get someone equally sexy to join you. An escort girlfriend experience in Frankfurt will surely join you on your quest. The MMORPG relies heavily on interaction with other players, crafting, and trading. You can expect 23 different skills like sailing or blacksmithing, a huge open world with hundreds of quests, and many possibilities to shape your character according to your wishes. The special thing about the development of Oldschool RuneScape is that players decide on new content. Only if 75% of all subscribers agree with a feature will it be implemented. Should you want to form a group, you can organize via Zoom or Skype. Thus, you can join your friends online and find the best games to play on Zoom.

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Want to take your escort callgirl to the stars instead? EVE Echoes is a mobile version of the MMORPG EVE Online, which plays in the same universe but in a parallel world. You slip into the role of a clone who flies spaceships and explores a huge world. The MMORPG is based on the sandbox idea. So you are not constantly taken by the hand but can search for content that you enjoy. The economy is completely in the hands of the players. The game is generally praised for the great graphics, game mechanics and varied ships. Even the subscription system for 5 Euro/month, called Omega clone, even critics consider justified. However, there are also negative reviews that see in EVE Echoes only a simplified and worse version of EVE Online. Others also criticize the fact that despite the car flight from place to place, you have to invest a lot of playing time, which does not necessarily suit smartphones.

Do you like some brutal action? Then you will probably have heard about Call of Duty. What kind of game is this? Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be the latest title in the series and will be released on November 13th on several platforms. The content is all about the Cold War. As part of the storyline campaign, you will experience and lead the battle from the front line as an elite operator and go on the hunt for the mysterious Soviet spy named Perseus. Your journey will take you to numerous exciting locations such as East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey or the headquarters of the Soviet secret service KGB. In addition to the single-player campaign, a multiplayer version is also included. Let your girl take over, if you can’t handle the challenge, she will do it right. Make sure to book one of the hotties here.

Before you, go make sure to check out these top VR games 2020 and take your experience into the third dimension.


You must have heard about this one. Beat Saber is a stylish VR rhythm game in which we have to smash beats with lightsaber-like drumsticks at the right angle to keep the music playing.


Since summer 2019, the game with the infinitely large procedurally generated universe fully supports Virtual Reality and can be experienced together with other VR players and monitor gamers, so it will certainly not be lonely in space. If you have already bought the game for your PC, you don’t have to pay extra for the VR support. Hello Games brought the VR mode as a free component of the Beyond-Update. Beam me up, baby!


Halloween is just over, but the horror continues. The first of three large VR ports of Bethesda is technically considered the most convincing and brings the doom-ballasting into virtual reality true to the original. Flowing locomotion is now officially supported, and fans have to help themselves for artificial rotations.


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