January 26

APIs Have Revolutionized Gaming Through Popular Interconnections

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A few years ago, game developers only made sure that the games they developed were entertaining and players had fun while playing them. Gaming platforms did not have any capacity to do more other than just playing the games. Players played games in game arcades or indoors alone or maybe with their family members.

However, this has changed with advancements in technology. Gaming has become more of an experience and a social event shared with other people both in social media and real life. This has prompted developers and investors in the gaming world to come up with interconnected platforms for gaming.

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These interconnections make it possible for one to create interconnections across the entire gaming world. They have managed to make gaming a shared experience for players, no matter which part of the world one is playing from. This can be attributed to APIs for games.

Here are some of the most popular interconnections that developers are using to create this experience for gamers;

YouTube Live

YouTube has a set of APIs that allows gamers to go live when gaming, from any part of the world using a wide range of devices, even mobile devices. This has improved mobile gaming which is becoming more popular in recent years.

Gamers are able to give their audience that might include other gamers and non-gamers an unedited and fresh perspective of the game they are playing.

Developers can also use YouTube Live to share unexpected and unique moments to help reduce the time that they spent in post-production.

iOS Game Center

When the iPhone was first launched, it came with a new gaming platform that had the potential to change the world of gaming, and it surely did. A few years after the launch, the company developed the iOS Game Center that allowed gamers to share their gaming experience.

The iOS Game Center comes with tools such as ReplayKit and GameplayKit that make it easy for game developers to add functionalities to the games such as sharing of achievements and results. These functionalities, together with others, allow one to invite and compete with other gamers.


Twitch was developed by Amazon and launched in 2014. It is the most comprehensive gaming platform and offers a number of APIs that have revolutionized gaming. The APIs include the PubSub, Video Upload, and Drops APIs.

The PubSub API is used to create connections that allow developers to incorporate gamers’ messaging and viewer count. The Video Upload API allows gamers to stream their gaming activities as well as upload videos to Twitch. The Drops API allows one to give rewards to other gamers during gaming.

Twitch also works with game developers to make sure that their games meet the needs of gamers and adapt easily to the gaming platform.

Google Play Game Services

Google, just like Apple above, developed the Google Play Game Services that comes with a number of APIs to make gaming a social event. This service features saving in the cloud, game profiles, public and social leaderboards, multiplayer gaming in real-time, and achievements.

The APIs also provide tools that handle bookmarks, campaigns, and events. This was a major achievement in the gaming world, especially since Android is the most used operating system on mobile devices.


Technology has played a major role in our lives today, especially when it comes to APIs. They have made life easier and changed how businesses operate. When it comes to gaming, they have improved the experiences of gamers and made it even more interesting for more people to join the gaming world.


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