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Star Wars: Battlefront II Best Class & Reinforcements

Star Wars has been a franchise that’s spawned a massive amount of great games, such as one of the best MMOs, one of the best VR games, and even just one of the best PC games in general.

As such, it’s no surprise that the franchise dips its toes into action shooter games and comes out with a great game. That is due in no small part to the developer, Dice, who are now veterans of the genre, and the minds behind other great multiplayer games such as the Battlefield franchise.

Stormtrooper on a Battlefront II Scene

So really, a great movie franchise combined with a great developer equals success, at least in this case.

Of course, if you haven’t played Battlefront 2 before, or any other Battlefront/Battlefield game, you might not know where to start when it comes to classes. The good thing here is that the majority of classes in the game are actually pretty well balanced, so you won’t feel as if you’re playing with an underpowered class. That being said, there are still a few classes that can come in handy during certain situations, which is how the picks were made for this article.

Best Star Wars: Battlefront II Class

#1 Officer

What really puts the officer at the top of the ratings is their ability for support using their Battle Command, which gives a buff to armor. On top of that, they get their own deployable turret, which can be repaired or even detonated, and offers a ton of strategic value in tight situations.

Battlefront 2 Officer Class

The officer also has a flash grenade which is pretty useful, as it can stun enemies or even cause a bit of damage if you set it to blow up in fragments. Finally, there’s the Squad Shield, which is super helpful for defending or attacking objectives.

Of course, the fact that it’s an excellent utility class means that the attack you get is pretty ‘meh’. Don’t expect to really be in the front lines when you’re playing with this class, as you’ll likely just die pretty quickly (which is no fun). All that being said, one great thing about officer is that it’s a great class to get the heroes with and grinding BP, since your inspire aura just continuously gives players BP just for being around you.

In terms of weapons, you’ll probably want to go for the S-5 since it has great precision and damage, at least compared to other weapons.

A lot of people tend to avoid support classes in combat-heavy games, but the truth is, the officer class can easily turn the tide if you utilize it correctly. It’s certainly a difficult class to master, but when you do, you’re golden. It’s also a great class if you enjoy playing with Heroes as it can help you get them faster.

#2 Heavy

Now, if you’re playstyle is more attuned to DPS, then the heavy is the clear pick. It has a nice combat shield which you can use as you slowly move forward, providing some cover, while also being able to fire the primary weapon. Similarly, you can go into sentry mode with a repeating blaster, although that has a pretty strong penalty to movement.

Battlefront 2 Heavy Class

The biggest plus though is that the heavy is a damage output machine, so they can do a lot of damage when they get the chance. As you can imagine, that also makes them really great at taking down vehicles and small groups of enemies (that’s why you should never clump). They can also be used to take over objectives, especially if there’s a strong fortified force of people defending it.

In general, the Heavy is not super-great for mobility, so if you’re going for a quick attack, this isn’t the class to go for. They also tend to take a very long time to reload, so be sure to not be under fire when you run out of ammo.

Speaking of weapons, if you want to play the Heavy more regularly, I’d suggest going for the Tl-50 which is a heavy blaster, and arguably the first or second-best blaster in the game. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to unlock as it requires 75 heavy blaster kills, 20 kills as an imperial soldier, and winning a game of Battle Station. So it’s a bit annoying to get a hold of, but once you do you’ll be blasting like there’s no tomorrow!

#3 Specialist

So the specialist is basically just the sniper class of Battlefront 2, and as such, is a heavily skill-based class. Sniping isn’t all that easy in most gaming, and the same applies here, but you also have to be good at finding and getting into good vantage points.

Battlefront 2 Specialist

The infiltrator skill is pretty handy and can help towards that goal, as it reveals enemies on the scanner, as well as scrambling the scanners of nearby enemies (which is a great way to know if you’re near a specialist). You also get thermal binoculars, which allow you to see enemies through walls, something that can certainly come in handy when you’re trying to reposition and move around.

Of course, the downside is that you’re very vulnerable at close range, and if you come upon a group of enemies, you’re not going to have an easy time of it. That being said, specialists aren’t too bad at medium range, and if you can master the class, you can be pretty effective even at closer ranges.

To that end, the A280-CFE is a pretty great all-arounder, good for long-range, and if you get the burst attachment, good for medium-range as well. Granted, this requires a slightly more aggressive playstyle, but if you’re down for that then it’s a great weapon.

One thing I will say about the specialist though is that it’s not always great for collecting BP and playing heroes. It certainly can be much slower-paced gameplay compared to some other classes, but a lot of it depends on your general demeanor as a player. If you don’t mind the more methodical approach, it’s a great class

#4 Assault

As the name implies, the assault class is all about being up in people’s faces, so close range is where you work best, and completely forget long range. They’re also incredibly fast and mobile, so positioning shouldn’t be an issue at all. Put that together and you get a great class for quick assaults on positions, so you’ll likely be playing this class the most.

In terms of abilities, you get a grenade with reasonably good blast radius and damage, a limited time short-range weapon that builds no heat, and a scan dart that tracks enemies. Given all that, you can tell that the assault class is really well attuned to firefights and getting in the thick of things. You’ll also be excellent in one vs one engagement, assuming that your opponent isn’t a better assault player than you.

As for weapons, the CR-2 is an excellent short-range weapon, which excels in close-quarters and indoor combat, which is what you’ll be primarily doing anyway. As for medium range, the default blaster is actually surprisingly good for that, so just use that.

While all of that is great, the biggest problem with the assault class is that you take damage incredibly easily. This class is the very definition of a glass cannon so you need to really be on the top of your game to use it effectively. This can certainly put people off, but if you stick with it long enough, you can totally come out on top.

