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Advantages of 3d Product Images

3d pictures are considered to be valuable assets that are making outdoor and print advertising more creative and powerful than before. These 3d product images are enabling marketers to present the features and benefits of their company’s product before the target customers. These images are based upon viral content, which helps catch the target customers’ attention, thus generating sales and creating positive brand awareness. The images are designed according to the goal of the campaign.

Traditionally, companies were using standard images on billboards to advertise their products, but people started to get bored of this type of campaigning. Thus, it became difficult for marketers to advertise their products and create brand awareness. 3d product images came to the rescue of these marketers and helped them to attract customers. Let’s discuss some of the advantages that a marketer enjoys after using 3d product images in campaigns.

3d Renderings For Billboard

Outdoor advertising is both effective and expensive. The most famous option for outdoor advertising is billboards because it is something that catches the attention of people immediately. The most important factor upon which the effectiveness of the billboard depends is the image chosen by the marketer. A perfect and appropriate image will always attract potential customers. A billboard is considered perfect when people start taking pictures of it and upload them on social media. A 3d product image helps the marketer to create a visual that has the potential to become viral. When a marketer is designing 3d pictures, he/she has the potential to put anything in the image because 3d images can bring anything into reality; there is no limitation. As a result, these images attract customers in 2-3 seconds and create positive brand awareness among them.

Expand the Target Audience

Citylights is considered to be an excellent choice for reaching out to a broader target audience because they help people to follow the visual story the company has created to advertise their products. The key to attracting customers to follow the message is great imagery. It is not that easy to put up the appropriate image, but with the help of 3d product images, marketers are easily achieving this milestone. Marketers can come up with many more creative ideas and implement them on the image, such as they can present one product in different types of prospects by using city lights.

A 3D artist has the ability to put up the product in various scenes by using different environments, whichever the campaign demands – landscapes or interior designs. For example, if the marketer is planning to advertise a chair, then he/she must put the chair in a suitable environment so that it can attract potential customers. 3d images are better than normal images because one cannot add anything to a normal image because there are certain limitations in photography that are impossible to overcome. So if a company has planned to invest a good amount in advertising, then it’s better to go for 3d images because they will be much more effective than normal images.

Great For Upselling

With the help of 3d product images, marketers can upsell their products in the market. CGI technology makes it possible to take group shots with a variety of bundling options. To give the image a creative look, sometimes it makes sense to put items of different colors in the same image. And sometimes different products put into one image also make sense because it is unique and attracts a good amount of target customers.

Since to create a 3d picture, one does not require to spend a penny on transporting as well as on creating prototypes; thus, creating these visuals for upselling becomes very easy for the marketers. Marketers can add any color, any model, and combinations into the image with the help of a 3d artist. The creative images will get used in billboards and magazines, thus creating a positive awareness among the customers and motivating them to buy the particular product being advertised.

Demonstrating Furniture Quality

Photorealistic 3D rendering is considered to be the best option for highlighting the quality of a particular product before the target customers. 3d artists use scrollers to present multiple images in one picture. For this, the marketer needs to rent the advertising tape that can scroll on the stand. By using the scroller, the 3d artist can show the actual product along with a close-up of the product in order to present a detailed overview of the product’s quality before the customers. 3d images do a fabulous job in presenting the quality, detailing, and beauty of the product.

Another way to highlight the quality of the product is to cut out 3d shots, which are considered to be product renders; this shot has the ability to showcase the real quality and inner structure of the product. This eliminates the need for using prototypes which is a complete waste of money because they are never used again. Thus the only way to get a reasonable ROI and don’t waste money is by using 3d shots to advertise the quality of the product before the customers.

Showing Product Benefits With Emotion

Print advertising of products in popular magazines can help to attract a lot of attention and increase brand awareness. Marketers use 3d photorealistic images to turn the ad into a piece of art by combining emotions into practicality, the product is the main character of the story, and this image reminds the customer that this product is the key to living a life that he/she has always wanted. A purchase decision is somewhat related to emotions; thus, it motivates the customers to buy the product and fulfill his/her needs.


Customer expectation is increasing every day, so as the competition in the market so to remain and compete in the market, a company must use 3d pictures for advertising as it will have more customers as compared to the time when normal images were used for marketing.


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