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Basic Need-to-Know Online Gambling Tips

If you are planning to start gambling online so your game time can possibly yield some financial gain, then take 5 to 8 minutes reading this, so that you are armed with the best basic gambling tips that are a need-to-know for any player.

We bust the myths and give you the facts on how games are made, which should be avoided, and how you can better manage yourself to gain success. These are the must-know tips that will help you see how online casinos work in a whole new light.

Myth Busting to Better Your Performance

Online, there are two kinds of players. The first is the kind that goes gung-ho and learns as they play. Then there is the player that takes the time to research the facts of gaming. Already one of these two players is wasting money unnecessarily and this is not the kind of player that will be produced of this article.

With the most simple techniques learned from gaming awareness and approached to gambling online, you can play with more enjoyment, rather than having to chase lost profits.

To help us get an insight into the player psyche we spoke with Carita Gustafsson, editor in chief at the expert casino review site Svenskaonlinecasino.info. Thanks to data analysis carried out by her team of experts, Ms. Gustafsson has access to interesting information about player behavior.

“By carefully analyzing different playing patterns through our website, we have identified two very different styles of playing. Typically, new players will show extreme enthusiasm, more keen on trying everything at hand than on choosing wisely. Eventually, once they have gotten used to the environment and mastered some tricks, we see these same players graduating to a different style of game, one where they look around them and see what suits them best. Where they master strategies and play with a carefully laid out plan. All players go through both stages at one time or another.”

Of course, some also enjoy getting advice from the fairly new movement of online streamers that play games via Twitch or Youtube and give out advice on how to win games. The red flag here folks – Youtubers and Twitch streamers are not necessarily the best choice. Be aware that the games they play are funded by the casinos that hire them to stream content. The routines are the same, more win videos than loss videos, but you have to have a few losses to make it look authentic, but it’s all staged.

So, let’s share with you the best basic tips you need to know before gambling online.

Picking A Trusted Casino

Everything comes back to the casino, the quality of games, how often players are paid, how fast their banking is, what banking they use, the gaming quality, the support help and so much more all come back to the casino.

It is important for players to aware that all factors are equally important. Your gaming experience will be tied to banking, which is tied to security, and so on.

Top 5 online casino tips:

  • Select licensed casinos that are regulated by governing authorities and commissions.
  • Make sure you are able to match the banking services that the casino provides.
  • Look for independent certification from iTech Labs and eCOGRA, so you know the games have been verified as safe and fair.
  • The more affiliated developers, the more new games you will have provided at a more frequent rate. This stops a casino from going stale.
  • Do your own research into complaints about a site as you might wish to know of a casino’s history when it comes to customer service.

Online Slot Tips

The most popular game online is the slot machine, why? Well, there are thousands of them, and they all payout the biggest prize sums of any casino game.

Not all slots are the same, some games are built to perform differently from others. The performance of a game is called volatility. You have low, medium, and also high volatility games. If you knew that low volatility games often produce more wins but at amounts less than you bet, would you still play them in hopes of accumulating a big enough win to cover your total expenditure? Maybe, maybe not. But these programs are there for a reason and not many players know of them.

The internal programming of slots is scored by two algorithmic measures, the most popular one is RTP. This is the return to player score and is often at a mark of 95% to 97%. Now, most players think this is the likelihood of them winning the game, this is not the case.

The RTP only informs players what percentage of the money they spend on the game over a period of extended time, will likely be won back. There are players out there right now playing RTPs at 92% which is far worse than the average 96%.

Top 5 online slot tips:

  • Play the highest possible RTP games.
  • The best volatility to play is medium.
  • Game in Daily Jackpot series and Jackpot King series, tell you when the jackpot is close to dropping.
  • Popular games and newly released ones tend to pay out more frequently because more money is going into these specific games.
  • Always play practice games with the casino’s demo versions, rather than spend money on a game that you might not like.

Live Casino Game Tips

Live casino gaming platforms are preferred by more seasoned players, if you are going to join in with any online live gaming, be sure you are confident in playing other casino members.

There are very few developers, so your faith is pretty much reliant on the regulator having tested the games regularly to make sure everything is fair.

Top 5 live casino tips:

  • Evolution Gaming is the most reputable live casino developer so look for their games.
  • Only enter poker tournaments if you are financially ready and confident in your poker skills.
  • Any live casino bonus, please refer to the small print in the terms and conditions to make sure you are aware of the wagering requirements.
  • Only play games that you know the rules of. These games are hosted by live dealers and if on a multiplayer game, you don’t want to interrupt the flow of the game by continually asking questions.
  • You do not need to download any app to play live games.

Sports Betting Tips

The great thing about online sports betting is that you literally have so much choice to form your own bets. The best tip is to not be obvious, sport is not an exact science and more often than not, you will find what are ‘bankers’ tend to let the bet down.

Top 5 online betting tips:

  • Experiment with different markets. Rather than FT results, pick HT ones instead.
  • Look for casinos offering accumulator bonuses and get a % mark-up on winning races.
  • If you like predicting score results, then Bore Draw features give you cashback on 0-0 results.
  • Pick a casino that rewards players with cashback if one bet lets your accumulator down.
  • Live streaming adds to the experience and you can better judge making in-play bets with the feature than without.

Responsible Gambling Tips

Always be aware that gambling is all about having fun and that winning across all games are purely based on luck.

There are numerous charities and organizations like BeGambleAware that are there to help and assist players. Don’t be afraid to seek help or at the least ask the professional some question that you may be concerned about.

Top 5 player management tips:

  • Casino management tools can allow players to limit their deposits. If you want to control your spending, use this service.
  • The management tool can help players to limit the time they spend in the casino playing. Use the tools provided to give you timely reminders.
  • Never put money back into a game after winning big, cease playing and withdraw your money and either move onto another feature or call it a night.
  • Make sure customer services are open between a time that suits you. Not all casino staff are available 24/7.
  • Do not chase debt, if you can’t afford to play, don’t.


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