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Apex Legends Maps Overview

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game available to play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also one of the few games that feature cross-platform play—enabling gamers to play with each other no matter the console or PC they game on.

Developer Respawn has poured hard work hours into crafting Apex Legends, and their selection of maps more than aptly proves their dedication. The battle royale genre is a fierce and competitive video game market, and Apex Legends has firmly rooted itself in contention for the best experience available.

The Maps

There are currently three maps in Apex Legends: Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

When the game launched there was only one map; Kings Canyon. Apex is based on the lore and property of developer Respawn’s Titanfall game series. Kings Canyon pays subtle homage to the world of Titanfall with its layout and design.

Despite not featuring the big drawing point of Titanfall—massive mech suits that players control—Apex is still very much based in the world of Titanfall. The Kings Canyon map features the same aesthetic as the Titanfall games, and the events of Apex are based 30-years after the events of Titanfall 2.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon was the launch map for the free-to-play battle royale game that is Apex—a game that quickly turned into a juggernaut in the eSports scene.

As is to be expected with any FPS game, Kings Canyon is a massive map. There is a myriad of different areas and locales on the map that keep the environment feeling fresh and the action frantic yet still require a strategic approach.

Massive mountains dot the landscape in Kings Canyon and section off various parts of the map. These areas—like the zone Artillery—lend to a closed-off feeling and promote cautious movements as teams could be hiding to pounce on unsuspecting players looking for loot.

Located on the Titanfall universe planet Solace, Kings Canyon is an island that contains slums, military facilities, a small village-looking section, long stretches of bumpy land, and a river running through the center of the map. Being that it is an island, there is water surrounding the map and even cliffs that players can fall off.

During a limited game mode called Shadowfall, a night-time version of Kings Canyon was playable for a small window of time.

World’s Edge

Season Four introduced players to a new map; World’s Edge. For the first half of season 4, World’s Edge replaced Kings Canyon as the primary map for the game—with Kings Canyon disappearing entirely for that time.

World’s Edge is about twice the size of Kings Canyon—a staggering feat considering how large Kings Canyon already was. The developers set out to make World’s Edge feel like a different flavor, but still within the same overall style of Apex.

World’s Edge places less emphasis on traveling vertically. In Kings Canyon, players use ziplines and balloons to travel great distances, but in World’s Edge, the focus is on the urban environments and sprawling hills.

The map has three distinct areas: the southern coast is home to a lava biome, the northeast plays host to a cold biome, and everywhere else is a green-filled visual wonder.

The developers intended the longer traveling distances to get players engaged in more long-ranged battles.

World’s Edge features a train that travels the length of the map. Players can board the train to traverse the map quicker, but due to the high volume of loot chests on the train, this area is a hotspot for teams to gather and leads to a higher probability of firefights.

World’s Edge has at least three vaults on the map. Players can find these vaults and obtain valuable gear and resources from them—Vault Keys are needed to open these vaults which are obtained from cargo bots that fly around the map.


Olympus is the middle-sized map of Apex Legends—being larger than Kings Canyon but smaller than World’s Edge. It was introduced in Season 7.

Olympus is a floating, lush vista. Populated with brightly colored greenery and a futuristic-looking landscape, Olympus is a stark contrast visually to the two maps that came before it.

Respawn wanted to make traversing the battlefield easier and quicker for players. Olympus features a ‘Phaserunner tunnel’ which will teleport players instantly across the map. There are also ‘Trident hovercars’ that players can use for quick travel.

Though Olympus is larger than Kings Canyon, it can feel more condensed due to the ability of players to travel much quicker around this map. This Apex Legends map hammers home on the concept of openness through wide sight-lines and ease of movement from area to area.

Olympus features bonsai gardens, skyscrapers, luxury estates, many buildings with multiple floors to loot, and all of it is a vivid display of gorgeous scenery. Respawn boasted that Olympus contains several areas to support close-quarters combat as well as wide and open spaces to encourage long-range combat.


Apex Legends has become a mainstay in the battle royale genre and the eSports market as a whole. Millions of players have flocked to this well-developed free-to-play game across a multitude of consoles and PCs.

Respawn has currently developed and released three Apex Legends maps. Each map feels different and provides ample opportunities for chaos as well as more than enough areas to slip away to when the squad needs to regroup.

Each map has a distinct vibe while still retaining the overall feeling of the Titanfall universe. An impressive feat from Respawn. From the towering buildings in Olympus to the congested and muddy village of Kings Canyon, Apex Legends maps feel varied and most importantly fun.

Respawn has not been content to just roll out a different variation of the launch map, instead, they crafted two completely different maps in World’s Edge and Olympus that keep the game energized and fresh.

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