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Best Mobile Games for Android 2022

The Android gaming market is getting much more expansive than in previous years. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from mobile slots and mind games to good old fashion RPGs. The mobile gaming industry is growing from strength to strength, rivaling that of the dedicated console market. Here are some of the best android games of 2022.


You can fully participate in Fortnite’s battle royales on mobile for free, which is one of the main reasons it became so popular. Do many people play this version of the game on their phones while at work and are not supposed to? Many manufacturers are now using Fortnite to sell premium phones that are available on Google Play. It will be interesting to see how Epic and Google resolve their differences.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

With Castlevania: Revelations, you can play one of the most iconic games in the series on your Android phone. Slay demonic creatures who reside in the haunted castle, trying to formulate a plan to resurrect Dracula. There is an extensive RPG inventory and weapon system in the game with unique items, spells, and gear to be found. Castlevania is a classic that many can enjoy, with vast areas to explore, unique abilities to learn, and lots of monsters to defeat.

Among Us

As the ultimate paranoia-themed quarantine game, Among Us dominated gaming in 2020, even though it launched in 2018. Meanwhile, saboteurs are quietly trying to kill you along with your fellow astronaut friends. Whatever method you choose to use to reveal the truth, whether you use social manipulation or lie all the time to continue the ruse, trust no one.

Crossy Road

I will absolutely try to cross the road using any device that plays Crossy Road. This methodical endless running formula works wonderfully for Frogger. Chickens are just inherently funny, and that color voxel look is iconic.

Arena of Valor

The PC MOBA market is dominated by Dota 2 and League of Legends. Mobile gaming is not as dominated by those games. You can play Arena of Valor mobile from Tencent – a real-time strategy game that you will not be able to resist.


When Minecraft first launched, its mobile version wasn’t exactly the same as the PC and console versions. Although the games had previously been different, the new versions have taken a lot of inspiration from the mobile versions. When using your phone to build blocks or take down Creepers, you are not getting a distorted experience.


You will find various random stages all across Downwell with guns strapped to the bottom of your feet. The main objective of Downwell is to complete the most stylish runs possible before ultimately running into death. Bullets arenโ€™t only used to kill enemies, but they are a way for you to hover in the air and reposition yourself in crucial moments. The vertical orientations add the sense of falling, while the game’s overall aesthetic has a very retro styling.

Hitman Go

Everyone’s favorite assassin is back in Hitman Go with a much more abstract approach to the typically styled murders we have gotten used to over the years. Each level feels like a tabletop board game where you move the Agent 47 games piece around to remove targets as swiftly as possible. The same darkly styled comic strategy remains with an elegant and clean aesthetic that seems very much appropriate for a professional assassin.

Chrono Trigger

One of the most popular RPGs is now available for Android users. Take a journey through time, traveling between strategic combat situations, a wonderous storyline, and stunning visuals. This version of Chrono Trigger is heavily based on the Nintendo DS version, which itself is a much more expansive version of the original SNES story. Playability-wise, the touch controls can take a little getting used to, although some combat situations can be a little frustrating. This RPG was a completely immersive experience when it was originally released, and there is no difference with this Android release.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is another Nintendo-based RPG delivering action, expansive storytelling, intuitive controls, and some of the best music found on any Android game. There is lots of content variety, keeping the game exciting with every session. Enjoy extreme battle royal matches, gauntlet-style beat-em-up fighting, and co-op multiplayer raids.


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