Best Star Wars: Battlefront II Reinforcements

We addressed the “basic” four classes that you have access to right from the start. Now let’s talk about reinforcements and special units that you can play once you’ve accumulated enough battle points.

#1 Galactic Empire: Death Trooper

Arguably one of the best reinforcements, the Death Trooper can pack a punch while taking a bunch of damage.

Galactic Empire Death Trooper Class Battlefront II

Their Sonic Imploder is incredibly useful in close-quarter-combat, with its concussive effect plus the extra little bit of damage, it can certainly give you an edge when you’re in the thick of it. Their E-11D blaster is also pretty great, one of the better weapons in the battlefront, with high damage and rate of fire.

Combine the E-11D with the Overload ability, and you have yourself a class that can dole out damage like it’s nothing. They also have the Fortify ability, which can certainly be useful to keep you going that extra little bit longer that you might need to win your objective.

The Death Trooper is great for disorienting enemies and keeping them pinned down, so use them in those situations.

#2 Resistance: Ovissian Gunner

Even though slightly goofy looking, the Ovissian Gunner is probably at the same level of DPS as the Death Trooper. The Ovissian Gunner is actually slightly better when it comes to dealing with vehicles when you activate the anti-armor mode, and she’s able to tear through like it ain’t nothing.

Ovissian Gunner Class for Battlefront II

The Defensive Stance ability is also pretty great, taking away any heat generated by your weapon and healing yourself and allies based on damage dealt. It’s a pretty useful ability to have if you need to stand your ground or defend a point. The Charge ability is also a great little thing to have, although it’s more useful defensively than offensively since it can get you out of a tricky spot quickly (or help do a quick re-align).

#3 First Order: Sith trooper

The Sith Trooper has a really powerful tool at their disposal: The Oppression Grenade. Aside from its not-so-insignificant damage, it also suppresses health regeneration of the enemy. This can be a massive help in almost every situation, but especially so when you’re up against Heros who might have higher health than normal.

Battlefront 2 First Order Sith Trooper Class

Aside from that, there’s also pretty fast and agile, making them great for maneuverability and taking quick action. Their Combat Rush ability will boost your sprint speed, and if you kill enemies, it will give you some health regen and extend the time the ability is active. This is great for run and gun tactics if you’re into that.

Finally, the Seeker Tactics ability is super useful, as it reveals the 4 closest enemies in an area. This is great for planning your strategy, especially if you’re going to be doing a flanking action and surprise them.

I should also note the ST-W48 blaster is a great weapon, and on par with the TL-50 and can even one shoot 75% of the default trooper classes.

#4 Rebel Alliance: Ewok Hunter

You wouldn’t the Ewoks, which were so derided in the original trilogy, would turn out to be such a powerful race in this game.

What really sets them apart is their bow skills, which automatically tracks a target in hip-fire, making your life so much easier. Granted, it does do much less damage and has a lower rate of fire, so it’s not something you’ll always want to be using. That being said, when you use it manually and pull it back the full way, their bow is on par with the Specialist’s sniper, both in terms of range and damage.

Ewok Hunter Class Battlefront II

You can easily one-shot default classes and even some reinforcement units if you get some good shots.

Add to that their Valiant Horn ability, which provides a short buff to damage and damage resistance, and you have a class that can easily wipe a group of enemies if they aren’t careful. They also have the Wisties Pouch which acts as a sort of DoT grenade, although you’re very vulnerable when you’re throwing it, so I wouldn’t use it too often (unless you know what you’re doing).

Oh, and their small size really works to their advantage, since they offer a smaller hit box, so it’s just aces all around.

#5 Galactic Republic: Clone Commando

Probably one of the funniest classes to play, the Clone Commando is a great tank that can soak up a lot of damage while still doing a respectable amount of DPS on their own.

Clone Commando Class for Battlefront 2

Their blaster, DC-17m is also a lot of fun to play, having a high rate of fire and DPS, although it does need to be reloaded rather than let cool down, which takes time.

There’s also the anti-armor attachment ability which allows you to modify the blaster to shoot three grenades, which is great for splash damage, either for default troops or enemy vehicles. That being said, you do need to reload each grenade in as well, plus it takes time to put on and take off the attachment, so it is a time-consuming process.

Aside from that, their Repulsor Blast ability is a ton of fun, allowing you to knock back enemies and temporarily stun them.

Finally, there’s the Battle-Focus ability, which is pretty great on it’s own, as it reduces damage to friends and converts any damage you deal into healing yourself.

So yeah, it’s a great reinforcement to play all around.

#6 Extra: Jet Trooper

The inclusion of this class isn’t so much as a class to play on the regular, but instead, it’s a great class for situations where you have specialists or enemies in hard to reach areas. The added mobility of the jetpack means that you can get to those areas much more easily, and blast them with the rocket launcher you carry around. You also get a nice little dash forward ability which can come in handy if your opponent isn’t expecting it.

Jet trooper Class Battlefront 2

Otherwise, there’s nothing too special about the Jet Trooper.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, what class you pick should really rely on your own playstyle. If you like running and gunning, assault is great, if you prefer supporting your squad, then Officer is the way to go. Also, you should never feel as if you’re tied to a specific class; it’s a good idea to explore and check out the other classes, and being able to play multiple classes reliably is an awesome skill to have.

If multiplayer shooters aren’t your cup of tea, you can check out other great Star Wars games. Either way, enjoy your time in the battlefront, and try to actually hit something with those blasters!

Albert Bassili
Written by Albert Bassili

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