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Best Online Games for Any Ages

No matter how old you are, online games are really fun and should be enjoyed by everyone. While there are thousands of games designed for children, how many of them could also be played by mature audiences? Even more so, how many offer a built-in chat?

We’ve compiled a list of 7 super popular online games which you can play to relax, try online dating really lightly, and even try mature chat women, and men, talk and meet older players.

Communication, socialization, and dating, in particular, come really difficult, especially in the older age. However, being mature doesn’t mean being far from modern ways of getting acquainted with other people. This way, finding a couple will be yet another headache.

Just like dating online, games should allow you to socialize and engage with others. This way, you can keep a nice balance between your online life and your private life. Let’s see what the top-rated seven games for all ages are.

Second Life

You can connect, chat and explore in Second Life. It’s an online 3D social game with loads of customization, so you may create the perfect character. You can also pick a job, get friends, and basically do what you like.

The social MMO game lets you explore at your own pace and make bonds with all sorts of people. The game encourages friendship and relationships, lets you have any experience you desire. It can even serve perfectly for dating online if you’re aimed at finding a gaming relationship partner.

You can immerse yourself and express yourself however you see fit. It’s an open platform with music, fashion, real estate, businesses, education, and everything you could need in a made-up life that’s eerily similar to real life but better.

World Of Warcraft

WOW, or World of Warcraft, is one of the most popular MMORPGs ever made. It was launched in 2004 by the well-known company Blizzard Entertainment.

If you’ve played other versions of Warcraft, this one is set 4 years after Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

The game permits you to build a character, explore the entire world, fight monsters, join quests, and interact with NPCs and other real players. The WOW universe is extensive and amazing. It was the birthplace of many relationships that later on turned into life-long friendships or marriage.


Fortnite is a game that was launched in 2017. The title is available in three game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

The game was an instant success. A gigantic number of people gave it a shot. Some were enticed by it, while others couldn’t stand it. The division in opinions only made it more popular.

It might not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth checking out, at least to chat with other players and find out why they love it.

Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart has a mainly Asian user base, but it is slowly but surely taking over the rest of the world. The game is a social chat room where you can customize your character and chat with friends.

The social platform has a matching service integrated so you can enjoy yourself and find your perfect love match possibly. The social game has an intricate and innovative Horoscope system that can influence your character’s progression. You can fight, make friends, dance and get married.

Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso is another fun social game online. It’s a Sci-Fi MMO where you can invest and trade as an explorer or an entrepreneur. You have the option to hunt for epic robots, create your own machines and make friends while you discuss the best strategies and how to play the game.

You can buy armor or different objects to improve your character and become a better player. You have many options as to how to customize your character and what to do in this game.


IMVU is a 3D chat game where you pick an avatar and customize it any way you desire. You can hang out with friends, meet them somewhere, break up with them, and then makeup.

You may utilize the chat to also find a suitable partner and start an online relationship. Everything is possible in this dream-like fantasy world.

The 5 Street

This one is a multiplayer game where you can get up to speed on dancing. Music, fashion and other great things play a huge role in the game. You can also create and customize your avatar, socialize with whomever you desire, and try to get to the top of the dance world.

There are 30 dance halls where you will battle (dance battle) other players. You must choose to dance in the competitions either alone, on a date or with a group of friends. Your dancing skills and fashion choices must be up to par.


If you are searching for a game that will relax you, entertain you, allow you to find friends or dates, communicate and socialize properly, then these seven super popular games are the perfect options. Pick the ones you prefer and start having fun. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find your soul mate.


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